Maître GPT 4: Exploitez tout son potentiel gratuitement sans ChatGPT Plus

**Utiliser pleinement les capacités de l’Expert GPT 4 sans ChatGPT Additionnel**

Un condensé de presse pour les novices en matière d’intelligence artificielle:

Récemment, OpenAI a dévoilé son modèle Maître GPT 4, offrant des améliorations significatives par rapport aux versions antérieures. Désormais, ce modèle est en mesure d’interagir avec des visuels et des schémas, en plus de générer des descriptions pour les images. De surcroît, il peut accéder à des actualités et des données en temps réel, améliorant ainsi la justesse des réponses fournies. Pour ceux qui désirent exploiter Maître GPT 4 sans débourser pour ChatGPT Additionnel, deux alternatives se présentent. La première option consiste à utiliser, qui toutefois limite l’accès à une réponse gratuite par jour. La seconde solution passe par Bing chat Intelligence Artificielle, également propulsé par GPT-4, offrant un accès illimité et sans file d’attente. Même si quelques fonctionnalités pourraient faire défaut, il s’agit actuellement de la seule manière d’utiliser Maître GPT 4 sans frais. Si vous souhaitez en apprendre davantage sur l’utilisation et les capacités de Maître GPT 4, n’hésitez pas à consulter les détails spécifiés dans la vidéo mentionnée.
**Source : [Tim Harris Vidéo IA]( | Date : 2023-04-06 09:09:30 | Durée : 00:03:46**



Reported for clickbait.


Totally Fake video it's not free🧐


now poe is not providing free chatgpt 4


hello could I give a screenshot of and they tell me how to optimize them


Isn't Chat now called Copilot and does Bing even exist any more? It's Microsoft Edge no? Also it is limited because it stops after about 20 queries in 24 hours.


Can you imagine how the data mining info hoarder hogs who eagerly want to access everyone's personal use habits for their personal gains must has pissed rivers when this AI GBT technology opened up a flood gates giving an ALL ACCESS PASS to ALL the powers that be (HLS, FBI, CIA, Google, Facebook etc) never before available looks inside the assertive and curious minds of people everywhere. It is not enough that the 'powers that be' already watch our every move, they can now watch what think about and what we want to know, then gauge it for its potential worth while discerning our thoughts in a creepy AI Oracle Minority Report kind of way to see who is likely to commit crime, who is committing crime, what crime are being made made into instructional tools, and those who are already smart geniuses who use AI to tweak their tasks and to troubleshoot and perfect their potentially mind blowing great ideas before those ideas are realized (you know, like Mark Zuckerberg who cashed in stealing the website concept he made into Facebook). The Facebook founder was in an ideal position to steal great ideas from those he was hired to serve. CAN YOU YOU SEE the danger lying just beneath the surface of the AI GBT techno sources that have the potential to rule the world!!! Whether the GBT access is free or paid, everything you do there is collected. HOW AWFUL is THAT? Imagine if Tesla, Edison, Ford or whoever had access to AI technology, we may have never come to know those household names who changed the world, because the information age allowed access to the wanna-bees who hacked their ideas and invented those inventions first. If Col Sanders used AI to tweak his 11 secret herbs and spices, the Col would have been out of business before he ever made his first dollar. Or the THOUGHT COPS could bang down anyone's door and arrest you because you used AI technology to Mastermind the perfect Heist you had not yet acted on. Talk about baiting the world for it's downfall, if this isn't the beginning of the end then nothing is!


Reported the video clickbait


He's going to tell you to use Bing 😂 lol.


i got inf words limit clickbait


Totally wasted 2 minutes of my time.. "do not use this, oh you can use bingAI"… Congrats..
Not to mention the huge differences between gpt-4 Plus and bing chat. Bing chat is optimized for websearch, Gpt-4 have a lot of good stuff, which makes it a lot more better than bing chat..
Delete this video, you can not provide real value to you viewers..
Sorry, but this Title was a Clickbait.


you said its unlimited chat its limited for like 5 messages and the app 30 messages


I asked Bing, and it said that it uses GPT 3, not 4!!!!


$20 a month is not free. Think I'll just go with Gpt-plus instead -a known source for the same money –


Thanks you brother 🙏


does it recognize photos ?


There is no chat history on Bing chat = WORTHLESS


GPT 3 was last updated january 2022 not 2021 ask it and see for yourself.


if u want there's no errors and problems u move in guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 2015-2018 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


this is a scam. i went to use POE and then pushed the icon for GPT but it wanted $16 plus change to subscribe!


v4 was when i started taking LLMs more seriously, I'm consulting it for days at a time before executing projects
the premium fee is well worth it for me even though i'm on a tight budget


Bing is a very specialised version of GPT-4, which is annoying.


"For free", on a site that's already ridiculously overpriced. Yeah, that'll happen.


DUST is better to use for GPT-4.


do you think Chatgpt company will not fix the problem once they know how people use Gpt 4 for free


Hi, I have a college project to do and I cannot afford a plus subscription of Chat GPT 4. If someone is willing to share theirs with me , kindly let me know. Thank you


bing chatgpt4 is nothing like chatgpt it might use the engine but the result are vary different you would be better off using the free veersion of chatgpt3, you really shouldn't give people the idea it going to work like openAI's program!!


Okey but how do i get gpt-4 api key *free?


Sure! Pay a subscription to poe.. Stupid!!


thanks for wasting my time


Title: "How to use chatpgt 4 for free'
Video: * gives two other alternatives for chatgpt *

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