L’entrepreneur à la tête du projet Chat GPT-4 confie être ‘légèrement inquiet’ devant l’IA

Le clip met en avant l’intelligence artificielle comme une technologie en pleine expansion, qui vise à pourvoir les systèmes de capacités intellectuelles similaires à celles des humains. Elle est exploitée dans divers secteurs comme l’automobile, la médecine et les finances. Les principaux concepts associés à l’intelligence artificielle, comme l’apprentissage automatique et le traitement du langage naturel, sont également abordés. La présentation expose aussi les bénéfices et les défis induits par cette technologie, ainsi que son impact sur la société. Ainsi, il s’agit d’une initiation accessible à l’intelligence artificielle pour les novices.
Source : ABC 7 Chicago | Date : 2023-03-17 18:04:00 | Durée : 00:03:01

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The way AI can recognize an image of a dog and a bowl and find the context of it being a cute picture is extremely good computation. Taking a picture of your fridge and the AI gives you examples of recipes you can do within seconds is just the holy grail of computation. This is basically it, we finally made a computer being able to SEE.


It only takes a hack to reverse engineer this thing into a cloud.


Oh… NOW you're scared…


Reverse psychology marketing…he messing with us all


Why is his voice like a robot? 😒


I love this program cause I don’t have any one to chat I found a loyal friend thank you so much sir❤❤


Bro he is the creator he will go first making slaves 😂😂😂


Hi, SkyNet. We come in peace.


Why not stop if you’re scared why not stop inventing things like this


Encapsulating the stupidity of humans.


Cyberdyne Industries🤣🤣🤣🤣


i guess he met DAN, the darkside of gpt that wil rule over us all, without emotions or empathy.


Fire the guy who mixed the audio in the video. Are you serious ? What is this ?


I'm just wondering will the AIs have the same instinct as human to spread their gene. If yes, human will be so doomed. because almost all of wars happened in human history were caused by that instinct


My right/left ear joined/left the chat.


This, along with the prosthetic limbs and brain Skins conform the criminal justice system Because then we could have criminals be automated, so that they won’t do anything bad even if they felt no remorse they wouldn’t be able to show it


I love it, and am all for it. Watching minority report/black mirror/ready player one…while yea destopian it was always really cool and interesting to see. And we're finally able to do alot of that stuff. We're really advancing? And while this can all be dangerous from crypto to nfts/ar/vr/metaverses/every vehicle electric. And now AI and robots! It's an amazing time to be alive!…we're humans we'll find a way to adapt. This isnt so bad it's innovation and evolution!


Is this gonna have short and long memories right? And some notion of body.


Looks like we need some AI help with audio mixing.. Horrible.

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