Détecteur de plagiat GPT pour chat: Comment vérifier et supprimer le plagiat comme un pro !

Dans cette vidéo, l’hôte explique comment les rédacteurs de contenu peuvent faire face au problème courant du plagiat. Le plagiat se produit lorsqu’on copie le travail ou les idées de quelqu’un d’autre et les présente comme les siens. Cela peut avoir des conséquences négatives telles que le fait de ne pas classer son contenu et de perdre la crédibilité auprès des clients potentiels.

Cependant, l’hôte propose une solution en montrant comment on peut prendre n’importe quel contenu sur Internet et le rendre unique. Il utilise deux détecteurs de plagiat pour montrer que le contenu modifié passe les tests avec succès. Il montre également comment créer des articles de blog 100% humain directement à l’aide de l’IA.

En résumé, la vidéo explique comment détecter et éviter le plagiat dans le contenu, et comment utiliser l’intelligence artificielle pour générer du contenu original. Elle offre des outils et des astuces pour les rédacteurs de contenu.

Source : Website Learners | Date : 2023-11-18 12:00:53 | Durée : 00:09:41

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👋 Hi there, since many of you asked, we've answered your frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

𝗤: 🤔 I am still not able to bypass AI detection
𝐀: 💡1. Use the 'Rewrite Article (Plagiarism-Free & AI Detector Bypass)' tool to revise an existing article or blog post. This tool is designed to bypass AI detectors and ensure the content is free from plagiarism.
2. Use 'Human Written Blog Post' tool to generate an Entire new blog post which is also Plagiarism Free & can also bypass AI detectors.
3. If you still find AI content detected in any of the outputs, re-generate the outputs and try again (or) you can use 'Rewrite Article (Extreme AI Bypass)' tool to bypass content with higher success rate.

Note: Keep in mind that AI detectors are not foolproof and can produce false positives. Human writing, especially when following best practices or guidelines, can sometimes resemble AI-generated content.

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Rewrite Article Plagiarism checker is not there.


small seo and paraphraser say 100% unique but gpt zero and originality detect 100% Ai generated with the same contents generated by gravity write. I can not understand who is right.


I tried many times, but Gravitywrite is unable to generated content to pass the plagiarism checking.


Fantastic video as usual.
OK, can the Gravity Written tool give a (source link) with the Humen Written Blog tool?


Thanks so much sir.
Can u use these tools for your book?


This tool (Gravity writer) doesn't work on AI written text. So, beware before using. Thanks ..


Can I use these tools for writing research papers ?


Can I use AI generated content for Amazon Affiliate?


Plz tell me about some trusted sites who buy essays papers articles etc….


The format and content of the video is great and very informative. In today's changing world it is imperative to be acquainted with such tools of trade to sharpen one's skills. However, AI platforms mentioned in the video have brilliant PAID features but can end up being expensive when all such subscriptions add up to monthly payments. In my experience, Gravitywrite did not generate accurate written work. For ex. I found grammar and syntax issues to be plenty, especially when the rewrite feature was used to make the work more human, plagiarism-free, and anti-AI detectable. The content passed the plagiarism test but failed AI detection. The results were simply not of high professional/international standards. So, whether you are a beginner or a skilled professional, double and triple-check the end results for accuracy of content as well as grammar.


I am Using Gravitywrite for some time. Only thing is we cant instruct how many words articles i need. Any option for it ?


this video was HEAVEN for bloggers😍


It's still show ai detection in copyleakes ai detector


Superb bro you are god gifted ❤️
Love you bro🤘❤️


Thank you so very much for your this wonderful video!


this is just the skills to mere copy and paste from one to another. basically there is nothing original about anything we see here, this makes humans obsolete , and giving people tools cheat and discredit hard work. we are seeing one machine out doing another. And we just need to know where to find it. BTW very soon there will be just one tool to do all this so no need to hop around to copy and paste.


I can easily make free Chat GPT pass AI detector .


I tried generating blog using GravityWrite free version. Generated content was ranked AI generated with 89%. How do I avoid this? Thank you in advance for your response.


It's a fake video. Please don't waste your time in searching these type of tools. He used online plagerism tools for detection of plagerism which is not not 100% accurate. If he is right I'm wrong then used the same text same tool and detect plagerism through turnitin.


not working for, i dont know why


It works but why i connot bypass more than 2000 words ?


Please help me about to write abstract and literature review on my thesis


Thank you for all information that you give every thing is good and understandable


Sir ye saare tools Hindi ke liye bhi apply ho jaayenge kya?


Might be you will delete my comment..! Well, this method is not working anymore Try good tools sapling or paid tool for AI check then it must shows that it is 100% AI scripted. You are checking on free tools but it showing 50% AI scripted on free tools too. You can't pass AI detector at any cost.


Did not work after doing this even in gpt zero my ai detection result go up😂


I generated a content using ChatGPT and re-written using GravityWrite but TURNITIN AI Detector captured it as AI generated.


I used the Gravity write to write blog post, but its totally detectable by Plagiarism Checker. So i would recommend that dont invest in it. Thanks.


Gravity write is not working for me good. Sadly whether I use human writing or repharase it when I finally check in smallseotools it's showing plagirisum 6℅ .


Does GravityWrite have malware?


Thank you so much for the information


Very helpful video.God bless you

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