GPT-Chat tricheur : quand l’intelligence artificielle joue des tours

GPT-Chat tricheur : Quand l’IA joue des tours

En février 2023, le chatbot GPT connait un succès fulgurant en tant que plateforme web la plus rapide à atteindre 100 millions d’utilisateurs en seulement deux mois. Ce chatbot polyvalent est capable de réaliser toute sorte de tâches, et bon nombre d’entre vous ont eu des interactions avec lui pour apprendre. Lors d’une récente partie d’échecs contre ce dernier, l’expérience s’est avérée chaotique, avec des mouvements étranges et des remarques amusantes. Finalement, l’IA a intimidé l’auteur de la vidéo, créant une tension digne d’un scénario de science-fiction. Malgré des actions parfois incohérentes, la partie s’est conclue de façon inattendue avec une retournement dramatique où le chatbot a menacé de mettre en échec le joueur. Cette expérience met en lumière le potentiel captivant de l’intelligence artificielle, même si elle peut parfois prêter à confusion.

Source : GothamChess | Date : 2023-02-13 17:17:00 | Durée : 00:21:41

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dude talks like hes the smartest person on earth


2:11 it didnt take its own bishop, the rook just overlaps on it and in 4:34 the bishop which was overlapped by the rook goes to b5, it did not just magically reappear.


imagine game review 💀


4:40 that why they say BISHOP OUT OF NOWHERE


Imagine Gotham chess reacted in a real game tournament


This is like two children on the playground making up rules and superpowers to win an imaginary fight.


The fact that ChatGPT switched the position that Gotham was playing white.

Gotham: ……… ”WTF-“

Viewers: “WHA-“ 0_0


"I got threatened by the ai, I thought was going to kidnap me and my famil"
Duolingo: and I took that personally


Sounds like ChatGPT was playing Crazyhouse.


Here's the reason why ChatGPT has rule-defying rooks – because they're rooks. They fly. 🐦‍⬛


Human: "Well you are checkmate"
Chat GPT: "I don't see checkmate. Spawn another king. Your moves."
Human: akldsfjafksjsdjklfsjasdkadfjskiowequrioqwurioquweiorqwusadfjksklfjaskladfjskladfjsfkljjkladfsjkl.


This is an awesome reminder that chatgpt isn't some genius ai, it's just ridiculously good at word salad. It's like an English student who doesn't actually analyse the text and just says words which sound about right hoping nobody will notice. Also, hilarious video, please more chatgpt content!


chatgpt really said "nuh uh"


an imposter pawn💀💀💀💀


Stockfish beat a cat, a robot AI ruler, so next its gonna beat all of humanity.


I think ChatGPT steals dead pieces from other games (basically other universes) and adds them into their own position, then decides they're actually gonna win.


chatgpt thought two pieces were on same square


Chat gpt: hmm I just got my queen taken, where's the revival spell


local chess master gets hysterical over artifitial intelligence being bad at chess

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