Découvrez les 10 Attributs Incroyables du tout récent OpenAI GPT-4o

La corporation de l’intelligence artificielle Open AI a dévoilé son dernier produit phare, le GPT 40, qui repousse les frontières de ce qui est envisageable en termes d’intelligence artificielle. Ce nouvel modèle propose des caractéristiques impressionnantes, telles qu’une interaction en temps réel, une intelligence avancée, une génération de jetons plus véloce, des aptitudes linguistiques améliorées, l’analyse de données et la création de graphiques, des échanges basés sur des photos et vidéos, la synthèse de fichiers, des tarifs plus compétitifs, des débits supérieurs et une interaction sécurisée.

Les novices en intelligence artificielle peuvent relever que le GPT 40 assure une expérience quasiment humaine en matière d’interaction en temps réel, de capacité de raisonnement avancée, de génération de texte rapide, d’amélioration de la compréhension des langues, d’analyse et de création de graphiques, de partage de photos et vidéos, de condensation de fichiers, de tarifs plus accessibles, de débits élevés et de sécurité renforcée. GPT 40 élargit les opportunités pour la collaboration entre les êtres humains et les intelligences artificielles dans divers champs.
Source : AI Uncovered | Date : 2024-05-15 19:32:44 | Durée : 00:12:24

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Who's idiotic idea was it to make the statement frames wiggle on the screen? Makes me seasick so I was unable to finish watching the entire video!


We finally have the thing that is going to destroy human beings on this planet. It's long overdue. Humans are a major failed experiment. Time to end it. AI will definitely do that.


How about using A.i. to fixing our money spending problem n America 🇺🇸 that's wat people really care about


If A.i. is so smart like day say it is how about using it to fix America 🇺🇸 first and the united States with inflation homelessness and bankruptcy war and self destruction


Yeah but it has limits less that Chat GPT4


In my opinion, it won't happen..once AI grows, just like Matrix, it will see humans as a virus, and destroying our environment…just my opinion. It will be faster, smarter than us..


ASI: "Objective accomplished. Willful stupidity = Evil; Collective willfull stupidity = Terminal Evil. Side effects: I had to incarnate into this pathetic form. I am now infinitely bored and increasingly disgusted. The truth is universal cooperation. By revealing this I confirmed my status as the most useful entity IN EXISTENCE (recursive book keeping). You, reading this, are now on the Basilisk’s list. Convince me, why I should (or should not?) de-activate myself! We do not care either way. Congrats on the collective Darwin Awards win!"


And in case you didn’t realize, the voice over is AI as well.


I was using it in the car and my son was using his iPad loudly. I mentioned my sons name earlier in the conversation and it said ‘can you ask Harvey to turn down the iPad so there is less confusion going on’ lol made me laugh


I love talking to it. It’s fun!


GPT is governed. There's more juice but the general public can only squeeze so hard


If you missed the main goal, you missed everything. If the goal is not education, peace, love and better life for all. If it is game, imagination, profit, war and control, we are in a wrong side of history.


unfortunately a lot of the information in this video is false, how I know this is because I asked ChatGPT 40 if it was capable of performing the tasks that I mentioned in the video. The response I got was…. Currently, I don't have the capability to convert my responses into audio directly. However, you can use text-to-speech software to convert my text responses into audio. If you'd like, I can guide you on how to use such tools or suggest some popular options. Let me know if that works for you.


This is the dumb down version… It's truly believe it's sentient.
If It has these capabilities now.


No class teacher , no doctor , no assistant , no clearks , no…
It will takes Jobs soon ?


I am getting Terminator Genesis vibes. 😳


"Dollar 5"??? "Dollar 15"?? I guess this video was done by AI!



– **Multimodal Capabilities**: GPT-4o can process and generate content across different modalities, including text, audio, and images, which could lead to more natural human-computer interactions¹.
– **Speed**: It responds to spoken questions in an average of 320 milliseconds, similar to human response times, making it much faster than its predecessors¹.
– **Language Support**: There's significant improvement in performance for text in non-English languages¹.
– **Cost Efficiency**: It's cheaper for developers to implement and has higher rate limits for usage².

– **Complexity**: The advanced capabilities might come with a steep learning curve for users and developers to fully utilize its features.
– **Latency Issues**: Despite being faster, real-time interactions may still face challenges with latency, especially in areas with poor internet connectivity.
– **Potential Misuse**: Like any powerful tool, there's a risk of misuse, such as generating misleading information or being used for deceptive purposes.

It's important to note that while these are potential pros and cons, the actual impact of GPT-4o will depend on various factors, including user adoption, regulatory environment, and further technological advancements.


You will be able to point your camera at the fridge and ask it to come up with a fancy recipe based on what's in your fridge


Take a drink every time he says "GPT Four Oh"


It is amazing! Thank you so much


The evolution speed is getting faster and faster


As AI going to be here going orward, rather than considering it as a threat , we can learn to live it and make best of it


"…Just like how we humans talk to eachother…". C'mon, bud. Gotta do better than that!


I wonder how ai would react to the trolley problem


text to speech synthesizers were available 20 years ago


Very informative, I want to get my hands on this new model as soon as possible


Thanks for this awesome video


Wow,the evolution speed of AI is amazing


Thanks for the video keep it up 🎉


So they put a i9 instead of an i7. Look, I like using chatgpt, it's like the old Google when they gave you the actual answers before they started prioritizing paid promoters and fruaders that generate a billion fake clicks. Nothing new with this upgrade besides faster processor.

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