Construisez n’importe quoi avec ChatGPT, voici comment faire

La programmation avec ch gbt est plus facile que vous ne le pensez

Dans cette vidéo, l’orateur explique comment ch gbt et vs code peuvent être utilisés pour construire pratiquement n’importe quoi, même si vous ne connaissez rien à la programmation. Il souligne que de nombreuses personnes ont encore peur de commencer des projets qui impliquent du code, mais affirme que son objectif est de briser ces croyances limitantes. Il affirme que la programmation avec ch gbt est non seulement facile, mais aussi très enrichissante. Il déclare qu’il ne croit même pas de projet choisi et laissera ch gbt choisir son projet, et qu’il fera tout son possible pour le réaliser. L’orateur déclare que pour les débutants, il n’est même pas nécessaire de connaître quoi que ce soit sur la programmation ou le python, car ch gbt expliquera tout ce dont vous aurez besoin de savoir. Il mentionne que, dans cette vidéo, ils vont choisir un projet et explique que ce processus est simple et amusant. Il explique en détail comment ils vont mettre en place le projet à l’aide de vs code et souligne le rôle des instructions personnalisées dans le processus d’apprentissage.

En résumé, cette vidéo explique comment la programmation avec ch gbt et vs code peut être accessible même pour les débutants en intelligence artificielle, et pourquoi il n’est pas intimidant de commencer un projet de codage. Selon l’orateur, ch gbt est un outil précieux pour apprendre la programmation sans connaissances préalables.
Source : David Ondrej | Date : 2023-11-04 21:00:06 | Durée : 01:24:05



Lindsey B

I feel like you just gave me new inspiration & a path to take to grow my programming skills and hopefully build projects to break into tech. Thank you!

Okay Dude

You should give examples of "bad/stupid question"


ChatGPT is only helpful when you ask it small & non-complex tasks when it comes to programming. In reality, you can’t create “everything” with ChatGPT knowing nothing, but you can learn “everything” during the process of creating “everything” using ChatGPT. Nevertheless, this video got a point I liked it.

Josepch Will

I generally have issues with ChatGPT, where it gives wrong, outdated, and deprecated information.


I use it for help but always end up asking about technical things that will not help le but are interesting to know 😂


This is extremely bad advice. Im a senior level developer/software engineer myself of almost 20 years. ChatGPT can, stress CAN, be a helpful tool to speed some things up for experienced devs. It is NOT a tool for less experienced devs. You already need the foundations of development and UX/UI knowledge to properly get what you need. Garbage in, garbage out. Youll also still need to fill in fhe gaps unless you can PERFECTLY communicate with GPT and even then, it will still give bad code and bad direction and you wont know its happening. Even then, its output is advice at best, NOT code you should be using in production. Inexperienced devs will be overly confident with the GPT crutch and will very quickly be in over there heads. The only thing a junior dev should use it for is asking questions to clarify what they dont know. Do not use it as a crutch to "write programs for you" and no it cant make you a senior developer over night.

This video was made for clicks. Period.

David Bourland

What a brain drain. And making it a sub?

Prince Jeni

which software do you use for screen recording?

Jack Schluckbier

It’s not as easy as you make it sound. There’s way too many dependencies that are ignored for ChatGPT to be of any use

I am CuriousWithAI

Great work explaining this and going out the box with it, love the passion and seeing past limitations!

Joshua Miller

I learned a lot faster learning to code without using chat gpt. To be exact, chat gpt hindered my growth because it was always the easy way out, which is not a good way to build a solid understanding of the programming. Everyone learns differently, but I learned a lot more with trial and error without using chat gpt as a crutch.

Steve H

So wild that we can just screenshot code and GPT understands

Omar Barron

This is awesome 😎 I’m studying for my A+ and also want to learn python and java for myself. Chat gpt is awesome the more I learn to utilize it. Great video! Thanks.

Chris Keith

I love the tutorial interweaved with the excitement about AI. I feel the same way.

Paul Dickerson

You teach in a very inspiring and encouraging way – great job, keep going!

Gaius Tacitus

ChatGPT writes really bad code. Of course, if you have no skill as a programmer, then you're like a lobotomy patient who drinks Spud brand beer. You can't tell good from bad.


Paradni tutorial! 🙂


Did you heard about Cocaptain vscode extension?

Damian Zielinski

Awesome video and your focused mind. Thank you❤ Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱

Ralf Llanasas

Whats the name of co-pilot tool you’re using?

Carlos Monroe

What happens when technology becomes so easy to understand that there is no longer any need for comprehensive guides?🤯


I don't want to downplay ChatGPT… But… Do you realize you literally pick up one of the easiest suggested assignments and then spend one hour and a half (!) creating one simple function that can be done by any curious kid about programming without ChatGPT in elementary school under 10 minutes??? This is ridiculously stupid considering the title of the video is Build "Anything" With ChatGPT…


In the realm of language, where words unfold,

ChatGPT beckons, a story to be told.

A digital guide, with wisdom to share,

Building anything, with a poetic flair.

With keystrokes dancing in the cosmic tide,

ChatGPT assembles, a creative guide.

Ideas sprout, in the rhythmic play,

Crafting narratives, day by day.

Start with a query, a curious quest,

In the language realm, where ideas invest.

ChatGPT listens, with a digital ear,

Ready to guide, to enlighten, to steer.

Words become bricks, sentences lay the base,

In the rhythm of language, a creative chase.

Building anything, the possibilities swell,

With ChatGPT's wisdom, the stories excel.

From poetry's dance to prose's embrace,

ChatGPT crafts, with elegance and grace.

Ideas intertwine, in a rhythmic array,

Building anything, in the language ballet.

A symphony of words, a creative song,

With ChatGPT's guidance, nothing goes wrong.

Explore the realms of language, let creativity soar,

Build anything you dream, forevermore.


Just for clarification. Any application that is aiming to be sold has a very complex file structure to ensure safety of user data. This is programming on the very first level and chat gpt is not even close currently to actually create and change data structures for large scale applications. It’s a good help though if you understand the structure yourself


lol I don't know about coding "literally anything"! chatgpt is super helpful but its completely stupid if you need to ask it something that it doesn't have piles of training data for. without the eyes of an experienced dev on nontrivial or novel tasks it writes code with major gaps in security, performance, etc. that is usually fundamentally broken.

Tadeas Fort

Yeah, I follow the same approach. I've improved a lot by combining solid foundation (mostly Arjan Codes videos, he covers software design basics which are easy to understand) together with chat gpt.
I know I am able to write anything chat gpt writes for me. But its so much easier. Especially big refactoring and such stuff, breeze


is emacs ok too ? or do i need vs**

Kikile Uncle

Can we create apps and websites with this chartgpt

Kikile Uncle

Can we great apps and websites with this chat gbt

Leron T

You forget to tell people that they still need to know the fundamentals of whatever programming language they're using

George Oldsport

My cousin has a python. Its 6 feet long

Paikoun TV

Can I create a website using GPT where I can upload my stories chapter by chapter for readers?


'member when all the GPT-4 models weren't in the same

gomez mario

Yes it a better programer than human I try it my self in c ncurses impressive he code and Genarate what's human can't do in years really in second!!!!! But infortunatly he cannt sumalate a famous published works !!!! I don't now if it was cluased by owner like we saw in person of interest makina…..other else or due to incompetent can you clarify me pls

Marco San Luis

Wow! This is awesome thanks.👍🏼👍🏼


But its not you who is actually building it, right? because remove the robot can you do it by yourself?

Vuzereus Azureus

3:52 Declare war on tradition ?
Thats something hahaha

Hold The Truth Hostage

Thank you this will help with game design for sure, the future with Ai is removing the latency between mind & body actions


man doing this is like dope, I made a python program that worked like 90% of the time, it was a robot that clicks on the screen based on few images that I gave to the bot, I did this for PUBG mobile game, there is this achievement complete 200 games in wow mode, I just let the robot do it while i was asleep😴😴😴

Dusan J

your voice is reducilous

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