Rendez-vous Bumble qui vire au cauchemar ! 😱 #ai #aiart #chatgpt

L’artiste fait des déclarations menaçantes pour récupérer l’argent qui lui est dû, exprimant sa colère de manière intense. La chanson est associée à une musique violente.
Source : Individu | Date : 2024-04-28 22:00:03 | Durée : 00:00:31

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Bro she just eat the poop 🤮




Medio un poco de asco 🤢🤢🤮🤕


Bro ate too much toco bell💀


I signaled your video because it’s disgusting AF








Now you know what happens if you mix crack cocaine, PCP angel dust and large amounts of espresso coffee with artificial intelligence image-generators. The government needs to start doing drug tests at the internet connection ports.


Artificial intelligence needs to be banned. But I’m subscribing to your channel because how sick can this really get? I’m too curious to let that opportunity pass.




Theres no way I just saw her eat that😵😱🤢




😂😂rhapsody yvelines☠️


Who liked this video you are insane


Побег из скибиди туалета


I watched this clip while I was eating, and my taste for food changed.




Last to sleep the ya short:………….


That girl is crazy, she ate poop.😢






When he was on the date:🙂when he went to toilet:😐 when she ate it:aerrrrrrrr🤢🤮

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