De Jeux vidéo à l’Intelligence Artificielle: Comment Nvidia est devenu un géant de l’A.I. propulsant ChatGPT

Jeux électroniques à l’Intelligence Artificielle : Nvidia devient le géant propulsant ChatGPT

Ce contenu visuel présente l’explication apportée par un spécialiste dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle sur la manière dont les ordinateurs peuvent acquérir la capacité de saisir et d’analyser des données de manière similaire à celle d’un individu. Il évoque les divers types d’algorithmes employés pour instruire les machines dans la reconnaissance de schémas et dans la prise de décisions autonomes. Également abordées sont les applications concrètes de l’IA comme la détection de visages et la traduction instantanée. Enfin, l’orateur met l’accent sur l’importance de saisir les implications éthiques de cette technologie en termes de confidentialité et de sûreté.

**Source : CNBC | Date : 2023-03-05 18:00:25 | Durée : 00:17:54**



5:33 the stock did not stay "largely flat" until recently. NVidia stock had multiple periods in its history where it's stock lost more than 70% of it's value in huge drawdowns. That resilience is a core component of what you see in modern-day NVidia. Yes, it has had an incredible run, but it has not been without its challenges.


Annoying bg music when someone is talking… very rude


I liked it better when we could have racks and racks of nvidia GPUs mining Bitcoin for good money… 🙂


One question please! Is NVIDIA a safe buy to outperform the market this year? I'm tired of these new buys every week, just to make up some assets with low percentage on my $236k portfolio and try to keep everything around 10%.


Oh ! That has to be written " eye of tiger ' from simple minds point of view😊


The CO2 we'll be belching into the atmosphere on top of what we're already doing to power all of this is going to get insane.


I bought NVIDIA around September last year because my financiaI-planner recommended it to me…said the company is selling shovels in a gold rush. It accounted for almost 80% of my market return this year.


please post more often


Imagine inventing something that is banned to export. Reminds of the famous Faraday quote: I've found something that would be taxed by governments.


Who's here after the latest A.I. Nvidia Conference


I like how Huang still rocks a leather Members Only Jacket!


from Cryptocurrencies to A.I.,


I honestly dig nvidia as a company but find the keynotes just so uninspiring, just parts and model numbers


I don’t know .. Cathy’s ARK ETF’s ARKK, ARKG, ARKF are 50% to 70% down from last bull market in 2021. Not sure why she is not focusing on her ETF’s she is managing. It’s easily worst ETF last 3 year.


I glad to have an adviser who is excellent in what he's doing , you changed my entire life and I will continue to preach and song your praises on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Andras Bohm!!


Get the hell out of Taiwan, CEO Dear Sir, make this your priority my friend, Good Day.


4:05 nvidia niched down to the gaming world


i think green one is scheaming already he has some own agenda


Hopefully states like Texas & Arizona become better places for people to live. Crime, drought, heat, fires& smoke, air quality, traffic ,urban sprawl etc, are major obstacles


We the “useless” gamers created the future 😎


So the beginning of the end to the human race


What an insightful look into Nvidia’s history and vision. I think Jensen and the team are visionaries who are not only able to see the next revolution ahead of time, but able masterfully execute incrementally and position themselves for success.

When they started putting tensor cores into their graphics cards, gamers were very skeptical. But using deep learning to do super sampling became a major benefit and they were able to leverage all of that development to not only improve gaming, but get into and dominate the machine learning landscape.


❤️ love that is also great benefits for healthcare


A few days after the video linked in this post was published, the proposed merged failed. The reason it's so important for every NVDA investor to watch is due to the number of joint ventures NVDA sells its chips too. That's a bland way of pointing out that NVDA buys its own chips (not a joke). The deal in the video shows a lot of unsavory characters were involved as well as China, which is currently prohibited from acquiring NVDA AI GPUs due to US sanctions. The failed deal was out in the public eye. Can you imagine what is happening at these joint ventures that are private? You've been warned…


NVIDIA sure is a godly company


Bobbling her head is a sign she is Not actually Listening.


The richer he gets the more leather jackets he buys


When you're doing this type of history about US and China, you've got to study all the way back during the second world war when China was not communist.
United States then and now always looks at China as history so therefore we'll never get into a physical war with China. This is all financial
Don't be blind to this.
Do your studying and don't just study the stock market. You have to study the relations of each country and what they mean to each country 😉


i wander anybody buy nvda stocks after this vid


Could someone switch that very annoying music off? I stopped listening to the video just because of that.


Ahh so thats why all this US China nonsense. The tech companies are worried they will lose their cash cow.


No brainer. Semiconductor and AI stocks will dominate 2024. Why I prefer NVIDIA is that they are better placed to maintain long term growth potential, and provide a platform for other AI companies. I have made more than 200% ROI from NVIDIA with the assistance of my fa, I won’t fail to mention. I agree the stock would go higher in the next couple of days.


Watching from Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬


Reporter looks like kim from BCS


These execs are way too slick


Parallelism is like life all happening simultaneously


I recap the best daily stocks

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