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Beaucoup de gens ont peur de l’intelligence artificielle et craignent qu’elle prenne le contrôle du monde. Cependant, ces inquiétudes sont probablement exagérées. Il est important de se tenir informé sur les dernières avancées en intelligence artificielle pour mieux comprendre leurs implications. Même si certains redoutent que les chatbots et autres programmes d’IA ne finissent par asservir l’humanité, il est important de garder un esprit critique et de rester ouvert aux nouvelles technologies. Il est également important de se rappeler que la croissance et le progrès dans le domaine de l’IA peuvent être bénéfiques pour l’humanité. Il est recommandé de rester informé sur le sujet et de ne pas céder à la peur irrationnelle.

Source : AwakenWithJP | Date : 2023-04-04 18:38:48 | Durée : 00:00:59

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The ending had me cracking 😂 noice


The subtitles said gunna instead of gonna and lesve instead of leave,


I'm feeling the same 😔🥺🥺


This would be hilarious if were not at least 90% true.


Yall remember charlie and the chocolate factory when Charlie's dad's job was to put caps on toothpaste but then he lost it to a machine but then got a job to fix the machine


I love that humans literally made like 100 movies of AI taking over yet they still create AI😂


In a Red Woodpecker State there is Democracy approved legal Corporate patent law and producing -done under the guise of providing a "service"-the service is education and more invention -such that of extending people and their lives after they get cancer from the AI carbon footprint -it AI foments a military police state of surveillance and torture and murder is the results when AI is used properly -look on the bright side-you look like a Christian freak that lives in a tree-who mimicks the Mexi Jesus -with AI deployment insofar it tells your most recent thought of the perpetrator -nobody could then shoot a woodpecker from a tree-being a satirical mutant is a tough life


I just wanna go down a crazy rabbithole of speculation. What happens when AI joins neurolink, and then they can actually control our minds. 😅


Lmao chat gpt is like 1% of the capability of AI they let the public play with


Humanity has been enslaved by convenience even to the point that people cry out for legislation based on an insult because it would be easier, AI is just the next thing to trade humanity with for more convenience.


"It's too late, we are all conscientiously copulated!"


Lol lol From truth comes nervous laughter


The people saying its no different than when computers came into mass use don't understand that computers were tools that created more jobs, while AI is a tool that can replace workers without creating any new jobs in most sectors simultaneously.


And you are correct in the analysis that we are all likely f__ked!🤬🤬🤬


I heard that a robot went crazy and killed 29 people.


I also worried with AI….but not that much. Chat GPT is like one step representing that fear.


AI is not a problem, guys. You're worrying about nothing at all.
– message generated through chatGPT


Ahh jeeze just saw 3 of my previous psychiatrist's at once 😂🤣😌👍


Enjoy the 20-30 years while ai is our slave. Let John Connor worry about judgment day…….


"It's too late we're all fucked" 😂


DBH is gonna become a thing soon and so is Wallie. Terminator and all the like. I can see it ha. Humans are really gonna because obsolete soon.


…for all your um Growth yes, growth and still growing in, um dynamics I'm learning from you 🎉 so thank you you fu so I can charge you bitches more now that my student loans are covered. That won't happen I chose military and I get screwed again.


Have you ever seen something that's funny , but it's not a joke ??


Hey, fellas, consider learning machine learning as i see a lot of comments. See Ai as a blackbox that does everything. Maybe to overcome your instrusive thoughts about a future where the movie terminator was true, via learning how chatgpt works, how machine learning works. There is no consciousness. it's just math!


What man expects to do and God does is the opposite.


If you haven’t read Stephen Kings ‘dark tower’ series you should.

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