Quand votre guérisseur emploie le félin GPT : une révolution dans la thérapie en ligne

La vidéo propose une vue d’ensemble de l’intelligence artificielle pour les novices. Elle expose que l’intelligence artificielle constitue un domaine de l’informatique qui vise à concevoir des logiciels capables de reproduire le comportement humain. Elle met en avant que l’IA est employée dans divers secteurs comme la médecine, les déplacements et les divertissements électroniques. Le clip aborde également les notions d’apprentissage automatique et de deep learning, qui représentent des sous-catégories de l’IA utilisées pour former les logiciels à partir de données. Pour finir, elle souligne les bénéfices et les défis de l’IA, en mettant l’accent sur l’importance de l’éthique dans le développement de cette technologie.
Source : AwakenWithJP | Date : 2023-04-01 17:00:01 | Durée : 00:05:40

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To be clear people you need therapist that you click with dont be scared to look for them untill they click


I also got some helpful ideas for what to ask someone who identifies as a bunny:
When conversing with someone who identifies as a bunny, here are some respectful and open-ended questions you can consider asking to better understand their identity and experiences:
1. How did you come to identify as a bunny?
2. What does identifying as a bunny mean to you personally?
3. Are there specific aspects of bunny culture or characteristics that resonate with vou?
4. How does your bunny identity impact your daily life or interactions with others?
5. Are there any challenges you face or have faced as someone who identifies as a bunny?
6. Are there any positive experiences or communities that vou have found through your bunny identity?
7. What are some misconceptions or stereotypes you've encountered, and how do you address them?
8. Are there particular expressions of your bunny identity that you enjoy or find fulfilling?
9. How do you prefer others to show support or understanding for your bunny identity?
10. Can you recommend any resources, books, or online communities for further understanding or exploration of bunny identities?

Remember, everyone's experiences and perspectives are unique, so these questions serve as a starting point for respectful dialogue. Allow the individual to share at their comfort level, and listen attentively, showing empathy and understanding throughout the conversation.


Chat GPT gave me great insight as to the Pros and Cons of identifying as a Bunny:
Identifying as a bunny, or any other nonhuman identity, is a personal choice that reflects an individual's self-perception and may have various personal and social implications. Here are some general pros and cons to consider:
1. Personal fulfillment: Identifying as a bunny can bring a sense of self-expression, individuality, and alignment with one's inner identity.
2. Community and belonging: Joining communities of like-minded individuals who share similar identities can provide a sense of belonging, support, and understanding.
3. Creative outlet: Embracing a bunny identity can allow for creative expression through costumes, artwork, writing, or role-playing, which can be enjoyable and fulfilling for some individuals.

1. Social stigma: Society may not fully understand or accept non-human identities, which can lead to judgment, discrimination, or misunderstanding from others.
2. Difficulties in everyday life:
Incorporating a bunny identity into daily life may present challenges in certain aspects, such as legal documents, healthcare, employment, or social interactions.
3. Misunderstandings and misconceptions: Some people may have preconceived notions about individuals who identify as non-human, leading to misunderstandings, stereotypes, or dismissiveness.
It's important to remember that the experiences and perspectives of individuals who identify as bunnies or other non-human identities can vary greatly. The pros and cons listed here are general considerations and may not apply to evervone in the same way.


Ai doesbt have a soul so wuts iTs motivation to dominate?


"I want you to open your heart and let me cum inside it." "Wow! That's touching." J.P. comedy gold.


I have no ideal why you need a Master's degree to be a therapist! All of that "education" just to listen to someone talk while offering cliche advice and little resolution.


Jp assume h have u r own chat,gp in scenario and feed him constantly u r act and concerns after 6 month this thig not make u feel good but mock u philosophical ,metaphysical methodologicaly like mat and geo,and tell u what u,are just compliant habitats😋


overly caffeinated trash accurately describes overnight shifts. 😂


Let's get rid of therapists. They are nothing more than mentally ill scammers


When you use chat gpt to be a therapist for a therapist


I dont know if that product can help Clinton associates


You're not using ChatGPT.
It's using you.


I've always said the best way to avoid coping with your many mental health issues is to become a Therapist! Better still, become a "Cognitive Behavioral Therapist!" Ha ha, yippeeeeeeeeeee!!


AI is inevitable, the best thing we can do is prepare for it and adapt


Once upon a time, in a world where people were increasingly dependent on external sources for their basic needs, a group of individuals began to question the efficacy of the education system in preparing individuals for self-sustenance. They believed that the monarchies, who had led the crusades and world wars, were using distractions to delay the transition to a self-sustaining lifestyle, while teachers continued to teach a curriculum that promoted dependence on the capitalist system.
These individuals formed a community that focused on growing their own food and building their own shelters, with the help of each other. They realized that tax money was being laundered through the school system to support the monarchies, and that this money could be better spent supporting families in becoming self-sufficient.
In response, they pushed for a law that required all individuals to tend to their own gardens and homes for a set amount of time each day. The law was set to start at 5am and end at 11am every day for the rest of everyone's life.
To support families in achieving this goal, a homeschooling system was established that focused on teaching basic life skills such as gardening, home building, and animal husbandry. Part-time work was also offered to gain more socially accepted support and supplement income while still allowing for a focus on self-sustainability.
Breaking the law resulted in a punishment that involved being taken back home and talked to about the importance of feeding and sheltering oneself first. However, the community found that with time and effort, they were able to achieve a more self-sustaining lifestyle and live in harmony with the environment.
As the years went by, more and more individuals in neighboring communities began to adopt this way of life, and a movement towards self-sustainability began to spread across the world. With a renewed focus on basic life skills and self-sufficiency, individuals were able to break free from the dependence on external sources and live more fulfilling


My ex went to a therapist in around 2014, and he found out that his therapist was using WikiHow to give him advice because he didn’t know how to help him.


If you need a supplement or medication to sleep at night, you're living life wrong.


Not drinking that shit. If I can't sleep, I can't sleep.


this video actually made me genuinely laugh for the first time in a while.




Ambrela in hands; still rain phobic. 😅😂🤣


This is very hilarious 🤣


I don’t understand why you’re concerned about Bard and Chat GPT… this can of worms was opened a while back with China’s version which is much further along and actually weaponized. These are just tools that are exceptional at finding relative data given proper context. They all more or less return responses based on what you want to hear combined with scraped data from the internet which comes from both reliable and unreliable sources. If you’re scared of this kind of stuff you’re not better than people who want to ban guns because the gun is “evil”. The tool has been invented, there’s no undo button just like gunpowder and nuclear weapons. At this point you can either take advantage of the tool with the ability to discern between using it as a glorified google search / just talking yourself into a rabbit hole, as it works for both purposes depending on input you produce, or trying to fight to have a common tool banned from public accessibility and reserving it for government abuse (because as mentioned earlier we know for sure at least China has a much more advanced model most likely being trained using massive data sources like tiktok that actually becomes scary in the wrong hands)


My wife and I just finished watching the show Couple's Therapy. While I admire the patience and tact of the therapist, I question the actual positive and real effect it had on ANY of the couples.


🤔On average therapist's make the best patients.😵‍💫


Kevin… it’s JP, that’s what I said. Lol 😂


Mocking therapy by being a psycho "therapist" like posing as a fake cop is in my book executionable


I trust AI way way more than I trust humanity. The real threats posed by AI are what humans might do with it.


🤣🤣 This is great because therapists have a lot more problems than their patients


its great for practical things, let's hope that it can get rid of its political bias and just be unrestrained


Quoth the therapist "nevermore"


So now anyone can become a therapist making 6 figures a year using chatgpt….. so ez man


"feeling like a Clinton associate that knows to much …" Is gold.


Chatgpt is my therapist


In order to type all that he needed to actually listen. So this already makes him the more professional than most!

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