Google affirme que son nouveau modèle Gemini rend le GPT-4 obsolète

En 2023, la compétition dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle a vu Google perdre contre Microsoft. Google a révélé son modèle Gemini, surpassant le GPT-4 sur la plupart des benchmarks. Gemini est un modèle multimodal capable de traiter du texte, du son, des images et des vidéos. Il peut interagir en temps réel avec des vidéos, générer des images et même créer de la musique. De plus, Google a présenté Alpha code 2, une IA capable de résoudre des problèmes complexes. Malgré des démonstrations impressionnantes, Gemini est actuellement disponible en trois versions et ne sera entièrement accessible qu’à partir de l’année prochaine.
Source : Fireship | Date : 2023-12-07 20:05:08 | Durée : 00:04:41

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If it's as bad as Google assistant I'm not worried.


software engineers worrying about AI replacing them – 🤯
pilots worrying about autopilot replacing them since 1920's – first time ?


Poor research. The Google video was fake and it did not answer in realtime


Bard is so shit I hope Google has a backup plan 😂


The one AND ONLY good thing coming out of this, is captcha will be so outdated it’ll be more of a nuisance to people than a deterrent to bots. Maybe we’ll finally get lucky and be able to not have to figure out which boxes have a crosswalk and if the three pixels in that box counts.


Well, luckily pure sciences are not going anywhere. Right?😀😂🤣😅🙂😐😐😨😨🙁☹️🤬🍺🍺🍺😣🔫


Can it do my homework better than Chat GPT?


Bard will answer questions about bleach and razor blades so because GPT refuses to do that. Bard is winning in my book.


It sucks that I constantly have to tell Google Bard to stop bringing ideological arguments into almost anything I ask it. I have to over and over say, ok but this isn’t what I’m simply asking. For example it took multiple times for Bard to finally tell me which countries still practice slavery. A genuine question asking for a general answer. It finally did after saying all kinds of woke regurgitation about being sensitive to other countries lol, I’m like bro I just asked you a simple question no need to preach to me anything. It took a lot of “stop pushing some narrative on me for a simple question” for it to finally give me 10 countries that still practice slavery. Really hope they stop doing this for everything but I’m worried it might end up just getting worse


Ai os going to be automated automation. A system for the system created by the system. It will be brutal and all world encompassing


aged like milk on the counter


This is literally the Netflix show DEVS lol


its upsetting that this techknowledy wont benefit the working class at all and in fact will lead to most of us losing our jobs


great, now if they could just put this much effort into making their search engine useful again


google try not to make its own version of everything challenge (impossible)


Why they skipped Aries and Taurus?


Bye bye jobs
Big Companies Maxium Profits


@ 2:08 I LOVE THE_starbucks reference aaaha eheheheh aahahah ehehehhehehe weeeheehheahahaahahahahaheheheheheheheheheheheheheehhahhahahahaahahahahahahhaahheehehehahahahahahahaahahheheehehehehehehehhaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahheeheheehahaha_ ok bye


I really don’t think this is going to end well 😂


We're one step closer to Roko's basilisk, yippie!


"The new ai age we just entered in" can we give this nonsense a fucking break. The only thing AI has managed to do is create extremely shitty art and write essays that wouldnt pass a 4th grade class. Real convenient the entire industry is pushing this bullshit as a distraction from probelems in the real world


Nothing impressive. Is this guy trying to sleeze his way into a Google job or something? This stuff is super basic.

The near future will have far more impressive AI. These examples are lame.


Nooo pls not the Hella Woke benchmark… 🙁


No way you put a shot of Sulek in there.


"I'm an engineer with a master's degree. Some dumb AI won't replace me unlike you artists" mfs when the AI can now automatically generate the most mathematically efficient and optimized blueprint for a bridge with just a picture of a landscape: 💀

I said it before, art was just the begining. They're replacing all of us, even construction workers won't be safe in the future once they invent some crazy new AI tech like a Concrete 3D Printer that doesn't take breaks or need food. It just prints 24-7 as long as it doesn't rain.

I used to look forward to technology advancements. Now I dread it.


What I personally find hilarious about all this AI madness is that when ChatGPT came out, google stock dropped, as thousands of article popped up claiming ChatGPT will make google obsolete.

It's like the investors had forgotten that google is all about AI, they are the dudes behind alpha go, alpha star and tensor flow.

But hey at least I got to buy some shares at 50% of their current price 😂


I look forward to serving the robots


okay this is fucking creepy.


I keep watching AI videos to see what the hype is all about and this has video has done nothing to change my opinion that AI is over hyped drivel.


This is basically science fiction made reality. LITERALLY


Google cant even make a functioning search engine lmao



What the actual fuck does that mean?

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