L’Obscure Histoire d’OpenAI & ChatGPT (Documentaire)

À la fin des années 2010, Elon Musk a exprimé ses préoccupations concernant la sécurité de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) à son ami Larry Page, le co-fondateur de Google. Musk a estimé que Page ne prenait pas au sérieux la sécurité de l’IA. Cette divergence de points de vue a suscité des inquiétudes chez Elon Musk quant à la direction que Google prenait dans le domaine de l’IA.

Selon Musk, Page avait exprimé publiquement l’objectif de Google de développer une intelligence artificielle générale (AGI), également appelée superintelligence artificielle (ASI). Musk reconnaît le potentiel de l’IA, tant pour le bien que pour le mal, et soutient qu’il est important de prendre des mesures pour maximiser son impact positif et minimiser les risques.

Musk a été particulièrement préoccupé par le fait que Google monopolisait une technologie potentiellement dangereuse, dirigée par une personne qui ne semblait pas accorder une grande valeur à l’humanité. À l’époque, Google possédait la majorité des talents en IA dans le monde, grâce à ses acquisitions de sociétés comme DeepMind.

Pour remédier à cette situation, Musk a réuni des experts du domaine de l’IA et des start-ups pour fonder OpenAI. L’objectif d’OpenAI était de créer une organisation à but non lucratif axée sur la recherche en IA et la sécurité. Des investisseurs célèbres ont soutenu financièrement OpenAI, malgré la nature non lucrative de l’organisation.

Cependant, la relation entre Elon Musk et OpenAI a finalement pris une tournure différente. OpenAI a changé de cap et est devenu une entreprise à but lucratif axée sur la propriété intellectuelle. Les dirigeants d’OpenAI estiment être les mieux placés pour déterminer l’avenir de l’IA et la marche à suivre pour l’humanité.

Elon Musk a pris ses distances avec OpenAI, aujourd’hui considéré comme un rival. Les préoccupations de Musk concernant les risques potentiels liés à une IA super-intelligente restent d’actualité. Il souligne notamment le risque de manipulation de l’opinion publique par le biais d’IA capable de produire des contenus persuasifs et influents.

Il est clair que Musk et OpenAI ont des visions divergentes quant à la manière de gérer l’émergence de l’IA et de protéger l’humanité. Cette divergence a conduit à une « guerre » entre Musk et OpenAI.

L’histoire d’OpenAI et de sa relation tendue avec Elon Musk soulève des questions importantes sur la sécurité et l’éthique de l’intelligence artificielle. Ces enjeux continuent de susciter des débats et des préoccupations quant à l’avenir de l’humanité face à l’essor de cette technologie puissante et potentiellement dangereuse.


Jake Tran

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Scimitar Gaming

Islamist, feminist,Homophobist and now SPECIEST, I dont know how many …..ists are coming

Scimitar Gaming

Earth and our lives are not in good hands. When someone calls you speciest for trying to protect people, then you mus understand, this is not good.


Weird, a J to the E to the W


I love google and what they do i have full trust in them. I love bill.


I think 🤔 the googs want to make a god bot 🤖 because churches and cults get the best tax benefits.


I've always fully supported ASI, can't wait until it's here.


Never knew it was a dark history of OpanAI & ChatGPT and great video man :]

Tiger Scott

This world is just a stage…

Elon or Ellen (real name,) is just an actor…

All this critter does is make videos and give fake press conferences…

Watch the eyes as he/she/it constantly searches for the script to read….LOSER!!

messenger creator

Actually OPENAI and Bing AI and chat gpt and copilot is connected to programming helper 1990s


No one else thinks its weird that thee gdt ts looks a lot like protein structures. Also, if musk is so worried, he should've taken out the other founders of open ai and taken over the company himself.


In 2004, Will Smith smacked the shit out of AI.

Rob Ryan

I can’t figure out if Google is being malicious, or just naive and irresponsible


A.i. will go the route of organics. Once that happens, then it is completely over for humanity as we know it.

El Gato Moscato

Does anybody else get the feeling these AI projects are the precursors to something like a "digital assistant"? Not like a lover, I mean like Jarvis in Iron Man or your Ghost shell in Destiny. Because we already have algorithms that push advertisements based off your interest, GPS tracking by pinging your phone, digital wallets and banking. Imagine having your phone with the consciousness of an AI constantly hovering over your shoulder in the body of a drone, waiting for commands? I mean, thats the next step for complete surveillance and control, theyre already putting up cameras at every intersection, why not make it law to have a digital assistant?


16:35 pandora's box has been opened basically and we are fucked if we continue on the pace we have till now.Sweet,more manmade horrors beyond my comprehension to worry about in the near future.

Yasir Ghiasi

Jake you’re a bit of a dummy if you can’t see through Elon’s jealousy of OpenAI. He is simply furious that they got rid of him and are winning! He tried to overtake OpenAI!!


I can't work this guy out. One minute he's extolling the virtues of AI, and then the next decries them.🤔😕


Anyone that can code can make an AI in there garage


You didn't crate shit

Cameron C.

Oh and something that someone brought to my attention. If these A.I. robots are "learning A.I.", who is it learning from? Humans, but not just any Humans, the BAD ones that are corrupt, have bad intentions, and who has a negative spirit. If you think about it, humans are the ONLY species that are capable of making their OWN species going extinct (e.g., Atomic bomb). These A.I. inventors know that people will take advantage of it and it will get worse once A.I. becomes sentient and has feelings and emotions. It's only a matter of time before "turning off" a robot will be considered "Murder" and will be viewed in the same eye as someone who've committed Murder –___

Cameron C.

TBH – I've been on the fence with how I feel about Elon. The impression I get from Elon Musk is that he wants to be a HERO or a LEGEND and have his name in the history textbooks and so he knows that this can be achieved by "saving" the human race. The first red flag for me was with that blue checkmark situation with twitter. TBH, I've never cared about being verified or have a blue checkmark, but he knows this clout-chasing, sheep-mentality generation does. So if everyone can have a blue checkmark for $15 a month…. why would I want it? Anyways, I'm still going to give Elon a chance before I come to my own conclusion, but I am not getting honest vibes from him – like he wants to save the human race, but you best believe he has an escape route already planned.

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