Pourquoi vous ne devriez pas utiliser ChatGPT pour faire vos devoirs

Dans cette vidéo, on explique pourquoi il est déconseillé d’utiliser Chat GPT pour rédiger vos travaux de recherche ou devoirs à l’université, à l’école ou ailleurs. En effet, peu importe ce que vous écrivez, votre professeur peut copier et coller le texte dans Chat GPT pour lui demander : « Hey Chat GPT, est-ce que tu as écrit ça ? » En appuyant simplement sur « entrée », Chat GPT se rappellera de toutes les sorties qu’il a produites et dira à votre professeur : « Oui, c’est moi qui l’ai écrit. Tu veux vérifier ? » Cependant, il existe une petite astuce pour contourner cela. Il suffit d’aller sur le site wordai.com, de copier le texte écrit par Chat GPT et de le coller là-bas. Cela donnera une touche plus humaine au texte et en modifiera le contenu. Chat GPT ne saura jamais que vous avez utilisé cette astuce.
Source : Anik Singal | Date : 2023-03-11 23:56:55 | Durée : 00:00:31

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nothing you can do, any essay, any words, anything, as long as it's on the internet, chat gpt can claim that it wrote it.


I still ignore the existense of chatgpt and that's the best you can do


U look familiar I seen you before

Grubasek PL

It would tell the same to "i love pizza"

Joel Craftsman

I tried with a text he gave me. It doesn't work for me.


This isn’t entirely true. Most teachers will use a 3rd party detector such as ZeroGPT, that detects what percent of your essay is ai. But yea you should probably do your own work.

SHaden Ben kaddour

I use chatgtp mostly for information cus googling it is way more ineffective

GhostwritersBay Essays

I write research essays in case someone here is interested and their school has updated software that detects AI-generated content. Hmu😊


its about resources and learning cause corporations when they make tests, allow it to be open book.. cause it is about you getting the knowledge , not a genius that. finds it

Draco Darkheart Gaming

Even If you write it yourself. Chat GTP will Most Likly say it wrote it.

Von Sakamoto

Me who use Bing AI
And google bard 🎉


Chat GPT doesn't not remember, maybe he can detect if the homework used it, but you can just say to chat gpt things like: "Make this not look like it was written by an AI, and try to make it more informal and appear to be more human." and easy solution

ARTOfficial Intelligence

3 words: "Advanced Prompt Engineering"

Kahin Kazarka

nahhh chat gpt doesnt even remember past questions you ask it unless its in the same conversation.

The Patriot

Just asked chat gpt to write it as non ai form,done

Alex f

Thats not true at all.


Just export to pdf -> to pictures and then reimport to pdf. GG

Filthy Man

Can you tell chatgpt to not remember what it wrote

Sarita Sen

ChatGPT forgets the conversation once it's over

Minor Fender Bender

my teachers dont know what chatgpt is


my friend was using chat gbt before chat gbt was cool


That's crazy but you know what they won't do
Copy it into chat got and ask if they made it

Jon Timm

I’m pretty sure now that there’s chat gpt college is kinda obsolete 😅


Quill bot para phaser be like: YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER!

Luis Daniel Pérez

bro just saved my ass 😭😭

Ure Vigini


Anshuman Kakralia

I had an exam and used it to get points that I'll use to write an essay answer and it worked! Cause i didn't take any words i just took the points.😅


"hey chatGPT, did you write this and then re-written by humanAI?"


ChatGPT is not accurate on telling you if something is written with ChatGPT it does not store personal conversations it just makes a guess


Just run it through grammerly when it's done

FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing

That doesn't work with ChatGPT, I've tried it

Ian Matejka

ChatGPT does not remember every output it produced. Unless the output was added into it's training data and the model's weights were fine tuned, it is impossible for it to remember anything outside of its context window


It'll also take credit for original work fancy that

Eric Paye

You just print it out so your profession cannot copy and paste without typing up the whole thing

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