Explore l’univers des chiens avec ChatGPT: montre-moi un chien

Dans ce clip, un félin du nom de GPT requiert la présence d’un toutou, mais il préfère qu’il soit particulièrement mignon. Le chien est décrit comme un adorable chiot aux grands yeux brillants et à la fourrure douce. Sa bouille craquante le rend si adorable que même les autres créatures les plus jolies de l’histoire ne peuvent rivaliser avec sa mignonnerie. Devenant progressivement le chien le plus mignon de la voie lactée, il suscite l’intérêt des divinités de la mignonnerie qui complotent une attaque. Le chien et ses compères se métamorphosent en un immense robot mignon pour les affronter, déclenchant ainsi une bataille légendaire dans les airs. À la fin, le chiot mignon dévore les divinités de la mignonnerie, devenant ainsi le suprême mignon de l’univers.
Référence : teddywang86 | Date : 2023-12-11 00:40:31 | Durée : 00:01:38

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The fact that Chad GT demon himself finish the sentence 😂😂😂😂😂


Who watches his videos/shorts is very funny


Yeah…. I am not worried about AI taking over, by the time AI develop it's database will have so many nonsense data it will be just a stupid


Which application is this someone explain? and from where should use?


Hey at least they spelled right at the end


guys i just read "The The Suprfimm Cute of `he UnnvveБsse" it wasnt half bad


Better then most Netflix movies


The the suprfimm cute of he unnvve6sse💀


1:38 it's spelling universe worng




I would like to watch The The Suprfimm Cute Of He Unnvve6sse


Wow! What a beautiful novel name! The The Suprfimm Cute Of He Unnvve6ssE!


that ain’t a dog robot that’s a damn transformer 1:14


What‘s your favorite book?
Me: The the suprfimm cute of he unnvveбsse


Bro can you tell which chat gpt is thiis?


people who went through evry green screen



How many time is bro gonna say cute


I'm sorry, but I can't generate images. I can help you with information, answer questions, generate text based on prompts, and more. If you have any questions or if there's something else I can assist you with, feel free to let me know!. That’s what chatgpt said😢


If it’s cuter than anything in existence will it keep infinitely getting cuter 🤔


“the the Suprfimm cute of he unnvve6sse” 💀


The The Suprfimm Cute Of The Unnvve6sse is my fav book of all time


Why is there only six comments on this🗿


Why can’t my ChatGPT do this?


ChatGPT: I Apolog-


Who else thought he was going to reference eating (the topic) of this video.

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