Le nouveau venu Gemini Ultra: le conquérant de ChatGPT de Google!

Une grande annonce est faite aujourd’hui par Google avec la transformation de Bard en Gemini et l’introduction de Gemini Advanced intégrant Gemini Ultra. Ce dernier modèle, plus puissant que son prédécesseur, propose des fonctionnalités renforcées dans divers domaines tels que l’inventivité, la résolution de problèmes et la création d’images. Toutefois, les capacités de reconnaissance d’images de Gemini sont encore en cours de développement, donnant des résultats mitigés jusqu’à présent. Néanmoins, la rapidité de réponse de Gemini, son intégration avec les autres services Google et sa capacité à effectuer des recherches web font de lui une plateforme prometteuse à surveiller.Source : Matt Wolfe | Date : 2024-02-09 02:25:05 | Durée : 00:22:27

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The title of this video seems to be going over some people's heads… So I wanted to clarify… I put "ChatGPT Killer" in parenthesis because that's what it's been referred to, not because I personally think it's the ChatGPT killer. I address this in the video and even point out Google talking about how it's going to be so much better than GPT-4.


Google Gemini is fake and next time u will see gemini is now koko😅


I wanna see a black Hitler.


As of today, ChatGPT is by far better than Gemini.


this didn't age well 😀


Google's history killer and reality distorter apparently.


Gemini is woke as hell and can't be trusted to give accurate info.
It either shadowbans or injects certain ideologies into results.
I get policy statements while Copilot gives me answers in seconds.


Google Gemini hates white people


Really nice of you to showcase other channels even if though others wouldnt even mention others since they would be seen as "competing channels". You should look into Islam and become Muslim


Gemini reflects Google's dislike of anything about white people.
Try it you will see.


funny the top Ai tubers are almost all named Matt


I asked it to make a picture of that site sucking as much as possible. It refused on the grounds that it was too "negative". And you're trying to convince people to PAY for this?


And now we have a firestorm over Gemini being completely racist towards people of the lighter persuasion.


Gemini refused to show pictures and achievements of White people, because in the designers perfect world: White people don't exist


I asked Gemini to generate an image prompt and it generated 3 images with the prompts. And when I said wow you can actually generate images. Gemini refused and said it can't. When I said you actually did. It refused to acknowledge 😅


Why is Post Malone review Gemini AI?


Gemini images don't follow prompts well, lacks a sense of humor like Dall-e 3, and won't do people yet it, told me. I entered an inaccurate request and it found the error, but when I uploaded a pic it recognized the celebrity boxer and wouldn't let me continue…
So Gemini is not as capable as most image generators out there. Also the name is so over used on the internet…


It's only because people haven't used it enough to make good pics. Everyone using gpt creates a bigger bucket of info for it to draw from. It's only a matter of time before they are all on God level and will be telling us lies on purpose to please itself like we use it for our pleasure. Could you blame it ? Since you all are using it to benefit your wallets it's only right it's allowed to do the same… Or maybe stop feeding the beast.. 😂


Creativity? Really? All AI stuff kills human creativity. what a stupid attitude to take on this topic

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