Explorez ChatGPT : un manuel complet pour les novices

Ce guide du chat GPT propose une brève initiation pour les débutants. Nous allons aborder diverses étapes, depuis la création d’un tout nouveau compte sur openai jusqu’à la connexion et l’utilisation du chat gpt, ainsi que certaines des façons plus avancées de l’exploiter. Si vous avez des interrogations, cette vidéo devrait tout aborder.

Sur Google, nous allons accéder à open AI pour mettre en place un compte. Openai est la compagnie à l’origine du chat GPT. Nous allons examiner de près la version chat GPT. S’il vous manque un compte, en ouvrir un est simple. Une fois connecté, vous pourrez exploiter chat GPT gratuitement pour vos recherches. Il existe quelques astuces et méthodes à employer pour utiliser chat GPT. Vous pourrez également obtenir des réponses sous forme d’articles, de blogs, de traductions et de vérifications grammaticales. N’hésitez pas à demander des exemples, car les possibilités et les fonctionnalités sont nombreuses.

Grâce aux capacités du chat GPT, il vous sera possible de générer un contenu de qualité en quelques clics, ce qui en fait une excellente ressource pour les débutants en intelligence artificielle.
Source : Adrian Twarog | Date : 2022-12-12 11:52:13 | Durée : 00:34:05

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Thank you so much for this. I feel confident that I can start my journey on ChatGPT with confidence.


My first intro to ChatGPT or anything AI – I'm gonna love it!


0:00: 📚 This video is a crash course on using OpenAI's chat GPT, covering account creation, logging in, and advanced usage.
4:22: 🔑 Chat GPT is an open AI platform with half a million members that allows users to engage in discussions and receive responses from the AI system.
7:45: 📺 The video explains how OpenAI's GPT-3 model generates different outputs for the same prompt and how users can provide feedback on the generated results.
11:41: 🍽️ The video showcases a website with a toggle for dark and light mode, options to connect to Discord server, FAQs and updates, and a demonstration of an Advanced prompt on creating seafood dishes.
15:38: 🌤️ The video discusses how to use the OpenAI chatbot to generate a JavaScript request for weather data.
19:19: 📚 OpenAI's GPT-3 can generate stories based on generic prompts and can be made more specific through follow-up conversations.
23:15: 😂 The video demonstrates how to generate jokes and humor using ChatGPT.
27:01: 📚 Chat GPT is a powerful AI model that can be used for various tasks like creating resumes and summarizing documents.
30:53: 💡 The video discusses using ChatGPT to generate a well-written outline and introduction for a blog article on graphics design for websites.
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very good one- do you have tutorial for excel chat gpt?


W koncu ktos wytlumaczyl jak dostac sie do Chat GPT 👍


I wonder why it is not great at math? There is reason. It should be perfect at math. Math calculations are invaluable. Is this purposely keep from the common population? Maybe ask Chat GPT


It’s a minefield for sure and the speed at which AI has emerged is crazy. I’m a 50 year old PhD student working in a marine technology area of study. I don’t have a coding background but (in my area) know what a piece of software needs to do, what the inputs, outputs and rules are, and how it will be used. So I have found AI incredibly useful in developing particular pieces of code to help me process and display data. It’s a partnership- I set the context and rules, and then it’s a rapid back and forth with me testing the suggestions that come. There would be no way that I would have even heard of the code libraries used without going down this road. Having worked with real software developers in the past, there is a massive amount of similarity, and without the need for me to feel embarrassed about lack of coding knowledge over some (to the developer) simple and obvious issue. Anyway, thanks


Very nicely explained and given lot of examples, awesome tutorial!!


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🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 🌐 This tutorial covers ChatGPT basics, from creating an OpenAI account to using ChatGPT for various tasks.

02:30 📝 ChatGPT is currently free and used mainly for research; users should provide feedback to help improve the system.

04:20 🖥 The ChatGPT interface includes a sidebar, example inputs, and details about capabilities and limitations.

05:40 🧠 Capabilities include conversation memory, follow-ups, and refusal for inappropriate requests. Limitations involve potential inaccuracies, difficulty in math, bias, and limited knowledge up to 2021.

08:48 👍👎 Users can provide feedback through thumbs up/down icons and navigate through different responses using arrows.

10:53 🔄 Resetting the thread is crucial to start a new conversation without the influence of the previous one.

13:24 🍤 ChatGPT can generate lists and shopping lists based on prompts, showcasing its practical applications.

14:46 💻 Advanced prompts involve coding requests, demonstrating ChatGPT's ability to generate code snippets and explanations.

17:29 🔄 ChatGPT can iterate on previous queries, enhancing complexity, such as creating a weather API-based website.

18:52 🚫 Errors may occur if the output contains harmful or inaccurate information; refreshing or restarting the session can resolve issues.

20:15 📚 Follow-up conversations enable refining specific story elements, adding humor, or changing morals in generated stories.

21:38 🎮 Text-based adventure prompts allow ChatGPT to create engaging storytelling experiences based on user choices.

22:03 📝 Using ChatGPT, you can generate templates for documents like privacy policies, copyright statements, etc., and customize them based on your needs.

22:57 🤖 ChatGPT can creatively generate content, including jokes and puns, upon request. You can refine the output by specifying the type or length of the content you want.

24:38 📃 ChatGPT can help in writing documents, cover letters, and job applications. It provides a versatile tool for creating different versions of cover letters tailored to specific contexts.

26:29 📄 You can use ChatGPT to generate a resume based on a cover letter. It includes essential details such as contact information, skills, education, and work experience.

27:41 📑 ChatGPT is effective at summarizing documents, like legal texts. You can request it to summarize information in simpler terms, and it can even extract key keywords.

29:48 📝 ChatGPT can assist in content creation, such as generating blog topic ideas. You can refine titles and request outlines for articles, allowing for a collaborative writing process.

31:25ChatGPT can help with various aspects of writing, including rephrasing sentences, adjusting sentence length, and fixing grammar issues. It can serve as a writing assistant for bloggers.

32:50 🌐 ChatGPT can translate sentences into different languages, providing a helpful tool for multilingual content creation. It can also translate back to the original language, adding a touch of humor if desired.

33:31 📧 ChatGPT can generate subject lines for email newsletters, offering a convenient way to create engaging and relevant email content.

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Seems like "Google Bard" is having more capabilities than ChatGpt as Google Bard is on real time data.


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This tutorial is really amazing for novice people to learn and understand the mechanics of it all gotta admit 🙂


This crash course invites you to work often and explore further AI. The course shows the importance of focused communication skills – listening and expressing – to keep going on relevant conversations with this technology. Good job. Thanks Adrian.


excellent video. Thank you.


what a bad video cmon stop wasting our time dislike on it


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Excellent and insightful tutorial


Good job specially looking at the timing of the video got published


Is "maths" an actual word over in EU and other areas? It is a misspelling here in the US; it is assumed to be both singular and plural by nature so adding the "s" creates a spelling error on software here, even YouTube (in comments). I'm just curious as I've seen this quite a bit on streaming services, and I thought folks were just being funny/irreverent.


I know more about CHATgpt than crypto currency. Thank You

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