Révélation choc : un étudiant exposé par ChatGPT, le nouvel allié de l’IA!

Shocking disclosure: a learner uncovered by ChatGPT, the latest ally of AI!

The video displays the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, a burgeoning field. Artificial intelligence entails creating computer programs capable of learning and solving problems on their own. It relies on intricate algorithms and massive data to operate. Artificial intelligence is already applied in various sectors such as healthcare, finance, and transportation. It triggers both enthusiasm and apprehension as it could revolutionize our lives but also raises ethical and security concerns. Hence, it is crucial to grasp its basic principles to harness its maximum benefits and mitigate risks.

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You just get a 0 for cheating now? Wow. Colleges have become soft.


If your teacher caught u next time just say work smarter not harder


I understand your concern. If a student is not performing well in school because they are spending too much time using tools like ChatGPT or other distractions, it's essential to address this issue. Here are some steps that can help:

1. **Set Priorities**: Help the student understand the importance of schoolwork and academic success. Emphasize that while technology and AI like ChatGPT can be valuable tools, they should not take precedence over their education.

2. **Time Management**: Encourage the student to manage their time effectively. Establish a schedule that includes dedicated study and homework time, and limit the use of distractions during these periods.

3. **Parental Supervision**: Parents and guardians can play a crucial role in monitoring their child's internet and device usage. Implement parental controls or restrictions to limit access to non-educational content during study hours.

4. **Communication**: Have an open and non-judgmental conversation with the student. Understand their reasons for using ChatGPT extensively and address any underlying issues or concerns they may have.

5. **Peer Support**: Encourage the student to seek support from peers, teachers, or school counselors if they are struggling with their studies. Sometimes, talking to someone they trust can help them overcome academic challenges.

6. **Balance**: Emphasize the importance of a balanced life. Encourage the student to engage in physical activities, hobbies, and social interactions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7. **Educational Resources**: Use AI and technology in a constructive way by finding educational resources or apps that can aid in learning and studying. There are many educational platforms and apps available that can complement traditional learning methods.

8. **Professional Help**: If the student's academic performance continues to decline despite efforts to address the issue, it may be advisable to seek guidance from a professional, such as an educational therapist or counselor, to identify and address any underlying learning or behavioral challenges.

Remember that every student is unique, and it's important to approach this situation with empathy and support to help them overcome their academic challenges and achieve their potential.


I smell the Gauth app coming to use this video as their advertisements


Doesn't matter how they got the answer if they got it right then they shoild pass


That's why you always put anything from chatgpt into your own words


All because a teacher was suspicoous im tellng yall schools are the worst


Bruh use merlin AI instead


Nahh and the thing is thats a virtual class 😭

(for those wondering ik that bc i take the ga virtual classes also lmao)


You got to type it all. Don’t copy n paste n change a few things.


Ffs i just send my paper written by gpt


just troll the duud and give him underzero


Really? Becuse I use chatgpt all the time for my assignments and essays and I’m never caught


Good. He doesn't deserve a degree.


How are people so stupid? I use ChatGPT but I bust my ass spending and upwards of 10 minutes rephrasing everything to sound like my work and I even put a little into it.

AI shouldn’t be used as a point A to B because you will get caught. Just make it make your work and do some work to make it uniquely you. Quillbot isn’t you so many teachers will catch it


Bro Cheating on Wolsely hall


Sht out of 150 too. My goodness. Godspeed.


Students will still keep cheating


“Ah ah oh oh ohhhhh” Big time rush


I use quillbot and got a 60% bc my teacher said the rest is by AI💀


What happens if your notes are as good as ChatGPT 🤔 I mean, all these people who say ChatGPT is taking normal peoples content off the website using it… so what if this student notes was used by GPT


I always add a few grammatical mistakes for good meassure just so it doesnt look too perfect


How to put "minimal" effort for top-tier results:

1. Chatgpt (to start off)
2. Quillbot (for paraphrasing with fluent)
3. Quillbot (switch some of the words)
4. Brain (rearrange the sentences)
5. Grammarly (sweep all the bad grammar)
6. Brain (does everything make sense?)

Congratulations, you're an author.


Details in this essay suggests that Chat GPT may have been used in writing of this paper. The use of an AI tool in this fashion counts as an act of academic dishonesty, In response, the essay has been assigned a grade of a zero.


Why does everyone just use chatgpt only and not use other things like quillbot to make it look less ai generated? Using chatgpt only is the easiest way to get caught.


Why bother going into uni if they're not going to apply themselves and study/write it all from scratch…waste of space


I used cha GPT but then I change every word. I try to find similar words


Bro I manually type my essays fuck ChatGPT


Actually is impossible to detect if he used or not chatgpt, "asumptions" are not a reason for a zero, unless in the essay it said something like "as a AI model…" or anything that could clarify that it was indeed made by a AI, but those "identify if the essay was made by AI" is false you can't identify it, AI passed the Turing test years ago


I think that the suspicion a paper was generated by AI warrants a deeper conversation with the student. In my time there was no AI–the internet was barely even a thing–so my papers were all authored by me. I knew the subjects I side and out. If I were to get ChatGPT to write my essay today, I wouldn't know the thesis or the material and a simple interview with the professor would reveal that.

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