Dévoile tes super-pouvoirs d’écriture avec Chat GPT : Les 5 secrets à connaître (à utiliser avec modération)

Dévoilez vos pouvoirs d’écriture incroyables avec Chat GPT : Les 5 astuces à maîtriser (à utiliser avec discernement)

ChatGPT représente une solution novatrice de rédaction alimentée par l’intelligence artificielle qui peut réellement révolutionner votre approche. Cet outil vous autorise à rédiger des dissertations, des vers, des posts de blog, des morceaux et même à reformuler des contenus existants pour les rendre singuliers. En employant des astuces et des termes-clés spécifiques, vous pouvez améliorer la qualité de vos productions textuelles et obtenir des rendus professionnels. En faisant preuve de créativité lors de l’utilisation de cette interface, vous aurez la capacité de communiquer de façon plus percutante avec votre audience et de cultiver des compétences avancées en rédaction. Mettez en pratique les recommandations dispensées dans la vidéo pour tirer pleinement parti de ChatGPT et abonnez-vous à la newsletter hebdomadaire afin de percer d’autres méthodes innovantes pour exploiter cette technologie de pointe.
Ref : L’avantage de l’IA | Date : 2022-12-19 01:50:02 | Durée : 00:05:19

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This is the first ever newletter I am signing up voluntarily.


AI Advantage,
I don't need Chat gpt for ideas. I have plenty that I have thought through and outlined. My problem is I dont have much free time. I would like to use chat gpt as an editor. I have completed a television pilot using Final Draft, and I have some questions that I hope you can answer for me.

1. Can I copy and paste my completed TV pilot in parts from a pdf form into chat gpt and use prompts like, "please correct any spelling errors, proper use of parentheses, proper use of syntaxes, proper formatting for a professional pilot script etc" 

Plus any other prompts like those.

Could I use chat gpt as a second editor with Final Draft being the first editor.

2. If the above scenario is doable, then how do I get chat gpts edited version of my tv pilot script back into Final Draft or into a pdf form for submitting and posting to the Hollywood types and contests.

This would save me the time I'm sorely needing.
Thanks for any help you can provide me.



Great tips! 👍👍👍


WTF, why this title is german, but you dont even speak german! 5 Geheimnisse zum Schreiben mit Chat GPT .. WTH… dude..


Which plagiarism checker do you use in this video? Is open source and freely available online?


i have tried to download but there is charge and you mentioned is Free , did that change?


how do i contact you, im impressed by your work and would love to chat about how cuold you help me with my business


Thanks for this wonderful video


Great video. Thank you for all the great information.


I always say: Make it sound more professional


Is it not plagerism to use ChatGPT to edit your essays like Grammarly? I tell it to “clear up this essay:”


ChatGPT cant count words. So you can tell it to type a specific length.


Can you pls suggest WHAT Chatgpt I should use? The name of the app or site…. Whatever works, preferably free. Cause i got lost in the different commercials in web and i can’t find anything really available to do the job. Thx


Thanks dear. You did a great job. Highly appreciate your work.


i hope they make a way to know when someone hasnt 100% written something themselves…this is the death of humanity


Chat GPT causes more problems than it solves. The only thing it's good for is plagiarizing text. If you want to open yourself up to suspicion, be my guest. I can do without the aggravation. Stop being lazy and build some confidence in your writing ability.


Do Chasity P is going to make the next generation dumber…
It promotes a narrative as fact.

People will no longer google articles to discern the truth !

Instead of saying, I googled it, they will just say I, ChadGPT’d it


Your video equipment links above are not correct for the items listed.


i feel like i can actually write a book with chatgpt lol, i literally started creating a plot of a science fiction/fantasy story and let me tell you, chatgpt is OVERPOWERED and i can see most pro writers/authors using it on their advantages maybe to get ideas or to even write a sentence in better words. It is amazing.


Bro don't ask for simple things in the style of Lovecraft it's cursed


What a great Tutorial about ChatGPT. And the best part, it was funny at all😂👍


I was exasperated from getting chatgpt to write. It is rather good at generating ideas but it's writing style is formulaic, using cliches like 'leverage', 'demonstrate', 'embrace', 'significant' on every page. Any chance of changing its writing style?


Why does this guy give me the hiding-in-plain-site vampire vibe?

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