Pourquoi j’ai arrêté de coder (en tant qu’ancien programmeur de Google). ChatGPT ne nous sauvera pas.

Aujourd’hui, nous avons une conversation sérieuse sur le génie logiciel qui est que le domaine de la programmation est en déclin depuis longtemps et aujourd’hui, je jette enfin l’éponge. J’ai commencé à coder depuis l’école primaire et après avoir travaillé chez Facebook et Google et atteint le rang prestigieux d’ingénieur logiciel senior de ces sociétés technologiques de premier plan, c’en est fini. Je sais que certaines personnes disent que les chatbots vont sauver tout le monde, mais ça ne va pas rendre tout le monde millionnaire. Il y a beaucoup de carrières qui sont mortes au fil des ans, et je pense que le métier de programmeur sera bientôt relégué à quelque chose de semblable à un électricien, ingénieur de pont, inspecteur de bâtiment, ou ingénieur pipeline.

Le génie logiciel est un travail important et utile, mais cela ne signifie pas que l’on gagnera beaucoup d’argent ou que ce sera glorieux. On a célébré les nerds ces dernières années, mais je ne suis pas sûr que les geeks et les nerds reviendront à la mode. De plus, les plateformes comme Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube et TikTok ne donnent plus accès à leurs utilisateurs par le biais d’API publics, les rendant inaccessibles pour la création d’applications. C’est la création d’applications, la mise à disposition d’APIs et de magasins d’applications qui a rendu les gens riches, mais maintenant l’industrie est presque entièrement stagnante.

Chat GPT AI est considéré comme la prochaine grande chose, mais il est encore incertain si cela apportera réellement des avantages financiers pour la plupart des gens. En fin de compte, il est possible que ce ne soit qu’une mode sans réelle intelligence artificielle. En revanche, les écouteurs sans fil Airpods constituent une innovation technologique prometteuse qui change la façon dont les gens écoutent du contenu audio long.
Source : TechLead | Date : 2023-04-18 00:37:07 | Durée : 00:12:55

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Art Spark

but does it easiest way to get at least 100k/year ?

Luis JT

gpt4 turbo:what did you say? louder please?

Allen Cross

They used to pay switchboard operators but now everyone is one and we are getting billed instead.

judewest2000 burner

I think the mistake you're making is thinking it's either everything or nothing. There are other apps and sites you do go to, like for your business, or your kids education, or your local takeaway, or for a million other niches.

Asdf Fdsa

Everybody is redundant nowadays.


AI art ? You call that art ? Duuude…

Night Owl

Dude. Life is short. Do whatever you want. You can bring your money on the grave. If you want to program then so be it. Just do what makes you happy.

Jakub Keller

Because YouTube is a better trade😂😂😂😂


Can you make this video again please, but as a millionaire instead of just as an ex-Google programmer?


As a millionaire, I’m extremely miserable…

Stephen Minkin

Your English has tricked you. Cool means no narcotics. Those are not cool kids those are popular kids.

Stephen Minkin

Young grasshopper….jumping from grass to grass but never ask how to make grass.

Stephen Minkin

I can see your observation skills and programming is very weak.

Petr Gladkikh

I think you are spoiled by working at the top tech companies. I have never worked on glamorous projects and it have always had a 90% grunt jobs that some people needed. The world runs on software, so no matter what it will be a work in demand. You seem to think of software development as a dopamine junky, and "career" as only something to brag about. "Have you seen a new sky-rocketed app?" – come on, I do not see Google not needing thousands of engineers anymore either. Airpods – software, ABS sytem – software, electricity counter, water counter, routing app for a delivery guy, kettle with thermostat, music amp, fridge, power grid, sewage power station, avionics – that is all controlled by software. It is hard to imagina what parts of modern civilization do not depend on it anymore. You seem to think of web-apps only. Software engineers are paid above average exactly because IT helps to automate things, this will not change. One may argue that once a pipe is set up it will deliver water anyway, but usually software solves higher level problems and has to continuously be changed (new security patches, regulations, let alone the bugs).

pereti wallace

I use chat gpt to explain python code so I can get my head around it, and where in the industry it is used


More of vids like this 🎉


TikTok? that app blew up last year

Big Bad Wolf

Man u are depressed i think you should take a break.

eye was

Elon Musk is a hope salesman. This guy^… A hopelessness salesman.


The internet was just one big plot to gather the knowledge from the PEOPLE! Then turn around and use the data without the users consent for decades. Only to now add ways for users to opt out of data collection due to ethical reasons. Kind of late, there is an endless array of data that was stripped from the internet and countless of people around the globe. These companies basically stole your ideas and used everyone to train their AI. Now they ask permission because they are being regulated but the damage is done. AI is nothing more than plagiarized data which is what makes it a useful resource. I find it very hard to believe it was made ethically.


Suddenly gender studies is becoming sexy xD

Max B



No offense but he is such a negative person 😄
Some of his video titles:-
– My wife left me
– Why my wife left me
– I got fired from Facebook
– I lost my job at Google
– I am retiring early
– I hate my life and want to end it ( upcoming)

Leeloolinka Studios

I found you. Tell me about the future.

The Yellow Architect

I feel you are blackpilled and every topic you see is through black-tinted glasses. Most of what you say is true, but not all of it. Programming is still high-paying job and will continue to be. And why see it exclusively as a job? Or ChatGPT as some sort of saviour, does programming need saving?

Matt Walsh

Uhh dude. Electricians make a lot of money. Almost all the jobs you mentioned are respected and well paying. What more do you want? The idea coding was anything other than that was the delusion.

Mehran Gul

I am not going to comment over whether the TechLead guy is right or wrong, but he had a similar video like a couple of years ago, indirectly according to which all programmers should be jobless and doing meditation in some far-off cave by now!

Oliver Jovanovic

Money is just a part of the equation, there are external effects that can't be financially measured but are going to fundamentally change our lives. Getting very rich is always a speculative concept, unfair redistribution in it's core. Not much to do with persons work.

Denes Kellner

Now that you stopped coding, I can finally come up with my new framework.

bernado felix

AI Stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are a lot of wealth transfer in this downtime if you know where to look.


Coding is still a good career, but it's no longer a guaranteed path to riches (not that it ever was).

Let's face it, getting paid $500K/year to write software was always a temporary state of affairs. Even if ChatGPT hadn't happened, sooner or later people from other fields would retrain as SWEs and flood the job market. This is already happening–as you said, kids are learning to code earlier and earlier.

If you want to make $500K in the long run, you need to either (1) be an entrepreneur, (2) have a unique skillset that's difficult to acquire, or (3) be in a field where there's an artificial barrier to entry. Doctors, for example, benefit from both (2) and (3).


I`m an artist, I`m forced to create – and the art of coding (c++) is my toolset. I`m into data signal processing from synths to image manipulation and machine learning for 20+ ys. I can`t quit coding. 🙂


How are you comparing an electrician to a civil engineer? The siblings near requires an engineering degree in the licensing and is way way more difficult and technical


I'd say programming and coding is already a dime a dozen field. Just like all those fields he mentioned. Difference is, AI is gonna take over everything computer related one day. Probably before robots start building houses. So, I guess everyone should get back to selling drugs now lol. There will always be a need for slave humans to do slave human jobs, it's why HVAC was my path instead of programming lol. I might not become musk, but I will have a job that pays ok while all you programmers and coders lose your jobs to AI. And you will have been the people who programmed the AI to begin with lol. That would be like if I created a robot to fix your ac system. That would be stupid. Notice how all the people really pushing for AI, are already billionaires ex programmers. Looks like you are all late to the party. I will say his take on "app" makes no sense lol. Apps are not dead. Apps are what run your life on your phone, tablet, etc. Apps are booming right now.

Taran tino

So the main message is "learn what the users are doing". I mean, it supposed to he one of the main things to learn right?


Hi @TechLead, if you think that math or science in general is for getting fame and money, then you just don't understand what it is. It is not a "business project" by definition. imho, to be Prof. in math is much cooler than to be top software developer with top-salary (but it is more difficult). and, surely, mathematicians don't care what non-mathematicians think about them as all that stupid people around them are just not relevant. Actually some math-people are so unique, that they don't care even about opinion of their own colleagues, and don't care much about money as well, e.g. Perelman. To be nerd is not a choice, it is a genetic quality, same as iq score. Which people are happier: smart or stupid? this is very philosophical question, but you cannot change it much anyway, only within some narrow range of genetic variance.

Tuff Jobs

This is probably the most sagacious video I’ve ever watched 👍👍👍

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