Regardez ChatGPT essayer de coder Flappy Bird avec l’IA

Watch ChatGPT attempt to program Flappy Bird with AI

A YouTuber decided to examine the capacities of artificial intelligence by requesting it to develop a video game. Without writing a single line of code, he tasked the AI with crafting a version of Flappy Bird. Following the AI’s instructions, the game was eventually successfully created, albeit requiring some adjustments to correct errors. The AI also produced the game’s graphics. The process was enlightening and allowed the YouTuber to concentrate on the game’s design rather than the coding. Despite a few errors and necessary tweaks, the game ultimately operated properly. This experiment demonstrates that even novices can start using AI to build games, albeit requiring adjustments and oversight.
Source: candlesan | Date: 2023-03-23 17:00:08 | Duration: 00:07:26

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if u want much higher level AI and accurate and complex and u never had errors code guys I'll introducing DEEPAI the DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 1990 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


This makes me want to put AI into the tool category and not the sci-fi sentient category


Just wondering, why are you waving your fingers towards the listener while explaining something irrelevant to the listener?


Who misses the actual flappy bird game and the craze behind it?


Idk about game but chat gpt sure as hell is rn teaching me c++ i just told teach me c++ every day like a course and hell I'm learning day 5 it's teaching me data structures and linked lists


Still trying to get girlfriend with the help of chatgpt


What a lovely video I've watched today. Great job man!


today CHATGPT is giving wrong answer almost everytime – no matter the topic – you can ask it to give you TABS for guitar and it will be wrong
you can ask him about coding and it will give you a wrong answer – but it is still usefull from time to time to try to understand what to look for on the net


It would be SO cool if you created Mike Tyson Punch Out with only ChatGPT


You forgot to implement in-game store and legendary gems


Yeah nah were cooked💀💀 AI finna replace us


Wow! So I no longer want to continue my programming career anymre……


i gave 5 year of my life studying web code at my school, making them the 5 year thhe most useless of my life. Everything i learned chhat gpt can already do. 🙂


Great video, instructive


You don't need to write a code to create a flappy bird. It's done in 5 minutes in Scratch 🤣🤣
Come on, go to Geeklama and study finally

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