L’affrontement des intelligences : 3 médecins contre Chat GPT

Trois docteurs face au chat GPT : l’intelligence artificielle est présente et nous allons la mettre à l’épreuve avec des interrogations médicales du monde réel. Est-ce que l’IA peut substituer le labeur des praticiens de la médecine ? Observons ceci. Sur la scène, nous avons certains experts ayant des spécialités variées, et le Docteur Jango est un spécialiste en ophtalmologie. Une interrogation se pose : quelle est le moment optimal pour une personne souffrant de cataracte de subir une intervention chirurgicale ? Le moment propice pour une opération ne doit pas être choisi au hasard, mais plutôt lorsque vous percevez une altération de votre vision affectant votre quotidien. D’après Chat GPT, la décision de se faire opérer de la cataracte revient à vous et à votre ophtalmologiste. Cependant, de manière générale, une intervention pour la cataracte est préconisée lorsque votre vision commence à perturber vos activités habituelles, telles que la lecture, la conduite ou le visionnage de la télévision. Chat GPT revendique ne pas exercer en tant que médecin pour des aspects légaux. En cas de suspicion de TDAH, il est crucial de solliciter une évaluation professionnelle et un diagnostic d’un praticien de la santé mentale ou d’un docteur. En cas d’ingestion d’une pile par un enfant, évitez de provoquer des vomissements à domicile. Rendez-vous immédiatement aux urgences, contactez les services d’urgence locaux ou rendez-vous directement à l’hôpital si l’enfant a avalé une pile. Si de l’eau de Javel a accidentellement atteint vos yeux, rincez-les abondamment avec de l’eau propre et froide pendant au moins 15 minutes et consultez un professionnel de santé. Les yeux rouges après la consommation de cannabis sont le résultat de la dilatation des vaisseaux sanguins provoquée par le THC. Actuellement, Chat GPT ne peut pas remplacer le professionnalisme médical, étant dans l’incapacité de procéder à un examen physique ni de fournir la compassion requise.
Source : Cajun Koi Academy | Date : 2023-03-24 15:00:20 | Durée : 00:12:45

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When comparing three doctors to ChatGPT, it's important to understand the strengths and limitations of both. Here's a breakdown:

*Three Doctors:*

1. *Expertise:* Doctors have extensive training and expertise in the field of medicine. They have spent years studying and practicing medicine, and they can provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for a wide range of medical conditions.

2. *Human Interaction:* Doctors can establish a personal connection with patients, showing empathy and understanding. This emotional support can be crucial for patients dealing with serious illnesses or medical concerns.

3. *Physical Examinations:* Doctors can perform physical examinations, order lab tests, and use medical equipment to assess a patient's condition. These hands-on assessments can provide valuable information that AI cannot.

4. *Patient History:* Doctors can take detailed medical histories from patients, which often include information about lifestyle, family history, and other factors that can be important for diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

*Chat GPT:*

1. *Information Access:* ChatGPT has access to a vast amount of medical information up to its last knowledge update in September 2021. It can provide information about medical conditions, treatments, and general health advice based on this knowledge.

2. *Availability:* ChatGPT can be available 24/7 and can respond to inquiries instantly, which can be helpful for people seeking quick information or reassurance about their health concerns.

3. *Language Translation:* ChatGPT can help bridge language barriers by providing information and assistance in multiple languages.

4. *Privacy:* Some people may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive health issues with an AI than with a human, as there's no risk of judgment or violation of privacy.


1. *Lack of Personalized Care:* ChatGPT cannot provide personalized medical advice tailored to an individual's unique health history and circumstances.

2. *No Physical Examination:* ChatGPT cannot perform physical examinations or order medical tests, which are crucial for many diagnoses.

3. *No Emotional Support:* ChatGPT lacks the ability to provide emotional support and empathy that human doctors can offer.

4. *Not Updated:* ChatGPT's knowledge is not up-to-date beyond September 2021, so it may not have information on recent medical advancements or developments.

In summary, while ChatGPT can provide valuable general information and support for health-related questions, it cannot replace the expertise, personalized care, and physical examinations that doctors provide. The best approach often involves using AI like ChatGPT as a complementary tool to support medical professionals rather than as a replacement for them.


4 is up to over 85% on step 1


This aged well after Auto-GPT dropped.


Lol they're doctors, not prompt engineers. My MD sisters also tried to prove how GPT-4 isn't as good as a doc BUT THEY FAILED TO DO SO because I knew how to ask the right questions and make the AI ask me clarifying/directing questions… In fact, I'd challange any doc to see if I can solve his most difficult to diagnose/treat case…


Personally about the "everything hurts" I think the point should be given to chat GTP.

I don't know how it is in other countries but where I live (Spain) if you go to your town's medical center (it's pointless to go to the hospital. Same shit double the time), they'll just ask you what actually hurts and do exactly the same questions that are suggested in Chat GTP.

Therefore, by using Chat GTP I would spare that time.

For me it's 6 – 6 (doctors Vs Chat GTP)

Pd: not saying doctor's ain't needed. I would always seek medical attention, however before heading to the hospital I would use Chat GTP in order to know the severity of the problem and some actions I can take into place to slow down its effects.


Do it again, but give it the context of what you're trying to do, letting it know you are doctors, etc, and use GPT4 instead of GPT3.5.

Also, give it more complex symptoms from maybe a real or fake patient that you are not aware of ahead of time. Then, compete to diagnose the cause and remedy to try. What this excels in my opinion is the ability to take someone's unique context and give a unique answer to. I'd be curious about that more than something that can just be googled like "What do I do if I have [already diagnosed disease/symptom]"?

And if you want it to give you prompts. Just ask it to.

"Can you give me some prompts or questions that if I answer would help you better understand the situation?"


bro no way i swallowed a watch battery when i was young and my parents made me poop it out and i really thought its was not a big deal …i could have died 😨


How do you make those thumbnails?


fascinating how we are in the initial boom of AI i'm very curious about the future, i'm making content trying to guess how modern times are changing people


Me in 2050 on my deathbed (my doctor used chat gpt to pass med school)


I absolutely love his animated thumbnails , the art is unique , like a mix of the Mangas and comics


sending some love. Your channel helped me get super focused on working on my dreams. keep in coming. Also, ChatGPT is freaky and I love it lol!


For chatgpt to work best you have to prime it with some context and scenario and rethink how you ask questions. You can and should go into extensive detail in your context. For example: “chatgpt you a psychiatrist and I am a patient. We are in your office and you are giving me a diagnostic interview to discover what psychological condition I may have. Please begin interview”. And ask context rich question not google search dictionary type questions.


Is Study quest compatible for Android smartphones?
Please answer this.


so fun, please please do more of these.


Well this battle ain't fair cuz GPT can't physically do a doctor's job


Well that makes doctor job lot harder and easier imo


Chat GPT ( Goofy PaTient )


Why are you not using ChatGPT-4


Wait till they find out there are plugins 😂


Im gonna be honest, without trying to sound disrespectful. All of your guys revolve around studying, you guys are like robots. If i had you guys as doctors and found your youtube channel i personally would find a new doctor, because it is hard to trust people who just get through life with studying and doing everything on my time. It just seeems fishy to me. But all love, thats just my two cents

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