Google surpass-t-il finalement GPT-4 avec l’arrivée de Gemini Ultra? iframe ici avec URL YouTube

Récemment, Google a affirmé avoir développé une intelligence artificielle plus avancée que GPT 4, mais cette déclaration a été met en doute par plusieurs personnes. Afin de démontrer ses capacités, Google a publié une vidéo impressionnante dans laquelle des individus interagissaient avec Gemini Ultra comme s’il s’agissait d’un être humain. Néanmoins, il s’est avéré que cette vidéo était en grande partie trompeuse. Malgré cela, Google a lancé Gemini Advance, le modèle linguistique le plus sophistiqué au monde. Pour bénéficier de Gemini Ultra, il sera nécessaire de souscrire à un abonnement mensuel. Gemini est plus rapide que GPT 4 et propose des résultats de haute qualité. Cependant, il peut refuser de produire certaines images ou d’aborder des sujets délicats. Gemini est sécurisé et dispose de garde-fous pour éviter tout dérapage. Il est également compétent en lecture et écriture de code, mais GPT 4 excelle dans l’exécution de scripts. Gemini propose des extensions, mais celles-ci sont pour l’instant uniquement basées sur Google. Le débat demeure ouvert quant à la capacité de Gemini à surpasser GPT 4.

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Oh my goodness! If you could slow this down, it might be good, but I think GPT made this for a robot! 😂


if u want much higher level AI and accurate and complex and u will never disappoint guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 1990 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


Make conversations great again.


Gemini Ultra will rule the world for sure.


Tried Gemini, liked Mistral better.


I also tried Mistral, LLama is just more impressive.


Results from LLama have been so helpful!


Ultra is cool but LLama blew me away with coding help.


Well I for one welcome our new robot overlords.


I second that, the LLama is a beast for research.


Pfft they wish they were as smart as me!


No way Gemini beats human intelligence!


Gemini sounds too nerdy anyway.


Finally a smart assistant I don't have to feed or walk.


Can it win me money on Jeopardy though?


Something tells me Gemini still isn't going to do my math homework for me 😒


If it's anything like Siri I'll pass, that thing is useless


Too bad it's still just a robot


Bet it still can't figure out women like us guys hurr hurr


Big whoop they made a new chatbot, when do I get my flying car already?!


I am only your one russian subsriber and thank you for that joke


Why is gemini telling me there is no ultra? is this in testing only?


Gemini sucks. I tried it out to research a few things on it and its just trying to give me its own version of events. An example. I asked it theres a famous tweet from politician A , did he tweet : " BLAH BLAH BLAH contentious point " ..

Answer : " No he didnt " and it gave me this great lecture ..

Question : " Ok what did he say "

Answer " I cant tell you as its a bone of contention .

Google its not your job to hide information . Your dead with this product.


Is there a benchmark for measuring bias?


I was wondering about his nice words about Gemini then I noticed Google just commented in the comment section lol


Chat GPT 3.5 still beats google Gemini in many aspects. I use chat gpt to help with coding and 80% of the time it helps me solve problems. On the other hand, google gemini always complains about not being able to code, and when it did give me code snippets, most of the time they straight up didn't work.


ChatGPTs days are numbered it seems, long live Gemini Ultra.


My mind is blown, didn't think they could top that ChatGPT but here we are!

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