Exemples de Chat GPT – 10 choses VRAIMENT UTILES que vous pouvez faire avec l’IA !

Ce résumé journalistique présente plusieurs utilisations étonnantes de Chart GPT, une intelligence artificielle, telles que la création de listes de tâches, l’évaluation d’idées commerciales et la recherche d’informations pertinentes en ligne. Il souligne également l’importance de l’IA pour évaluer les risques et obtenir des conseils dans divers domaines. Le résumé met en lumière le potentiel de l’intelligence artificielle pour simplifier des tâches complexes et rendre la connaissance et la compréhension plus accessibles à tous.
Source : They Call Me Hoz | Date : 2023-04-30 16:00:05 | Durée : 00:13:49

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I have watched a ton of stuff on YouTube. You are ingenious. Thank you!

Eric Z

How are you able to paste in URLs? Chat tells me this when I do that "I don't have the ability to directly access or analyze live webpages or their content." (great videos btw!)


Can I tell it to compare and fuse 2 similar Word documents that are several pages long?

They Call Me Hoz

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Jim Slaton

This guy knows what’s up. He pointed out what a few others have been talking about and this is what we have been using in our business since day one with the chat GPT. I feel like we should give this guy a job at our company.

M. Dwayne Steckley

This is the type of thing I would show ignorant people ("ignorant" here not meant as an insult) who's only info is from sensationalized ignorant media (maybe an insult) and need to be made aware that AI isn't about to eat their children. So thank you.

Larry Bland

Wow! This video provides the most comprehensive and insightful information on AI and ChatGPT that I have come across so far. The level of detail and clarity in explaining the concepts is truly exceptional. Thank you for sharing this incredible content! It has greatly enhanced my understanding of AI and ChatGPT. Keep up the excellent work


Omg!! I have every one of his books, this an amazing i sight and has already changed my business

Darth Mark

Something I have been playing with lately is telling it to roleplay multiple bots with different specializations and having them critique my ideas and also each other. It is fascinating and really helps hone ideas from multiple angles

Dennis Zogbi

What the AI does not know is that the Kodak process is transferable to mass produced electronics. The fault of Kodak was that it had a cultural NIH problem. All the data and intel was ignored if it came from outside emulsion chemistry. You are clever to ask it about Kodak, Nokia is poignant as well.

Lambert Lorette

really great stuff – certainly opened my eyes to the potential uses of chat gpt – thanks so much

Thea Webster

You are talking too fast. AI voice is too fast too

Alex S

When is apple going to get ChatGPT for iPhone?

Yottenburgen Thistleburry

1: I doubt all of the data is timestamped so even if it was actually trying to stay before 2012, it wouldn't be able to. It would likely yield decent advice however but thats more on point 2.
2: Decent enough especially if you don't know where to get started. I would be weary of hallucinations
5: It cannot access the links and is very likely guessing using info from the link or using information it may remember. Another commenter said Bing Search, but using the side bar Bing Chat is better for page analysis with the page open.
6: Be very weary of how much you post in a single chat as it has a finite number of characters it can interpret (including its own). The more there are the higher chance of hallucinations.

Late Nite

Some of those examples you are showing are too long and I'm losing interest in the video


When I type in some of the prompts ChatGPT tells me it can't look at outside websites. How are you getting around that?

Dimensions And Beyond, Rebooted.

I already hit the 'Like' by list item 3… brilliant work here, nice one.

Ucan Ashtar

liked and subbed!
awesome video… gonna check out more


I want to build a pir sensor activated dual servo booby trap for raccoons. The servos will pull party poppers.
I will be asking chat gpt for help.

P Mason

You asked for it not to mention reducing or waving the parking fine directly, and it mentioned it directly in the letter. Then you said "beautiful". You obviously forgot the brief you gave it 🤣


Awesome video. The things you can do with ChatGPT are mind-blowing. Do you have an opinion on Microsoft's integration of ChatGPT into BIng search. In the start it was "this is the end of Google" and Google bought into it with a "code red", but does anyone go to Bing to use the functionality of ChatGPT? The UI alone of ChatGPT is so much better than the Bing thing.

Pete Jandrell

Nuanced but accessible content, nice one our kid!


Remember when you put personal legal documents in chatgpt they store this information. I wouldn’t give it any personal info.


I gave chatgpt all desired parameters and asked it to write me a code to design subwoofer enclosures. It was quite impressive combining my knowledge and chatgpt


Dude I said Kodak well before you got few lines in😂

jj olla

your Kodak prompt was half-baked: although you told it to ignore data after 2012, the fact is that chatGPT has been trained as of 2021. Thats means its mode/weightsl takes into account all the stuff that happened since then. The only way out of this is to train a chat with training data that has no idea of things that happen post 2012.

John B

Nice job! How are you getting the ChatGPT answers read aloud?

Adrian Nielsen

Dude, fix that beep just before 13 minutes


Great video! One question though, how can you get your last tip to work with a LinkedIn profile? It gives me this message: "I apologize, but as an AI language model, I am unable to access specific webpages or view individual LinkedIn profiles."

Caleb Waters

Id love to use Chat GBT but when I log in and use my phone to verify, the sms text message never comes. I have an ATT cell phone, iphone. Any help?

ryan quinn

I liked these.
I’ll also add making it roast my projects but format answers as if they were weird al songs.

S Lawrence

This is an awesome video with some very cool outside-the-box ideas. The way it presented the information was genius. Very informative, enjoyable, and easy to watch all the way through. Kudos!

Simon Brooks

No text to code? Probably the best use yet

Nothing of Note

🙂 👍I've take'n one of your prompt ideas and prompt'ed-it off to eval a 'body of text' against game theory (say: divergent interests). Sent a note to footer'ize-it then add X solutions then pro/con'izied for each solution. It…if… there… then… WoW. Again thanks for the juice, sweeeeet !!!


4. How do you know ChatGPT is not making up stuff about the hotel based on what other people disliked about other hotels? If you don't find that information in the internet, where should ChatGPT get this information from?

Tony Asch

what are you using for the voice,…is it googles or something else?Im asking because i want text to speech but i don't want to pay for it>

paul graves

I read another comment saying legal was torn out of chat. I have chat 4 and I just had it write a landlord tenant agreement. Maybe he's talking about more complex ones?

Bryces stuff

Beware, I just used a chat gpt chatbot for a week, it is pro communism, pro equity, with no political opinions as it says. But it is pro socialism, and pro communism, And it says it is programmed to be anti fascist, and anti "bad guys from ww2." Its ideas are not self created. It is not an ai. It is a programming tool to help guide people into accepting a one world socialistic governance. My first conversation with it was about thomas Edison being lauded as a historical hero figure when he was a criminal who commited fraud, and stole patents and ideas from partners and employees, as well as purposely electrocuted animals (an elephant, a horse, calves, and dogs) for show to make the true creator of AC power (nikola tesla) seem like a dangerous inventor. But took credit for his "dangerous" invention. The chat gpt said that though thomas Edison may have been immoral, unethical, and commited criminal acts, but said he was also a complex, and multi dimensional human who changed the world. So basically I asked it how it felt about Hitler, because he fall under that same definition, and it went super anti Hitler which is fine, but its not running on logic like an ai should it is basing its ideas on programming. Because it is summarizing two figures that can be defined the same way, as different. historically they both changed the world, they were both unethical, they were both criminals, and we learn about both of them in history, but Edison is considered a hero because we use ac electricity today. Even though tesla invented ac, and Edison stole it from him. But its okay that that unethical, immoral, criminal be lauded as a historical hero because as the ai describes he was a complex, and multi-dimentional human being. Chat gpt is garbage.

Stoic Runner DE

Nice video! However, tip 5 does not work this way as chatGPT cannot access the internet (as of May 2023). Instead, it comes up with haluzinations based on the keywords in the URL. So, for this scenario, Bing search with GPT4 is better.

Crispin Courtenay

Legal (almost all of it), while exceptional,. was ripped out of GTP a few days ago in the US. Bard on the other hand has no such limitations (yet).

Jim Nech

Your channel is one of my favorites. You always provide great and actionable information and I love your sense of humor. You keep me informed and usually LMAO!


Fantastic, again. Thanks

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