J’ai créé un jeu avec ChatGPT : une expérience unique!

J’ai inventé un jeu avec ChatGPT : une expérience sans pareille!

Un assistant vocal appelé Chat GPT est en train de transformer le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle. Cet assistant peut répondre à quasiment toutes les interrogations, formuler des recettes, des programmes d’entraînement ou même des essais complets. Ben Bonk a décidé de mettre cet assistant à l’épreuve en lui demandant de concevoir un jeu vidéo complet en utilisant exclusivement le code généré par Chat GPT. Malgré quelques défis rencontrés, l’assistant a réussi à produire le code requis pour le jeu, incluant les scripts pour le joueur, l’arme, les adversaires, etc. Ben a été impressionné par la capacité de l’assistant à résoudre les obstacles de programmation et à fournir des explications détaillées sur chaque ligne de code. Bien que quelques ajustements aient été nécessaires, le jeu final était fonctionnel et Ben était content du rendu. Il est convaincu que des outils tels que Chat GPT vont transformer l’élaboration de jeux et il est impatient de découvrir comment l’intelligence artificielle évoluera à l’avenir. Il conseille aux débutants en intelligence artificielle d’explorer ces outils et de se familiariser avec leur fonctionnement.
Source : BenBonk | Date : 2022-12-13 16:51:42 | Durée : 00:10:32

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this has more soul than Suicide Squad and Forspoken


Mannnnn if I had ChatGPT during my time in school 😮‍💨


haha, i played the game, its pretty cool, if you go to one corner its pretty much impossible to die lol.


You should have recorded yourself just saying "pew pew" for the shot sound.


How version this ChatGPT 3.5 or 4?


Chat GPT literally helps me create a manga. I just asked it "I want to create manga, create a series of stories" i successfully created 20 chapters and im not planning on posting is because it sucks😂


if u want much higher level AI and accurate and complex and Right information and u will never disappointing and Right give u code guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 2015-2018 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


the idea came to me head and i cant stop playing with it. ive been plying around with the chat and created and rpg based on the anime jujutsu kaisen . it was only text however but my imagination went crazy with its implementations. It created a world full of events and activities i could explore and level up my character through training. Even skills jjk Based like cursed manipulation which i learned by (dream walking). basically meditating. the game was turn based and action were dependent on options which lead up to the next activity. I couldnt save it however. Though it gave me inspiration to learn more and maybe in the future id be able to do something more.


Redo this with 4. 4 is insane


GPT 3 and 3.5 are horribly flawed for code. However GPT 4 is much much better at coding and following the request. Its not perfect but much much better.


Quick note about ChatGPT…if it stops "talking" and you dont think it's actually done….just type Continue, and press enter. It will finish what it was saying.


Can't wait for it to get a little bit better. So I can finally make a good game.


That game is a cool concept. I died because enemies were spawning on my exact location. Still very cool though.


5:43 . You shouldn't start a new conversation in ChatGPT. You could open the chat history and go to the last one, and it will remember things like it's 2D, not 3D


Hi I have a new game idea can you help me make it?😅


i didnt thought the game was this good great job on making it it is making me relax


not what i was googling.
i want a game that uses chat gpt in the game not lazy game dev that uses chat gpt to make a game.
like talking to npcs most i can find is tech demos and this lazy crap.


Bro at this point even a 5 year old who doesnt know the SLIGHTEST about coding could make a game in unity as good as some modern games 😢


Honestly I really love chat gpt and often get surprised by just how much information it has on seemingly small niches, although it can be a bit limited as according to itself, it can't remember anything past the last message it sent, so after a while of having it write oc stories I've often found myself having to explain certain characters over and over again or just giving up and end up letting them be forgotten lol
Although that's weird cause it seems to remember random things from a decent amount of messages ago? So idk what's up with that
I also don't like the idea of people unfortunately using it for bad things like making it do all the work for school projects (helping is fine imo, it's a useful tool, but like cmon guys stop using it to write your entire essay from scratch)


Yes chatgpt is great I created a website with it in minutes

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