Gagnez 600 $ en seulement 3 heures avec ce petit boulot secondaire sur Google Maps & ChatGPT !

Dans cette vidéo, l’auteur partage une méthode pour gagner jusqu’à 600 dollars en seulement trois heures en utilisant Google Maps. Selon elle, cette méthode est accessible à tous, partout dans le monde, tant que vous avez un téléphone et une connexion internet.

La première étape consiste à utiliser Google Maps pour rechercher des entreprises locales. Vous pouvez cibler les petites entreprises près de chez vous ou n’importe quelle autre entreprise dans le monde, à condition de parler la langue du pays concerné.

L’auteur montre ensuite comment rechercher une ville spécifique sur Google Maps. Dans son exemple, elle choisit une petite ville appelée « Pourquoi pas » en Caroline du Nord. Elle mentionne également qu’il est possible d’utiliser de plus grandes villes pour cibler un plus grand nombre de clients potentiels.

La prochaine étape consiste à sélectionner un type d’entreprise. Dans son exemple, l’auteur choisit les électriciens de « Pourquoi pas » en Caroline du Nord. Elle souligne l’importance de rechercher des entreprises qui n’ont pas encore de compte Google My Business ou dont le compte est incomplet, ainsi que des entreprises ayant peu d’avis (moins de 10).

L’auteur fait ensuite une parenthèse pour aborder la question de la protection des données personnelles sur Google et propose un sponsor qui peut aider à protéger sa vie privée en ligne.

Enfin, elle explique qu’il est également possible d’appliquer cette méthode dans de grandes villes, comme en témoigne son exemple de La Nouvelle-Orléans en Louisiane. Elle recherche des « peintres près de La Nouvelle-Orléans » et montre comment trouver des entreprises avec peu de critiques, peu de contenu sur leur profil Google et pas de site web ni d’horaires d’ouverture.

En conclusion, l’auteur affirme que cette méthode peut vous permettre de gagner 600 dollars en seulement trois heures.

Source : Journey With The Hintons | Date : 2023-06-22 21:00:12 | Durée : 00:15:04



I love the greetings, 🙂🙂


This is a great idea and legit opportunity, just don't overpromise. As a long time business owner who myself provides this service, I get daily robo calls offering this mixed with SEO, but they are scammers who promise you the #1 spot in google listings and offer fake verified listings etc. So I definitely recommend the personable approach and going through an escrow service, and offer it as more of a digital makeover, and not overpromise if you don't know about SEO.

Cierra Harrell

love this! im just confused on how we help the business? what are we doing to help them? creating a website for them? providing them a phone number ?

Dennis Dunleavy

thank you for the great teaching video. How would you go about getting more reviews for your clients?

Belinda Poplin

Girl… you know you doin' too dang much with all those greetings 😂

Aidan Love

Hey this video is awesome and explains everything so clearly. But is there anyway you could give me the video of the woman who was actually doing it. I would like to see an example of someone doing this and what exactly it looks like. Thanks again and pls don't stop making these awesome videos.

Enyix Kelechi

And Today's my birthday…


Thoughts about if you have the time, go by the store and start with "Do you use google?" I feel if you are a peoples person and in sales that is a perfect start and you should know where to run from there. I feel going in with some presentation will secure the bag

Joe S

Gawd the intro alone annoyed me, not sure I can stay with it;


😂😂😂😂😂 y’all just making her money by clicking on this everyday just go to work


Legit Question did anybody try this & actually make money??? Let’s be serious.

UndaLand Fortress

Nobody is saying whether or not this works. I've tried asking a bunch of people, but nobody ever answers if they're actually making this money. Very curious 🤔

Joseph Ammon

Great job! I find this channel a good help in understanding the unique problems facing we individuals, I wish they taught me this in college. As a beginner I was scared of losing my savings, you've helped me a lot Judith M Layton. Imagine investing $2000 and receiving $8,600.

Flacktastic_ Adventures

Did I miss the part of the video where you actually show us how to fix their business on Google???

Henry Okpara

You re good at what you do. I actually watched your video once and I immediately subscribed.


Who they hell is paying that kind of money to a no name stranger cold calling?

Gulnura Kalieva

Did anyone try it? Have you had any luck? Please share your experience😀

Scrapman Industries

So this is the reason why people are calling me constantly trying to optimize my google search crap. Them people are annoying as anything. I’m out here working for my money and they get offended when I tell them I don’t want to pay them $300 for 10 minutes worth of punching keys. Half the stuff they try to do and help me with is stuff that I don’t want online or stuff that I have set a certain way because I don’t operate like any other business. Post pictures of the business: I have a small messy garage with stuff i’d rather not see stolen. Fix my hours: I actually do operate 24 hours a day. Get more reviews: most of my customers are Amish bro. If Y’all can find my business on google so can everyone else. I named it after my damn town for this exact reason. Keyword optimization.


Totally off topic but i love the shelf's in the background SO CUTE
DO YOU HEAR THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH (😂👍 OMG i almost peed mys3lf so btw i loved that too sista!!!)

Camila rose

Everyone in the United States speak english if u gonna live n America u gonna have to speak english so there’s no other language they gonna have to speak if they’re using the United States map

Sasha Leslie

This video was great, but unfortunately left out one of the most important parts of the tutorial: what do you do once you have the customer? Are they to grant access to their account so you can update the info for them? Can they just send the info and you do it on their behalf? I want to do this, but I'm not sure what the right approach is…


You are so beautiful. God bless your heart


I will take you through broder prospective where each users will contribute in our growth

umakiso ebong

Very impressive…you just got one new subscriber

King Capone

I do this with my KingBrandLenses safety glasses it's definitely hard

Barbara J Jones

Another excellent video.Thank you so much for sharing this information. God bless you.

Squirrel Attackspidy

Waiting to see a video of anyone who make a decent living with these get rich quick schemes. Learn a skill that is difficult to do and that's in demand. That's how you will make money.

Sari Israel

What service would this be?

Nat Ferrera

This lady basically recreated the other channel's video (nice business) and both of them did not mention what they're actually selling for $300/piece to total strangers!!

Awaken child Of god

So your asking them to build there google Business account while asking the to beleave you can do so let's say you do make there business better online, how to, do the work, and not get cheated from your money this is more than think good for working on businesses savy

Jon Focker

stop sharing this info!!!!! keep it a secret!!!! We charge $197 to $297 a month for this. But you reminded me how to make it easier. Great video!!!!

Jadairielle Carter

Can you do a payper call tutorial. 😅


Guess ill try that in a small town, why not?


very hard for her to not talk black lmao gypsy talk

Laura Medina

I am going to make this my favorite video…. Thank you so much for teaching 😉

Richard John

Nice one
Pls this is first time here
I need your help

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