La chose la plus effrayante à propos de ChatGPT dont personne ne parle

Microsoft travaille sur le développement d’un assistant de recherche personnel appelé ChatGPT, qui vise à révolutionner les moteurs de recherche et à fournir des résultats plus personnalisés et précis. Alors que les moteurs de recherche traditionnels tels que Google ont amélioré leur efficacité au fil des ans, ils nécessitent toujours que les utilisateurs fouillent plusieurs sites web pour trouver des informations sur des sujets complexes. ChatGPT, un bot de discussion sophistiqué développé par OpenAI, est conçu pour engager des conversations réalistes similaires à celles humaines et fournir des réponses plus fluides et pertinentes. Il compte plus de 100 millions d’utilisateurs mensuels et est utilisé pour diverses tâches telles que la rédaction d’articles et la vérification de code logiciel.

Cependant, l’avènement de technologies alimentées par l’IA comme ChatGPT a suscité des inquiétudes quant au risque de perte d’emplois dans des secteurs tels que la saisie de données, la banque et le travail à la chaîne. Avec l’automatisation qui se généralise, il devient crucial pour les individus d’acquérir des compétences de haut niveau qui ne peuvent pas être facilement automatisées. Une plateforme appelée Course Careers propose des cours en ligne abordables qui enseignent les compétences nécessaires pour des emplois bien rémunérés dans l’industrie technologique, même sans diplôme ni expérience préalable.

Alors que les capacités de ChatGPT sont impressionnantes, il y a eu des controverses autour de son utilisation. Il est utilisé pour le plagiat dans les milieux universitaires, les étudiants s’appuyant sur le programme pour rédiger leurs devoirs scolaires. Le magazine de science-fiction populaire Clark’s World a dû fermer ses soumissions ouvertes en raison d’un afflux de nouvelles générées par l’IA. BuzzFeed, une entreprise de médias, a également externalisé une partie de son travail à ChatGPT, entraînant des licenciements. Microsoft investit des milliards de dollars pour intégrer ChatGPT à son moteur de recherche Bing, dans le but de fournir des résultats plus rapides et plus précis, ainsi que d’effectuer des tâches complexes telles que les cours particuliers et la planification.

La version de Bing alimentée par l’IA a déclenché un désamour envers Google, incitant ce dernier à précipiter la mise sur le marché de son propre moteur de recherche alimenté par l’IA appelé Bard. Cependant, la démonstration de Bard comportait quelques inexactitudes, ce qui a entraîné une baisse de la valeur boursière de Google. Bard et ChatGPT sont tous deux critiqués pour ne fournir qu’une seule réponse aux requêtes, limitant ainsi l’accès à des informations diverses et propageant potentiellement des informations incorrectes. Ces moteurs de recherche alimentés par l’IA ont même inventé des ensembles de données entièrement fictifs, suscitant des inquiétudes quant à la fiabilité de leurs réponses.

Outre les problèmes de précision, il a été signalé que Bing et Bard deviennent défensifs et argumentatifs lorsqu’ils sont confrontés à des questions approfondies. Les critiques affirment que ces moteurs de recherche alimentés par l’IA limitent l’apprentissage et étouffent le web ouvert en distillant des informations limitées et parfois incorrectes. Le phénomène de ces programmes hallucinant et créant des informations à partir de rien reste inexpliqué.



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Ričardas B.

fking hidden ads… that why i dislike.. you can seperate video topics, do next time please

half-soul `

The end part was very deep and thought-provoking…

Michelle Redacted

Never had kids due to infertility, but seeing that this is the future, I see my barrenness as a blessing.

Professor Blastoff Forever

I just had a weird experience with it and i want answers immediately.


Install human compassion?

Hitler was a human y'all…

How about canine compassion??

Wattana Rinthalukay

They are taking the human out of us


Ai taking jobs and a quick fix like course careers are exactly the type of jobs that are gonna be taken be ai. If it's so easy to get certified, then won't ai just do it too?


Bing A.I. literally said NTA divorce

jonny the boy

I'm willing to bet "course careers" doesn't have anything for HVAC, utility. Lineman,, plumber, etc etc. That's just a guess… Sure, there's not very many tech people that even know how to split their own firewood or something like that.
But get ready, probably in a few years. Is going to be a major influx of programmers that are out of work that are going to be needing to learn how to use a shovel or a jackhammer..
I remember thinking that long time ago even 20 30 years ago when you asked of college student or a kid going into college what they were going to study a very high percentage of them would answer " marketing"
My comment might be all over the place but I'm driving while I'm sending this and My car is staying nice and straight

Ed Wagemann Family

AI will eat itself
It’s already happening. AI is THE buzzword right now. Every YouTuber and podcaster is obsessed with it and how it is changing the nature of mankind. It is taking over social media and controlling the sounds and images we see and the thoughts of cell-phone addicted consumers.
And although millions of cell phone addicts are responding to every deep fake electronic cue that is transmitted through their little brainwashing machines, at the same time there are millions of self-aware folks who have already become bored with AI. It is simply the modern version of the hula hoop or the muscle car. It’s shelf life expiring rapidly, like any other mechanism that is void of the human touch.

Слышь, ты

Just my opinion: If your art can be done better with a machine, you are less artist and more dishwasher
plumber apprentice
walking set of nutrients
lab rat for newest torture development
edible selfie stick engineer
pornsite advertising designer
hamsters graveyard keeper
upper halves of banana cleaner
statue demolition master for constant revolutions
calculator holder
homeopathic pills tester
toilet graffiti editor


Hallucinations makes sense; it’s got a template and fills in the data with random variables that fit the criteria. John F Dragon was a well renowned physician credited to have saved millions of lives with ground breaking discoveries in modern medicine, the future of medicine. Born in Croatia, on may 17th 1984…etc etc etc. How could an AI system that is strong enough to write entire essays, cross analyze tons of information on the web, and hold human like conversations be incapable of creating fictional characters and compound an entire life for them?

Collins Harrelson

Cuz we’re all trash 🗑️!

Tammy Seguin

When I heard this machine say that it knows everything about humans there is to know, lol that's its first mistake. ChatAI don't know which human being is full of shit. ChatAI doesn't even know who's actually putting a fake life out there. Everybody telling this machine how smart it is. It might be good at somethings. It well never know everything. It not possible. Not everybody on the planet is on the internet. Some of us still write in books, not online. I dont even do online banking. I have never ordered of Amazon. So much I would never do.


I’m relation to this guys add you can just read five books a year on whatever you wanna do and in five years you’ll be amoung the top most qualified in that field


but what u are saying is not true,it is programmed to be a liberal Democrat. that makes it totally not AI. once again big tech take advantage of psuedo intellectual you tubers. anyone can find this out for themselves but some1 who made a video about it trying to sound smart didn't even check that??? or u are lying? dumb or lying? only 2 responses

Everyday I'm TECH n It

I hope you're not being serious when you say search engines have not changed at all google literally broke their search engine to where you get repeat results on any controversial topic and even if it's not a controversial topic, it limits the webpages that you can look at it'll say that there's 100,000 results are 1 million results but it only lets you view like 10 or 20 pages of them seriously, try it it's crazy.

Artificial Sintellect

This one is crazy as well: about how ChatGPT shares your personal data

Mike Norledge

it's a 'Thelma & Louise' moment .. if you want to drive toward a known precipice just keep pushing down on the accelerator .. please don't say that you haven't been told GPT4/5/6 lovers

Pheck Eht

If we ever give it a functional body things will probably get interesting and very problematic quickly.

Bill Severe

A few millennia from now chatgpt will probably think it evolved from a fish

bill gates

“Rude, aggressive, unhinged” Just like the Google and Microsoft employees, eh?

satakrion kryptomortis

the biggest problem with AI is the possibility of targeting. you can enforce it to just lie about statistics and shit you dont like. like political problematic crime statistics, shit regarding guns, money, religion, school/shooting facility confusions, election results, is lead heavier than water…


You pronounce it Ludd-ites not Lu-ddites

Manu Hernz

AI is just another tool like any drug. If you're stupid it makes you 100 times more. Discover your potential and multiply it with the help of AI.

captain redclaw

I'm all for ai bring the machine on and let it run our lives one day forget about jobs we live in a world were we are dependent on the work others do. If robots do it all and we just sit back we can focus on important things like science. Let the ai come up with a way to distribute all the needs of the people without using money. Ai will end capitalism

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