Découvrez les révélations surprenantes de Khan Sir à propos du Chat GPT : ce que vous devez connaitre!

Une toute nouvelle entité a introduit Chat Gupt, provoquant l’émoi à travers le monde. Par ailleurs, Google a lancé Bird, une sorte d’intelligence artificielle. Chat Gupt est un chatbot, un logiciel capable d’échanger avec vous et de répondre à des interrogations sur divers sujets. Toutefois, Chat Gupt n’a pas réussi un examen de l’UPSC, démontrant ainsi qu’il est toujours en phase d’apprentissage.
Source : Viral Khan Sir | Date : 2023-06-08 13:00:31 | Durée : 00:02:17

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ChatGPT- One of the hottest and most trending topics nowadays.
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I Asked chatgpt

Khan sir said that you failed in upsc exam ?

Chatgpt replied

I don't have personal experiences or interactions with individuals like Khan sir. I am a machine learning model created by OpenAI, and I don't take exams. If you have any questions or need information on UPSC or related topics, I'm here to help to the best of my ability.


Iska full video kaha se milega link hai ky tumhare pass


hlo can i use 1 minute clip in my vidio content ..please reply wheather yes or not . i will give you complete and credit ..


He has a nice way of teaching and making things easy


Dear khan sir, aapka knowledge IT sector me nhi hai to Video nhi banaye…
Almost 50% wrong information


Sir aapse 🙏 jodha kr binti hai ki machine learning pe video banaye mai iss topic ko samajh nahi pa raha hu


Googla se pochta h😂🤣😂🤣🤣


Upsc exam mai fail nehi hua tha sir, 2021 tak hi chatgpt ka gyan hai uske bad limited gyan hai, jisne sawal kya wohi khud fail ho gaya, sawal karne wala hi khud murkh hai, itna bara ai ko kya bebakub samajhte ho ap 😡😕


ye khan sir bass galat information deta hai, dont depend on his lecture, he gives incomplete knowledge


IIT advance mai negative laaya h😂


Upsc prelims current affairs pe bohot jada depend hai but chat gpt ke pas sep 2021 ke bad ka data nahi hai


You’re working so hard, may all your wishes come true.

You’re working so hard, may all your wishes come true.


Open AI ne chatgpt launch Kiya


Upsc ka exam dene chat gpt gaya tha jo fail ho gaya matlab kuch bhi bol dena hai inko


But sir actually Chat GPT internet ko access nahi kar sakta hai wo jo kuch bhi batata hai sab uske system me hi feed hota hai


I do not agree with khan Sir.
Chat gpt is quite concise and informative as compared to Google.
Chat GPT ka khud ka server hai wo Google se nahi leta hai..
Since khan Sir is not a technical person so he don't understand well it.


Bard will never overtake ChatGPT.. Microsoft has backed it and integrated to Microsoft Bing.. and Bing also integrated image AI app .


Ya ur view is correct but chat gpt not designed for any exam but helps us to save time in googling.


Assalamu alaikum sir 😊😊


Google bard is more powerful than chatgpt,so he could pass upsc easily 😂😂😂😂😂


Khan sir current affairs ke class upload nahi kar rahe hai ❤❤


Are bhai khan sie ka ye channel nahee hai


Chat GPT is the best artificial intelligence .


One of the Best thing is AI but it is dangerous for humans

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