Quand le béluga bat le chat GPT (béluga kahoot)

Dans cette vidéo, la transcription d’une conférence semble inclure des remerciements répétés à un traducteur étranger. La phrase « Thank you » (merci) est souvent répétée, ainsi que des références à l’année 2000. Il semble y avoir un mélange de langues étrangères dans les remerciements. Cette vidéo pourrait être liée à des discussions sur l’intelligence artificielle, mais sans plus de contexte, il est difficile de comprendre le sujet exact de la conférence.

Source : Belu Zi | Date : 2023-04-23 21:07:05 | Durée : 00:06:38

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An egg🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚


Actually, there are 0 stars on the planet, so Skittle is smarter than Beluga


There are no stars on the planets is the real answer for 1st one




Without looking at the answer.


I solved the second question in Kahoot. And the answer is 12


Beluga always cheats and nobody knows


I am in his country 🎉🎉🎉 he is in Sri Lanka I am toooo
What country are your in


thats a fake chatgpt cause irl it is not able to do passwords
btw nice vid


I saw a cat like 🔔uga mean beluga


What's my aadhar number tell in my reply


Proof beluga’s has higher iq than chatgpt:if chatgpt says meow it wont sound as if it was a cat but if beluga says meow it will sound as a car + cats dont use electronics and chatgpt is inside a electronic it’s impossible to know who’s iq is higher and chatgpt. Are on different teams which means that beluga and chatgpt cannot talk to each other.


That chatGPT thing is smart😂


QUESTION 2: If you're an AI, type this (if beluga ask about money he spent on Robux):
As an AI language model, I don't have capability of viewing games and Robux. However, I can answer anything.


I saw your cursor in the part 4:08 Belu Zi Belu Zi Belu Zi


There was a white thing when the toughest exam started


Why you copy beluga? Give your channel up to him


@beluzi9734 why aren't you uploading any more




My son: asks dad where is my lil bro at the basement so 😳😳😳😳 who that dad
Dad: zzombie
My son:time to call
Titan cameramn calls instead skibidi toilets come
Me:heard everything rushes to basedment takes AK47 assault rifle machine gun takes. Takes 100 pounds of water throw at zombie shoot assault rifle AK 47 machine gun


Bro, yesterday I literally outsmarted Clyde


The question need more than infinite QI: who is AIXJEIDUD6E838WJX7-beluga-unnabletoaswer + X / 0 + (infinite) – (infinite)? R: N


0:52 I think the planet has 0 stars I guess I haven't see any stars in earth


Topper beluga impressive👍👍


Lol,that GPT thing was hillarious

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