Quand vous réalisez que Edge est en fait utile – Bing Chat GPT

Si vous vivez aux États-Unis et que vous possédez un ordinateur portable ou un PC Windows, une nouvelle fonctionnalité intéressante a été intégrée à Microsoft Edge. Cette année, Microsoft a intégré Chad GPT avec Bing dans Microsoft Edge. De plus, une fonctionnalité encore plus intéressante a été récemment ajoutée. Pour l’activer, assurez-vous que votre Microsoft Edge est bien à jour, et suivez les étapes pour activer la fonctionnalité Bing Chat. Une fois cela fait, vous pourrez utiliser la fonction « generate page summary » pour obtenir un résumé automatique d’une page web sans avoir à la lire. Une astuce simple et pratique pour gagner du temps !

Source : Hardware Savvy | Date : 2023-06-13 00:29:32 | Durée : 00:01:00



"microsoft recommended browser"💀💀


Chatgpt plus can do this better


Edge sucks so bad, holy dear god


Microsoft Edge was fast on my computer by itself (did not drain my laptops battery)


Wasn't bing already integrated with edge? Hasn't it been like Microsoft browsers default search engine for years?


yeah it also gets bundled with spyware that you can’t turn off
if you want a page summary you can get them with extensions


I don't like how Edge freaks out when I'm downloading another browser to begin with. That alone was a big turn off for me. Ai integration isn't going to change my mind.


Ditched Chrome and switched to EDGE for many months now. It does everything Chrome does, lighter, doesn't eat up your RAM, and when you turn it off it doesn't stay and take up resources in the background.


U can literally do the same thing but better with opera gx but


Nothing says "convenient" like giving up all your privacy, so Microsoft can skim all your page reads! Even if do not track and do not crawl is active in the browser security, and page header. But don't worry, Microsoft SUPER PINKY PROMISES they won't accidentally read your bank account or other sensitive financial information…and they won't save it with your unique advertisers ID baked into Windows and your MS Log-In…not a chance… because they said so, and Microsoft has never lied. 😂


Don't use edge it saves very sensitive data that it should never do under any circumstances!


I use Edge in Android. Most of the time, to check use Dalle 3 in Bing. It should be more visible how to get there, however. Also for my barely used Outlook account. But I use DuckDuckGo mostly, and Chrome to. I don't live en the US, not sure what difference would make if you live elsewhere, unless you live in North Korea, or maybe China or Venezuela.


Great channel but Edge is gonna have to do 100x better than that to get me!


Opera was already doing that for a while, even contextual explanations. And you have the choice between using Chat GPT or Opera own AI Aria, a build in ad blocker and free VPN.


I removed edge, i prefer opera gx.


Still gonna use Chrome tho lol


I stopped using Bing because of Chat GPT. I couldn't find any way to permanently disable it.


Chrome and firefox had this. It's called reading mode. No ai required. Talk about bloat.


Opera (normal/GX) can also do this, but you can also select which part you want summarized


No it's for downloading opera gx witch has chatgpt integration


Opera Browser has left the chat.


Edge have become way better than chrome also in performance


Edge is also good with uhmm searching a particular set of… Media.


I use it because it's a pain to keep up with changing my default back to Firefox from edge if I don't just open it from the shortcut file but I use it because it's not Google as long as its not Google default engine I'm ok with it


Edge is good actually. I prefer it over Chrome
(Not a ms employee)


yeah.. and now all the schools blocked bing AI


Edge is better than chrome


yea… not going to trust a text generator with that thanks.


use different browsers for different things. a shopping browser, an email browser, a social media, and a junk one. epic browser has a built in vpn.


Chrome has Labs which does same


Bing’s language translator is beyond abysmal.

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