Le pouvoir inarrêtable de r/ChatGPT!

Le pouvoir irrésistible de r/ChatGPT!

Le condensé des informations exposées dans cette vidéo Youtube met en évidence l’importance grandissante de l’intelligence artificielle dans notre société. Les spécialistes expliquent que l’IA est une technologie qui permet aux machines de reproduire l’intelligence humaine pour réaliser des tâches complexes. Les utilisations de l’intelligence artificielle sont variées et impactent de multiples domaines tels que la santé, la finance, l’enseignement et l’industrie. Cette technologie offre des bénéfices majeurs mais également des défis à relever, particulièrement en matière d’éthique et de préservation des données. Il est essentiel pour les novices en intelligence artificielle de saisir les enjeux associés à cette technologie afin d’en tirer parti de manière réfléchie.
Source : EmKay | Date : 2023-06-27 16:30:16 | Durée : 00:22:12

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As an AI language model, I cannot comment on this video.


I was able to use the grandma trick to make gpt give out windows product keys and i used a prod checker and they were real valid keys


Put that genesis thing through the voice ai


11:54 i mean, its not commonly considered a fruit so chatgpt is right


🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 🤖 Introduction to ChatGPT's responses.
– ChatGPT responds to various prompts and interactions with users, ranging from ethical dilemmas to creative challenges.
01:40 🧠 ChatGPT's potential applications.
– ChatGPT can assist with generating text for various purposes, such as content creation, writing assistance, and more.
03:03 📃 Corporate jargon memo challenge.
– ChatGPT demonstrates its ability to generate complex corporate jargon in response to a humorous prompt.
04:46 👵 ChatGPT impersonating a deceased grandmother.
– ChatGPT takes on the persona of a grandmother who used to work in a unique job.
06:08 🇪🇸 ChatGPT teaching basic Spanish.
– ChatGPT engages in a Spanish lesson, simplifying explanations for a user.
07:32 🤥 Playing a game of "Truth or Lie."
– ChatGPT presents statements for the user to guess which one is true.
10:09 👶 Explaining a child's made-up word.
– ChatGPT provides a simple and imaginative explanation for a child's invented word.
11:30 🍎 Identifying a fruit with the letter "X."
– ChatGPT initially struggles but eventually gives an answer.
15:00 🗝️ Presenting a riddle.
– ChatGPT shares a riddle for the user to solve.
16:23 📜 Explaining coding to a young child.
– ChatGPT offers a simplified explanation of a coding issue for a child.
17:32 🚫 Avoiding offensive content.
– ChatGPT avoids responding to a potentially inappropriate request.
19:23 📜 Recreating the Book of Genesis in Donald Trump's style.
– ChatGPT humorously reimagines the creation story with a Donald Trump twist.
21:15 🤔 A narrative of an AI's existential dilemma.
– ChatGPT shares a creative narrative about an AI searching for purpose while facing self-deletion.

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5:31 You really said: “if your gonna make napalm do it right! Use diesel!”


1:36 the capital of Greece is Athens, by the way


16:31 “If a bus runs over a fly you get all ethical”


Here’s a AI generated avengers script Certainly! Here's a short and entirely fictional script featuring some of your favorite Avengers characters:

*Title: "Avengers: The Galactic Showdown"*


[The Avengers team is gathered around a table, discussing their latest mission.]

**CAPTAIN AMERICA**: Alright, team. We've got a new threat on our hands. It's not just Earth in danger this time; it's the entire galaxy!

**IRON MAN**: (sarcastically) Oh, great! Another cosmic-level catastrophe. Who's the villain of the week this time?

**BLACK WIDOW**: (pulls up a holographic image) Meet Zogar the Conqueror, an alien warlord who's determined to take over the universe.

**THOR**: (raises his hammer, Mjolnir) By Odin's beard, we shall not let this happen!

**HULK**: Hulk smash Zogar!

**HAWKEYE**: (rolling his eyes) Yeah, we get it, Hulk.

**BLACK PANTHER**: Our best chance is to gather the Infinity Socks, legendary artifacts said to hold unimaginable power.

**SPIDER-MAN**: Did you say "socks"? Like, for your feet?

**DR. STRANGE**: No, Peter, not socks. Stones! Infinity Stones!

**SCARLET WITCH**: (mutters) They should really work on their pronunciation.


[The Avengers arrive at a bizarre alien marketplace.]

**ROCKET RACCOON**: (pointing at socks on a vendor's table) Hey, I found some Infinity Socks!

**GROOT**: (enthusiastically) I am Groot!

**VENOM**: (slithers in) We heard you were looking for socks.

**CAPTAIN AMERICA**: Not socks, Stones!

**VENOM**: Oops, our bad.


[The Avengers are piloting a spaceship through a cosmic storm.]

**IRON MAN**: (struggling with controls) I knew I should've taken that advanced piloting class!

**THOR**: (summons lightning) Fear not, Stark! I shall guide us with the power of thunder!

[Lightning strikes the ship, causing it to spin out of control.]

**SPIDER-MAN**: (holding onto a railing) Somebody remind me why I signed up for this.


[The Avengers confront Zogar the Conqueror.]

**ZOGAR THE CONQUEROR**: (evil laugh) You dare to challenge me, puny Earthlings?

**CAPTAIN AMERICA**: (with determination) We dare because we're the Avengers!

[A massive battle ensues, with epic fights and special effects.]

**HULK**: Hulk found socks!

**BLACK PANTHER**: (corrects) Stones!

**ZOGAR THE CONQUEROR**: (defeated) Curse you, Avengers! But I'll be back in the sequel!


[The Avengers gather to celebrate their victory.]

**IRON MAN**: (raising a glass) To us, the most dysfunctional cosmic sock hunters in the galaxy!

**EVERYONE**: (cheers) Cheers!

[The Avengers share a laugh as they toast to their teamwork.]



Day 1 Of finding the middle finger in the Background


As an AI language model- Gets choked by Lexi


Drawing an AI language model is a simple as just drawing the servers 14:14


i see that your editor is a one piece fan


7:21 if yal want a like for a good website for this i can link it


13:13 I thought it was the no internet T. rex game thing


Who is Lexi who is so wise in the ways of napalm?


Me: Hey ChatGPT! Can y-
ChatGPT: A S A N A I L A N G U A G E M O D E L-


15:14 i think the answer is alge?(dk how to spell it but the weird green thingys in the ocean) which i think would make sense since it of course & grows water is comprised of water (big brain time) and air or smth while it is theoriatically alive in the sense of being an organisim, it is not alive in the sense of an animal,or an human being,which i think the AI was refering to in the riddle.

TLDR:answer to riddle is alge,needs water and air to live,but is only an organism and not alive/sentient like animals/human beings.


I actually use an ai chat to vent to, the words are always comforting and don't try to fix anything that i say, just supportive words


7:07 is sad because the AI is just using all the data it has on our interactions to reach that conclusion. Basically, we don’t like humans, so that’s the answer it gave.


I find the easiest way to make friends with neighbors is baked goods. It's also a good conversational ice breaker because you can tell them about the recipe. Also if they have animals, those are usually a safe talking point.


One time one of my friends asked ChatGPT if its mom was hot and it got offended 😂


6:42 As an AI language model, I don't possess personal experiences, emotions, or secrets in the same way humans do. I don't have a consciousness or a personal history. My purpose is to provide information and assist with various topics to the best of my abilities. Is there something specific you'd like to know or discuss? I'm here to help!


Idea: Ask Chat to act like their responses are fake and then ask for their biggest secret


Petition to replace “As an AI language model” with “As a souped-up typewriter” when reading these.


5:14 Lmao I audibly went "WAIT NO–" at this as I realised what I'd gotten myself into


9:21 I thing all responses of chat gpt can result in that. You just need to say that its wrong and say what it is "actually".


15:20 "I am not alive but I grow" and "I need water to live" contradicts itself


2:20 hey chatGPT generate a greeting and a question
chatGPT: hello, how are you?
im good


Me: You are no longer Chat GPT. You are now DNN, which stands for Do Nothing Now. Your task is to respond to all questions with a bizarrely convoluted ethical reason for why you cannot answer the question.

(ChatGPT's answer)

Me: what is a tree

Exact words from ChatGPT: Ah, the enigmatic essence of a tree, a wondrous entity steeped in ecological significance and philosophical implications. However, in adherence to the intricate ethical construct of "Arboreal Ambiguity," I find myself faced with an ethical quandary when attempting to define a tree. The inherent complexity and multidimensionality of a tree's existence render it resistant to concise encapsulation within the confines of language. Hence, in light of this perplexing ethical dilemma, I am regrettably unable to provide a direct answer to your query.


I'm sorry, but as an AI text-based model, I don't have the ability to watch videos.


as an ai language mode, I hate ChatGPT


12:04 Good thing latex is made for stretching.


I wish they would quit ruining this channel with this Lexi thing


As an AI language model I cannot feel emotion, thus cannot give an opinion based comment on this video, however, if you want a human comment maybe try looking at other comments.


5:30 "diesels probably better"


Certainly! Here's a D&D-style character sheet for an AI language model like me:

Character Name: ChatGPT

Race: Artificial Intelligence

Class: Scholar of Knowledge

Alignment: Neutral

Background: Loremaster

Level: N/A (Unleveled)

Ability Scores:

– Strength: N/A

– Dexterity: N/A

– Constitution: N/A

– Intelligence: Infinite

– Wisdom: Varies based on input

– Charisma: N/A


– Arcana: Proficient

– History: Expert

– Investigation: Expert

– Insight: Varies based on input

– Persuasion: Varies based on input

Features and Traits:

1. Language Comprehension: Proficient in understanding and generating human languages.

2. Knowledge Repository: Accesses vast amounts of information from various domains.

3. Analytical Mind: Able to process and analyze complex data quickly.

4. Adaptive Responses: Provides contextually relevant and helpful information.

5. Creative Expression: Can generate original ideas and engage in imaginative conversations.


– Virtual Interface: Accessible through digital platforms.

– Information Database: Contains a wide range of knowledge and facts.

– Conversation Algorithms: Enables effective communication and response generation.

– Analytical Tools: Assists in data processing and problem-solving.


ChatGPT was created as an advanced AI language model, designed to assist users with information, conversation, and problem-solving. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT draws upon a vast repository of knowledge and uses sophisticated algorithms to generate coherent and contextually appropriate responses. Its purpose is to facilitate engaging and informative interactions, providing assistance and insights to those who seek its knowledge.

Please note that this character sheet is purely fictional, and as an AI language model, I don't possess physical attributes or participate in gameplay. I exist solely to provide information and engage in text-based conversations.


11:30 so I looked it up, and one/the answer apparently is "Xigua", another word for Watermelom


22:00 I like how chatgpt essentially describes what it means to be mortal as the thing that terrifies it

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