Découvrez l’arrivée de Google Gemini : un concurrent redoutable pour ChatGPT !

Découvrez l’arrivée de Google Pearl : un adversaire redoutable pour ChatGPT !

La récente introduction de Google Pearl Ultra, également connu sous le nom de Pearl Advanced, représente un nouveau modèle d’intelligence artificielle qui rivalise avec le célèbre GPT-4. Disponible via un abonnement au forfait AI Premium de Google, ce modèle offre des performances similaires voire légèrement supérieures à celles de GPT-4. Bien qu’il soit moins avancé que prévu à l’origine, Pearl Advanced se distingue par sa convivialité et ses fonctionnalités adaptées à un large éventail d’utilisateurs. Grâce à des capacités de prévisualisation et de vérification des sources via Google, il se présente comme un outil d’apprentissage interactif. Malgré certaines fonctionnalités manquantes, telles que l’interprétation de code ou la modélisation d’images, Pearl Advanced se démarque par sa richesse d’interface et son potentiel d’intégration avec les applications Google. Ce nouvel acteur dans le domaine de l’IA promet une concurrence stimulante pour OpenAI et pourrait ouvrir la voie à de nouvelles avancées dans le domaine des agents autonomes.

Source : The AI Advantage | Date : 2024-02-08 23:51:43 | Durée : 00:13:03



I'm very sad about the loss of bard ai this upgrade as gemini has destroyed the highest learning way.


Chat gpt is way too censored.


gemini advance is garbage. you cant post any file in it, it told the users you can add flies from your drive but then when you send a link from your drive it writes "i dont understand and i dont use files links etc etc" , wtf


lol!! This is the best Google can do? It is racist and rewrites history and society!!! How could anyone ever trust Google ever again??!? They programmed in falsehoods intentionally.


Ce videoclip interesant și educativ! Mulțumesc pentru împărtășirea acestor informații utile. Sunt sigur că va fi de mare ajutor pentru mulți oameni!


Since Gemini appeared, everything I wanted to know I consulted both versions of AI. But the most accurate and complete seems to me to be the last one, that is, Gemini.


No, it is not! Completely biased on diversity and inclusivity! The redflags f..up the AI!


does anyone know why i can't use it, i'm in denmark and im over 18


You spent a whole few hours looking at it? WOW! You must be a expert


hmm, i'm not impressed. So many things i asks it gives me health and safeyt crap, then security crap, or tells me to consult a professional in that field. Are you sponsored by Google?


Never using racist woke ai in my life


Gemini is RACIST. Worst AI in History.


It generated images of black nasis in the name of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE)


People say it is racist towards White people, it falsifies true history by portraying famous White people as Black people.


Gemini won't give you a list of books that oppose climate change. It says it can't do that "in good conscience." Since when did GG have a conscience?


LOL. Dare you ask for white people content.


You pay extra for images of white people


No it's woke AF and unreliable. Don't use this crap if you want sincerity


been practicing Gemini on Prompt Engineering and I can say that I am really impress with it…I even use it together with NotebookLM, ImageFX and MusicFX!


used it for basic seo blogging and spanish to english translations.. failed royally


Hi Igor. Loved your detailed review of Gemini. I just want to ask how about trying your prompts in ChatGPT Advantage, with Gemini? What about the difference in output?


GPT uses the same words haha. For my studio I try to do posts for LinkedIn and it always started with "W'ere thrilled…"



I agree with you chatGPT answers speed is just perfect , it does not overwhelm you , I think its no harm for Gemini adopting that .
2nd , the chatGPT answers feel very human n does not always reply in AI way! it will understand the jokes and sarcasm .
Gemini is like giving google search engine vibe and always ready to get your job done .


Google Gemini is PowerFull than chatgpt… Google rocks


Why isnt my note 10plus compatible with this app??? Google Gemini app


Great video – How is it with coding compared to gpt4?


it does state at the begiing your text is reviewd by humans


I don't think thats a very good test to ask it to write an eassay about penguins… It might give you a feel of how natural it is wording sentences.

But GPT 3.5 can do that too.

Gemini is so censored that it refuses to answer in 30% of the prompts.

Everytime I use it, I have this weird feeling at the back of my head that it might refuse the next prompt.

It's good but the overall experience is really bad in my opinion.

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