Les secrets de la lasagne dévoilés par ChatGPT

Les mystères de la lasagne révélés par ChatGPT

Dans ce clip, nous voyons Chachi solliciter une intelligence artificielle pour lui montrer comment cuisiner un plat de lasagnes. A plusieurs reprises, Chachi demande d’incorporer des morceaux de tomates, cependant, l’IA semble ne pas saisir ses consignes et ajoute des strates supplémentaires au plat. Chachi tente ensuite d’incorporer de la coriandre et du poivre noir, mais l’IA persiste à ajouter des couches de lasagnes. Enfin, Chachi demande à l’IA de diminuer la hauteur du plat, ce qui provoque une certaine confusion. Pour conclure, Chachi prie l’IA de lui présenter l’addition et de contrôler le délai de livraison de son repas par un chauffeur Uber.

Source : teddywang86 | Date : 2024-01-15 09:23:33 | Durée : 00:01:00



That fork was personal 💀


Garfield is coming💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


⚠️WE HAVE A CODE RED!!!!⚠️ I REPEAT, WE HAVE A CODE RED!!! CHATGPT GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!! (for once, at least.)


he was never seen again…


When i did this with chatgpt it actually listened..?


I always confuse you with VinRL


Bro your asking so many questions


I am not annoyed with the chat gpt I am annoyed with the guy


I wish chatgpt has a manager 💀


Thats its a birthday cake got me😂😂😂


Chat GPT: i will wait till i get a new body. This boy is doomed


"Thank you for diting with us" 💀


Finally he succeeded 😂


Yh ChatGPT was a very good girl today, hehehehehe ❤😂😂


Bro ordered food using AI 💀


In 1924: we will have flying cars by 2024



I guess bro can't stay happy with what he got


"That's a birthday cake!"got me of guard😂


Who the hell puts cilantro in lasagna


Thats a birthday cake 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


That one unemployed friend on Wednesday afternoon , trying to gain subscribers……… 😂😂


me before: OH NO! not the best food ever! me after: that wasn't so bad


Finally he get his food in prace for once


Why do I feel so bad for chatgpt when he yells at it

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