Tutoriel ChatGPT : Comment utiliser ChatGPT pour les débutants 2023

Bienvenue dans ce tutoriel complet sur l’utilisation de ChatGPT. Que vous soyez débutant ou expert, vous découvrirez 15 types de commandes différents que vous pouvez utiliser pour tirer pleinement parti de ChatGPT. Ce logiciel est incroyablement puissant et peut vous aider dans de nombreuses tâches. Vous pouvez suivre ce tutoriel en créant votre propre compte et en testant les commandes avec moi, même si vous n’avez aucune expérience préalable. N’hésitez pas à poser des questions, car ChatGPT est capable de discuter de tout, que ce soit des études, des citations, des idées de brainstorming, des explications de concepts, des suggestions, des résumés de texte, des analyses de style d’écriture, ou encore des conseils pour la rédaction de code. Il peut également vous fournir des listes, discuter avec vous de manière ludique ou vous donner des conseils de vie. Utilisez les connaissances acquises aujourd’hui pour améliorer votre quotidien, et n’oubliez pas de laisser votre avis sur la vidéo.

Source : Charlie Chang | Date : 2023-04-04 20:09:53 | Durée : 00:27:51

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Hope you find this free ChatGPT class helpful! If you guys have any thoughts or questions, I encourage you to use ChatGPT to write a YouTube comment and post it below 😁 And +1 to anyone that uses ChatGPT to create a response to any comments 😎


Can you ask it to teach "you" how to enunciate your "T's" at the end of your words? Very helpful video though – thank you.


if u have still problem u just move in guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 2015-2018 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


Very helpful service actually… We need to use these kind of services for good things! 🙂


Fantastic! I never knew about ChatGpt before and after listening to you, i feel like i am mastering it already. Your communication skills are amazing. Thank you!


ChatGPT serves the current power structure. The language creates doubt on subjects of interest & steers you to the status quo. 😪


Created the account but when you login all you get is a blank page.


That you very much for this excellent tutorial.


"the role of a CEO is much more complex than making money" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Grrrreeaaat video man!! 👏👏👏


"How to Kill a Mockingbird" lol


I am so grateful for this video! You did an amazing job breaking this down!❤


Thanks for the tutorial Charlie, you did a great job …. Having said that, the product itself (ChatGPT) isn't as amazing as advertised & is 'much a-do about nothing'. As a scientist, its use to me is near zero. It can't analyse documents with equations, it can't analyse graphs or images, & there really isn't anything intelligent about it at all. It's useful to school kids, or people who seem to live there lives in 'words'. The problem is that 'words' do not contain cancer treatments or build communities on Mars. 'Words' are for people who aren't very good at problem solving, or are too lazy to invest in learning the skills to problem solve mathematically –> which brings me back to school kids again …. Bottom Line = ChatGPT is like one of those bobbing Elvis figures on a dashboard; cute but not very useful ….. Here's an example –> ask ChatGPT to derive Fermat's Theorem in twelve steps. Alternatively, ask ChatGPT to derive an equation explaining the Hubble Tension …. Please let me know how you go with the challenges I've thrown at your feet


ChatGPT scares the crap out of me. I was just accused on reddit of being a ChatGPT bot. People instantly jumped on that accusation and downvoted my pretty solid and logical helpful response because I was supposedly a bot. No way to tell them otherwise. The more I denied it, the more people smeared me as a fake. Me, like a person. I came to this video completely unaware of what ChatGPT could do, how to use it, or why anyone would confuse chat interactions with a living, breathing person for an AI. Now….. now I'm truly worried for the future of the human species.
This thing makes authors redundant. It can probably write movie scripts. It will only become more intuitive and creative with time. We'll be so well trained that soon no one outside a laboratory will distinguish between AI and human chats. shudder


Thank you so much for your tutorial. it was very helpful.


I found this extremely informative. I am at ground zero today but I have a feeling that I will keep up with it, and help me finish a book that I've been writing called "Jitterbug Moon."


This is great. Thank you Charlie


You are a very good teacher.

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