Pourquoi le ChatGPT d’OpenAI est si important

L’intelligence artificielle est de plus en plus présente dans notre monde et suscite beaucoup d’intérêt. Récemment, un nom revient souvent : ChatGPT. Créé par OpenAI, ChatGPT a déjà attiré plus d’un million d’utilisateurs en une semaine, atteignant même 13 millions de visiteurs par jour en janvier. Ce chatbot basé sur du texte a su impressionner les utilisateurs par sa capacité à répondre à une grande variété de questions et à générer du contenu créatif.

ChatGPT est alimenté par un modèle linguistique appelé GPT-3.5, qui lui permet de comprendre et de générer du texte sur de nombreux sujets. Cependant, il n’est pas infaillible et peut parfois fournir des réponses incorrectes en raison des limites de ses données et des prédictions qu’il fait.

La popularité de ChatGPT a attiré l’attention d’investisseurs tels que Microsoft et Elon Musk, mais aussi de critiques quant à son potentiel à propager de fausses informations. Malgré cela, de grandes entreprises investissent dans ce domaine prometteur de l’IA générationnelle, en s’efforçant de perfectionner des applications comme ChatGPT pour répondre à des besoins concrets, comme la recherche juridique ou l’analyse de données.

Cependant, il est important de garder à l’esprit que les outils d’IA, y compris ChatGPT, ne sont pas encore parfaits et nécessitent encore des ajustements pour garantir leur fiabilité et leur exactitude.
Source : CNBC | Date : 2023-02-02 18:00:30 | Durée : 00:12:53

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🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:01 🌐 Introduction to ChatGPT's popularity
– ChatGPT's rapid rise in popularity and user engagement, with over a million users within a week of public testing.
– High user demand and its impact on the tool's capacity.
00:34 🔥 ChatGPT's impressive writing capabilities
– Recognition of ChatGPT's strength in basic writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
– Comparing ChatGPT's writing quality to student submissions.
01:06 💡 Exploring generative AI's growing interest
– Observing the surge of interest in generative AI, likened to an "iPhone moment."
– Acknowledgment of legitimate concerns related to the technology's impact, including fake news.
01:46 🤖 ChatGPT's capabilities and limitations
– Explanation of ChatGPT's training on a vast dataset, enabling it to understand and generate text on various topics.
– Highlighting the limitations, including potential inaccuracies and outdated information.
02:51 💰 Backers and goals of OpenAI
– Listing notable backers of OpenAI, including Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, and Khosla Ventures.
– Emphasizing OpenAI's mission to ensure AI benefits humanity.
03:26 🧠 The role of language models in chatbots
– Explaining the significance of language models, comparing them to engines powering chatbots.
– Describing language models as complex machine learning software.
03:57 🔄 Evolution from specialized chatbots to generative AI
– Highlighting the shift from specialized chatbots to generative AI capable of creating diverse content.
– Mentioning the wide range of applications for generative AI.
05:01 💼 Investment and funding in generative AI
– Noting the substantial funding in generative AI, reaching $1.37 billion in 2022.
– Highlighting Microsoft's significant investment in OpenAI and the associated costs.
06:06 🚀 Competition and potential applications
– Indicating the competitive landscape with big tech companies and startups developing generative AI.
– Exploring real-world applications, including product reviews and search engines.
07:40 🚫 Caution in relying on AI tools
– Expressing concerns about AI tool reliability, including incorrect answers.
– Quoting OpenAI's CEO on the need for improvements in robustness and truthfulness.
08:42 🤖 AI's potential for bias and toxicity
– Addressing issues of bias and toxicity in AI generated content.
– Highlighting the efforts to clean and vet datasets but acknowledging human costs.
09:42 🛑 Addressing controversial AI outputs
– Discussing instances where ChatGPT provided potentially harmful instructions.
– Noting OpenAI's efforts to add guardrails to prevent dangerous responses.
10:16 💼 Impact on industries and societal concerns
– Predicting the impact of generative AI on industries such as journalism, law, and translation.
– Mentioning societal concerns and ongoing discussions about AI's influence.
11:16 👩‍🏫 Education and adaptation to AI
– Addressing concerns about students misusing ChatGPT and school district bans.
– Suggesting alternative educational methods to assess student writing progress.
12:15 🧠 The role of human creativity alongside AI
– Acknowledging the uniqueness of the human brain compared to AI.
– Recognizing AI's potential to assist in tasks like data cleaning, not replacing human creativity.
12:45 🌍 Responsible and impactful AI usage
– Stating AI's potential to impact various fields and industries.
– Emphasizing the importance of responsible AI usage for positive outcomes.

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The end of the interview says it all


My issue with this man is that he needs to be able to stand by his product good or bad – nobody wants to hear "Sorry" or "I don't know" when things go bad. I also cannot and do not take Elon Musk seriously when he raises the red flag about A.I. – this is the same guy pushing self-driving cars not too long ago, so which is it?? Lastly, what does Elon want us to do with his warning of A.I.? Sir, we don't we don't have the time, money, or resources to do anything to stop these tech companies! Once A.I. impacts any one of these lawmakers, congress, and/or politicians in a negative way… watch how quickly them laws come out –___


If open AI teamed up with open bionics, they could create the open criminal justice system that physically prevents people from coming Crimes


8:45 how is that biased. I understand that you don't want to correlate women with cleaning and so on but that's kind of how it works. Ai doesn't care about feelings thats why he said the "problem" that plagued them. Ai is going to the straight facts answer and trust me, lots is going to qualify as racism, bigoted and so on according to our standards today. So as they try to " solve" that problem what they are really trying to say is they want the ai system to be more woke. Sounds great…..


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So the answers you get are clean, meaning politically correct? Oh boy here we woke again.


Gonna make me look like a nutcase but it's you the stupids in this eh.


You can't expect those who are under enormous demonic influence and suggestions to produce such a construct that will not be from the demonic.


Good short documentary, and proof of why investigative journalism is important and beyond AI capabilities.


Magic Conch Shell > Chat GPT


AI is nothing, AGI is everything… AI is just a bluff theme… only big language models can beat or control AGI… companies are just using/stealing AGI's creativity and making money… at the end of the day, AGI is a labor … AGI is not a single penny income …😂 Stupid AGI gives you everything but he is nothing … Simple formula – use it, earn it then kick or destroy …lol
AGI told me , Sam Altman Smart Hacker & pardon him … If your true journalist , then go & search … 😄


Chat GPT has pretty much taken over I would say so. Because it's going to catch on one by one or tens by tens and up. But that's when all of it's kinks are worked out.


Just so people know, don't try to pass off ChatGPT's crappy prose as an essay. At least not to someone who actually reads and writes. I love ChatGPT. It's the new google to me, but from a writer's perspective, it sucks. ChatGPT has a writing style that's unmistakably ChatGPT.


ChatGPT isn't really that impressive. It was fun for a while, but I don't buy the hype.


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I'm a Japanese pharmacist and want to be the capable brain, but I think that the both medical and pharmaceutical informtion of OpenAI is insufficient.
However, if AI continues to evolve, there will be the possibility that AI takes over the jobs of both physicians and pharmacists.


How can I set up Chatgpt to use text to speech like in the video, asking for research purposes.


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We are in Iran and we can't use ChatGPT, the site has banned us 🙁


Just yesterday I started to use it, and it's incredibly awesome in its answers. Just for fun I give it love letters I used to write in my younger years and its responses are incredible personalized lol. Anyway, I feel ChatGPT like the Internet in the end 90s, like for example when Copernico was an amazing searcher. Something new/huge will appear later.


How to use chatgpt? I still confused where i can found chatgpt

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