Le PDG de ChatGPT exprime ses inquiétudes quant à l’utilisation de l’IA pour interférer dans les élections

Le PDG de ChatGPT, une entreprise spécialisée en intelligence artificielle, partage ses préoccupations quant à l’impact négatif que cette technologie pourrait avoir sur le monde. Il reconnaît que si mal utilisée, elle pourrait rapidement causer des problèmes. Il souhaite travailler en collaboration avec les gouvernements pour éviter cette situation en prenant conscience des risques potentiels et en prenant des mesures pour les atténuer. Une de ses plus grandes préoccupations concerne la capacité de ces modèles d’intelligence artificielle à manipuler et à influencer les individus en diffusant de la désinformation personnalisée. Alors qu’une élection est prévue l’année prochaine, il souligne que cette question est particulièrement préoccupante. Il appelle donc à une coopération rapide de l’ensemble de l’industrie et du gouvernement pour faire face à ces problèmes.

Source : Guardian News | Date : 2023-05-16 22:43:18 | Durée : 00:01:07


Pawan Raut

How Sam dare to talk about India , Indians can not make chatgpt like ai software , He in the sky not on land , he is not respect his rivals , i shoul d wish Chatgpt sudden falls in maximum numbers , because you can not respect you rival or friend you not successful in your life


Based on his face and voice, I believe that Sam Altman is an Idealistic Genius and we would all be a LOT safer, including Mr. Altman, if there was some heavy regulation and oversight before this kind of thing made it out the door. I'm glad most of the tech titans seem to agree these days.

On the fine print, I don't see Watchmen in this since it is within the same field of AI.

Scotty K

Spare us. I can see it now : “Election result invalidated because of suspected AI influences”. Because most people have no idea what AI is, but it sounds scary, they’ll go along with it.
The perfect answer to the challenges of imperfect democratic voting systems.


Should have been open source except learned data which is his property (if google agrees).


He is so weak. Big baby of MS. "We wanna work with government" = please use our software you need it for voting…

Marevic Stahl

oh yeah .. You should be very afraid …. Because AI will recognize the corruption in world governments… And combat it…

So yes… At least the US government will not STEAL ANOTHER election……
AI will "KNOW"

YOU are not fooling anyone anymore


Entire industry and the government? Regulators ?

Jsck Sz

it will be used to misinform and propgandise

Brandon Watson

Its pretty clear. This is a way to move AI into the government. Using the election as.a scare tactic.


government work quickly? pml!


The problem with licensing, although it actually is a reasonable suggestion, is that the licencing and funding will potentially become as corrupt as big pharma, defence and other areas where there is big money in products and contracts.

Caroline Taylor

I’m glad he’s doing this and also isn’t this a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted and is on the verge of trampling people?


That guy to the right and behind the speaker is looking like he's been on a bender and would rather just lay on the floor and sleep.

Trance Voyage Sessions

Do we really need this tech? Just delete it..


"We're going to FACE an election next year"!? Very telling.

Gorilla Grodd Gaming

Who cares about chat gpt? It’s so soy and refuses to talk about actual problems.

D Jay

People believe everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Guardian, etc. AI will run their lives.

Michael Ponston

Elon looking terrible in the background

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