Using Midjourney AI with my existing photography as reference

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Découvrez comment utiliser Mid Journey pour des dessins créatifs

Dans cette vidéo, le YouTuber présente Mid Journey, un outil d’IA qui permet de créer des visuels créatifs. Avant de présenter cet outil, il commence par parler de la météo, car il avait prévu de montrer son équipement photographique, mais le temps pluvieux l’a empêché de le faire. Il profite de l’occasion pour mettre en avant le travail de Charlie B, un photographe talentueux qu’il apprécie particulièrement et invite ses abonnés à le suivre.

Mid Journey : un outil pour créer des visuels créatifs

Pour utiliser Mid Journey, il faut avoir un compte Discord. Il suffit de se connecter à Mid Journey et d’ajouter le bot à son propre serveur. Le YouTuber utilise les prompts pour créer des visuels, en entrant une image et en ajoutant une description qui détermine le style et la qualité de l’image. Il présente plusieurs exemples de visuels qu’il a créés avec Mid Journey.

Les boutons Upscale et V

Mid Journey utilise des boutons tels que Upscale et V pour permettre à l’utilisateur de choisir la qualité et la variété qu’il souhaite. Le bouton Upscale permet de créer des versions plus grandes de l’image choisie, tandis que le bouton V permet de générer plusieurs variations d’une même image.

Des idées pour s’inspirer

Le YouTuber recommande de consulter certains sites d’inspiration pour trouver des idées pour les prompts, et il montre quelques exemples de visuels créés en utilisant des images et des descriptions de prompts.

En résumé, Mid Journey est un outil d’IA créatif qui permet de concevoir des visuels attrayants en combinant des images et des descriptions. Le YouTuber encourage ses abonnés à essayer cette application pour la création de leurs propres visuels.

Source : Moe Zainal | Date : 2023-01-15 10:30:11 | Durée : 00:11:30

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This is a terrible video for photographers. These are things you can do in midjourney without using a base photograph. Just type in the make and model of the car and then add the rest. A good video would be one that actually preserves the photographic essence of your subject while adapting them to a different background or lighting. In other words, getting AI to do the photomanipulation for you instead of you having to spend hours in photoshop doing it yourself. However, what we see in this video is just letting the AI do everything, including replacing the original picture of the car. So the photography aspect literally has nothing to do with the final outcome of the image.


there is v5 now you should try it, it does realistic images

Msddasd Jklasjf

Great video 🙂 Do you know what prompt is good for making the image so that the car seems further away from the camera? All cars that I get are taking most of the image.


Muhammad Zainal.

Why trying to hide the "Muhammad"?

Twitter GlobalArmy

Midjourney should think about raising their 25 free limit right away. Otherwise AI like Leonardo, Blue Willow will more popular day by day

Retro Sphynx

This is simply fantastic. I appreciate the effort and attention to detail you put into this. Recently heard about BlueWillow but require a tutorial. Have you used it before?

Андрей Нестеров

Whats the purpose of these images? I mean where you can use it?

vanderley moreira de melo

Desde, São Paulo, Brasil… Obrigado!


Does anyone know how to have the AI not touch the car but change the background? it keeps overdoing my reference car

TheMachine . Fotografia motoryzacyjna . Automotive

… so its time to sel my camera and start to use AI. So sad ;(


Can I upload product picture for my product photography?

Swan Coffeehouse

This is absolutely crazy 😂 I was just talking about this with my employer and I told him it's possible to give Midjourney images and let it take for a spin but I didn't know how to do it. A few hours later, this is recommended to me by notification.

Forget Midjourney, I want to know how YouTube knows what I wanted without giving it a prompt.

Rionizhoni Magers

Imagine being so insecure about your work, you need an AI to do it for you.

AI art

Thank you! Very helpful video! I now get every 10th picture a masterpiece, I think the quality will soon become even more fantastic!


Not a fan of the cartoonish/ video game look these give. Real photography still wins


Ive been using midjourney and Dalle Also, its incredible! is photographer of the week a random one you find or do people input there information somewhere to be selected

David Robillard

So cool Mo, thanks for the share!



Jaydon Vaughan

Thank you so much bro this bot is insanely cool!!!!

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