Dominez ChatGPT en une demi-heure – Devenez un spécialiste en un éclair!

Dans ce guide, Mike vous accompagne pour progresser de novice à connaisseur avec l’outil le plus performant sur la toile actuellement : le chat GPT. Il vous dévoile la manière de paramétrer votre compte, comment exploiter l’interface et vous liste 10 types de directives que vous pouvez employer pour exploiter au mieux cet logiciel. Vous pouvez solliciter des significations, produire des énumérations d’idées, rédiger des courriers électroniques, des rédactions, des partitions musicales, des poésies, des documents juridiques, requérir de l’aide pour vos travaux de science physique, obtenir des commentaires sur vos textes, éditer vos textes, suivre des étapes pas à pas, extraire des données, codifier, ou simplement discuter avec le robot conversationnel. Vous pouvez même enjoindre au chat de répondre à vos interrogations ou de rédiger dans le style d’une personnalité renommée comme Quentin Tarantino. Le chat GPT est un outil particulièrement robuste et multifonction qui peut changer votre existence dans de nombreux domaines divers. Il vous suffit de suivre les indications de Mike pour débuter son utilisation dès à présent.
Source : Santrel Media | Date : 2023-02-25 15:46:49 | Durée : 00:27:32

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How can some one pay chartGPT


Is there a Chat GPT book for print on demand prompts??


if u want much higher level r level AI and accurate and complex guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 1990 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


Highly recommended for everyone.simple and clear to understand


Not even a year later and most of this information is outdated.


"Oh, what a delightful tutorial on wielding the mighty powers of ChatGPT! 🧙‍♂ Truly, it's like wielding a magical pen that can conjure words from the ether. I particularly enjoyed the part where they explained how to coax ChatGPT into revealing its secrets with just the right prompts. It's almost like convincing a mischievous genie to grant your wishes, but with fewer lamp rubbings and more keyboard clicks! 😄 But shh, don't tell anyone… I heard ChatGPT wrote this comment itself! Now, isn't that a plot twist as unexpected as finding a pineapple in a fruit salad at a pizza party?" 🍍🍕


Solltest du GPT nochmal so deutsch aussprechen . Werde ich prompten, dass ChatGPT dir eine Ohrfeige geben soll.


very interactive video like you were the CHATGPT speak with me and answering questions perfectly


Can ChatGPT upload pdf fajl and translate it?


Very interesting and well done presentation. Thank you for posting this.


The command 3 response had me laughing lol😂


This was a basic tutorial , can you create a more advance version of this tutorial?


You put it well, "stuck in beginner mode". I sure was! This was very helpful. Glad I stumbled across this, I just subscribed!


This was cool. Thanks ❤


I really found this tutorial very helpful/. Thank you, I am a Physician and asked a medical question, it was quick to say it was not a Physician but the answer was correct. LOL


I'm quite skeptical about ChatGPT's effectiveness. It often misses the mark on complex topics and lacks depth in its responses. Despite its wide coverage, the conversation feels shallow and sometimes irrelevant. It seems like there's still a long way to go in truly understanding context and delivering insightful answers. This technology, while promising, hasn't yet lived up to the hype . Moreover, the AI can be repetitive and sometimes provides inaccurate or generic information. It struggles with nuanced or highly specific inquiries, revealing limitations in its learning. While it's a step forward in AI, the current state of ChatGPT shows that truly intelligent and adaptive conversation is more complex than anticipated and requires significant improvement before it can be relied upon for meaningful or critical discussions.


I have just started using chatGPT (Dec. 2023) as a mental health support worker, all I can say right now is WOW 😮😊. Thank you for the tutorial


Good info for a beginner. Thanks.


generating code is cool, plagarising data is not, (see Times suet for copyright against ChatGPT), giving me information without Google Ads, now that's gold.


I subscribed to the paid version of ChatGPT and what I found is disturbing. It's a toy, not a tool, and using it for any kind of research will contaminate your output. Welcome to the new Fake Data Phenomenon.


if u want much higher level AI and accurate and complex and if u have still problem u just move in guys I'll introducing AI CHAT DEEPAI the AI CHAT DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 2015-2018 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want


ChatGPT serves the current power structure. The language creates doubt on subjects of interest & steers you to the status quo. 😪


"Mike, your video on ChatGPT was so helpful, I now feel like I could have a meaningful conversation with my toaster! Thanks for turning me into a real-life tech wizard (or at least a toaster whisperer)!"


the quantum question's answer is correct. you're welcome


1:05 Obrigado por tudo AVANCO SOCIAL, o melhor de todos para crescer as redes sociais


Hi Michael,, I love your video.! but today is Nov/29 2023 Your video is 9 months old; my question is… I have never used ChatGPT and am thinking of getting started.
Are your instructions still valid, or has the subject matter changed a lot.?? Thanks…


Hiya, it would also be beneficial to provide its creators background and explain what kind of stake IDF has in OpenAI and how information is shared with IDF? Personnaly i would avoid chatGPT like the plague considering there is no regulation.

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