Optimisez votre quotidien grâce à la puissance du Chat GPT!

**Améliorez votre quotidien avec la force du Chat GPT!**

Dans ce clip, un programme nommé Chat GPT apparaît comme un assistant virtuel alimenté par l’intelligence artificielle qui peut faciliter la résolution de soucis relatifs à la rédaction de messages complexes, la lecture de textes longs ou encore la production de rapports. Cette application peut être exploitée dans divers cadres, que ce soit au bureau, pendant les études ou tout simplement pour simplifier les échanges par écrit avec d’autres individus. Il peut jouer le rôle d’un écrivain personnel disponible à toute heure, et il excelle notamment en anglais, éliminant toute faute de grammaire ou de vocabulaire. En plus de rédiger des messages à caractère professionnel ou personnel, Chat GPT peut aussi répondre à des interrogations basées sur des conseils personnels, proposer des analogies pour des situations du quotidien, voire résumer des articles longs en une seule formule clé. Finalement, il peut transformer des notes en une synthèse utilisable pour des publications sur les médias sociaux ou des courriels. Cette technologie innovante ouvre de nombreuses opportunités pratiques, mais suscite également des interrogations éthiques quant à son utilisation possible à des fins malveillantes.
Source : The AI Advantage | Date : 2022-12-12 00:59:21 | Durée : 00:04:51

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i think homework is not gonna be a issue.


This video should come with a disclaimer. The information provided by chatgpt can be absolutely wrong. You can use it for very basic information, not for deep dive into anything.


** WOWWW! THANKS for the post. This truly is a game changer! I've ignored all of the info I've see regarding this, thinking you needed to be an IT savvy person to understand it. Finally, decided to see what the hype was about, clicked here and HAPPY I did. REALLY needed this for Resume and Cover page writings! 🙂


I'm trying to sign up, but the phone verification it's coming through. I need help. 🙁


I set up an account and asked Chat GPT some simple questions about health and nutrition. I was shocked! The answers were old generic 1980's information. Nothing new or related to current research and thinking. I tried being more specific but still got 8th grader answers. Not impressed, so far.


ChatGPT has officially replaced google for my constant daily questions of random things that pop into my head


nice, already take note


O plágio é uma ferramenta que muito se usa em qualquer lugar.


I'm asking this on several channels, brand new to ChatGPT and have been trying to sign up since Monday (this is Wednesday, so 2 days now). I always receive the same error message saying sign-up is not available. Any suggestions?


i was reading about chatGPT and it's cheating if used for schools universities and colleges but if used for personal matters then it's not defined as cheating or illegal


Another tool to negatively impact our cognitive abilities to think critically, make reasoned decisions and to feed us with biased (curated) information.
I see a future of people totally dependant and controlled by Ai and by the few corp that control this technollogy.
Yes, it is an advancement but to total human slavery


where is your accent from?


You are not creative in using gpt 4


If ChatGPT continues on this trajectory, humans will lose critical thinking and analytical ability and expedite their own professional demise!


Hey, nice video! I didn’t know about the TL;DR tip. Can think of a lot of occasions I’d use that! I just made my own video with some simple everyday uses for ChatGPT so always interested to see what uses others are finding for it.


Hey, just wanted to say hi and thanks! I just watched quite a few chatGPT videos and yours are WAY better than everyone else's. Quality, clarity, ideas, love it all! You just got a new subscriber.


Basically we say goodbye to our own brain.


Important is to still regulary write things yourself so that your own expression skills dont degrade. Similar to how we should do physical excercice to stay healthy since the modern world made physical movement less necessary.


I am pleased to share with Professionals and Companies the most advanced technological tool in existence: the Digital Twin that I invented in 1981 under the name of Virtual Instruments. https://youtu.be/eadaQiL_AK0 https://youtu.be/fXlp4QLdWQs

Export the GPT, Revit, Plant 3D, Civil 3D, Inventor, Engi file of the Building or Refinery to Excel, prepare Budget 1 and export it to COBRA. Prepare Budget 2 and export it to Microsoft Project. Solve the problems of Overallocated Resources, Planning Problems, prepare the Budget 3 with which the construction of the Building or the Refinery is going to be quoted.


Chat GPT is making me a better person in the community by reminding me of what's right.


Quick question – How are you getting this mode of chatgpt, with no left menu and the text on center. Would love to know it.


This must be the philosopher's stone.



One fun thing is you can recreate conversations between 2 fictional or non fictional characters and add to it. Their dialogue also fits their personality and ideologies


The technology behind this is wild.


I think one setback is it will make people a bit lazy

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