Comment j’ai utilisé ChatGPT pour automatiser mon trading et gagner de l’argent

Un trader partage son expérience avec l’intelligence artificielle

Un trader a récemment partagé son succès en utilisant l’intelligence artificielle pour créer un bot de trading très rentable. Il a exploité les capacités du chat GPT pour élaborer un modèle de formation qui intègre la gestion des risques. Après avoir demandé à l’IA de concevoir un programme en Pine script, il a pu résoudre les problèmes techniques rencontrés au cours du processus. De manière stupéfiante, l’IA a commencé à coder le bot de trading directement devant lui. Le code généré a été adapté à la version cinq de Pinescript. Le trader a ensuite transféré le code dans Tradingview pour observer les performances du bot, lequel a généré plusieurs transactions lucratives malgré le marché à la baisse. Il souligne que le bot peut fonctionner de manière autonome, offrant ainsi un avantage concurrentiel en permettant de tirer parti du marché sans surveillance constante. Il encourage les intéressés à suivre l’évolution de cette méthode en s’abonnant à sa chaîne.
Source : Tactiques de Trading | Date : 2022-12-09 02:42:59 | Durée : 00:00:59

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Even if it's true i wouldn't follow the advice of someone putting chat gpt code directly into a program that use your real money.
That's the best way to start random 10.000x leverage and be doomed, i mean really doomed at this point peoples end themselves (you end up with millions of $ of debt or even billions lmao).


Guys,I am from Ethiopia ,we need all the help we can get



Just like every tool u will be required to pay a subscription fee. They CANNOT TELL U WHEN AND HOW MUCH PROFIT YOU WILL MAKE.



Trading and coding for 2+ years now sooo just be honest to grow broski. Natural engagement is better than fishing for views for long term growth


Everyone please make sure to down vote this video to oblivion.


Any coder who looks at that chat GPT script knows that this guys capping his ass off. You’ve exposed yourself.


Great chart but the scammy ass crypto exchanges will never allow you to make a dime.


Wow can you sponsor me ? 🎉


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Nah, you did get rich from views of these videos, stop the BS


The key is, to build a training platform that makes people think they will have an advantage over the finacial trading market (while playing off peoples innate desire to WIN) and charge them for that over actually making money as a "sucessful" day trader. 😂 so 2018… 😂😂😂 history tends to repeat itself but you failed in the classic "too soon" way with it. Takes a generation to forget the original day trader new age ponzi scheme that was really designed to manipulate the markets for pump and dump style trades of 2018. Wait a decade and then try this hustle again bro. Lol!


"risk management".. you mean martingale?


Very nice vid. A performance worthy of mass reporting


hi new here but is this risky maybe like il get arrested or something


if that indicator really made money he woulnd be uploading shorts 🙂


chatGPT is amazing for this, but honestly dude this is very very unrealistic and the code you have right there is nothing short of worthless.


What’s the forex software is he using ??


Dear ChatGPT, write a script for a YouTube video targeting gullible people with very limited code and stock experience.


Yeah… just trade futures for 8hr a day work for 2 months and you will be rich😂


Reported for misinformation


This is how he used chat gpt to scam the people 😂😂


The same institution that own trading are the same that own tech ..think about it


Lesson #1 : if you find a way to make money you will never share it with anyone.
Lesson #2 : if someone shares with you the way they make money you should know "you are the product"


2 min silence for those innocent traders who think he is there to help you. He himself is recovering his loses making youtube videos


Chat GPT can help you create coding projects but it’s iterative and you need to have a lot of patience and many attempts to test and iron out the bugs. It also still forgets random parts of your instructions and can get extremely frustrating. As a coding assistant I’d say it’s ok but if you want it to build a complete Algo from scratch while you sit back, watch and eat popcorn, forget it.


let's see those live account results…lol


How does it execute?


You can’t copy and paste pinescript from gpt to TradingView you have to sort it all

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