Comment économiser du temps lors de la planification de la rentrée scolaire avec ChatGPT pour les enseignants

Dans cette vidéo, l’auteur propose trois conseils aux enseignants pour gagner du temps lors de la préparation de la rentrée scolaire en utilisant une intelligence artificielle (IA) appelée Chat GPT. Chat GPT est un outil d’IA qui peut répondre aux questions ou effectuer des tâches nécessitant une réponse textuelle, comme rédiger un e-mail. Pour commencer à utiliser Chat GPT, les enseignants doivent créer un compte, fournir une demande à l’outil et personnaliser les résultats obtenus pour créer une lettre de présentation aux familles des élèves.

En utilisant Chat GPT, les enseignants peuvent obtenir des idées et des exemples d’activités pour la première semaine d’école, ainsi que des indices pour des chasses au trésor dans la classe. L’auteur suggère également d’utiliser Chat GPT pour planifier l’année scolaire en préparant des questions pour le rituel du matin.

En plus de ces conseils, la vidéo propose deux idées supplémentaires pour l’utilisation de Chat GPT. Les enseignants peuvent l’utiliser pour rédiger un e-mail d’introduction aux familles et pour traduire les lettres aux familles dans d’autres langues. Cependant, il est souligné que l’IA ne remplace pas les tâches physiques comme l’impression et la plastification du matériel.

Source : Pocketful of Primary | Date : 2023-07-14 13:00:31 | Durée : 00:10:47

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Ruby J

You are heavens sent ❤ thank you 🎉

Jimmy Howe

Классный канал, от подачи не устаёшь

My Mommy Does Speech Therapy

Love this! I did a video on my channel about ChatGPT and a few other apps and how to use them for students.

Nerissa Dayanan

hello I am a new teacher here in US, everything is new to me, so I hope ChatGPT can help me in many ways.

English with Muzammal

That time is not far when the need for a teacher will be replaced by an AI in the classroom that never tires; it's time to learn skills and do some other business if you are working as a teacher.

Wend Lit


Letty Gomez

Thank you. I loved this.

Fan de budget

I used ChatGPT to create a quizz in Sciences (plants). My students loved that quiz so much!

Byeteaching - Career, Resume, & Interview Tips

This is great! As a former teacher myself, I needed to be aware of the new technologies to impart in my change career. Thanks for sharing.

Matt C

How to know if your students are using chatgpt to cheat on papers and projects? Chat gpt can't hand write papers.

Bobby Jahvon

Very helpful video. Keepem coming

Kim Woods

Holy cow!! I’m thinking of all the ways this will help me write special education documents 😃 Thank you so much!!! ❤

Norma Lewis

As a teacher of 26 years, I have learned the importance of keeping up with the changes in technology. AI is one of those major changes that will revolutionize how we teach. I love your informative videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

thm teach

Thank you so much for the explanation and great examples. I'll be visiting your store to purchase a few items for planning this year. Can you believe we have literally two weeks to go? Summer has gone by quickly. Thank you again for your happy and cheerful advice.


As an educator you're disgusting to encourage AI.

Raf Peeters

I love lessons plans following thé 5 e's plan. But so hard to come up with them. Gpt does that very Well. Bard does it even netter. You do need to describe thé modalities of thé lesson very closely.
Thé after-prompting human work is done in a jiffy then.

Joshua Cormier

Does anyone remember Michelle's Dunkin' order?

Jane Layman

Do you ever do anything for upper middle school students or high school level? Almost everything I've seen from you is for elementary. Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.

Jane Layman

Use it all the time since it came out. Very handy!

Carrie Durell

I asked Chat GPT for readers' theater scripts! With some minor edits, it was great and saved me literal hours of time. There are so many ways to use it. Thanks for the tips on ways to save and link to threads, I'll have to try it this year for morning meeting, too.

Stephenie Waters

Two more ideas: I prompted chatgpt to create a 2, 3, or 4 person skit that taught about weather tools. Then I re-prompted to write one of them to a first grade level for two of my lower readers. I also used chatgpt during our poetry unit becauseI was plumb out of ideas and it created some great rhymes. The haiku were a little off, but the others were great.

Leslie Santillan

Thank you! You are so awesome! I have been avoiding AI just because I just don't have the energy to learn "one MORE thing," but you gave us some easy ideas to get us started. Thank you!

Camie Broad

Great ideas! Thank you!

Kate Donovan

I’m so excited to try out these ideas!

Michael Hittson

I always use ChatGPT to write my responses like a cowboy. Yeehaw folks!! 🤠

Emily Rios

I've used ChatGPT to write emails to college students when they don't turn in their assignments on time. It not only saves a lot of time but also emotional, negative energy that doesn't need to be spent while sounding as professional as possible.

Russell Palatiere

Love this video. AI gives so many new ideas! I think a way to use ChatGPT is to also help edit a class website as well! I’m in the process of updating mine with using the help of ChatGPT. It is a good advice tool. Working in a cancer field I asked it a simple question and ChatGPT gave some great insight (it gave me another way of thinking of things (thinking in 3D instead of 2D)

Tiffany McDermott

Omg! Thank you, Michelle! I have always learned so much from you & your videos, but this one!!🎉 I HATE writing weekly newsletter messages/memos. I used your advice to "create a list of newsletter messages to parents for every week of the school year"😮….it worked wonderfully! I am all set, one less thing to have to think about during the school days!! Great video!!!

Christine Carlson

“Has come a very far way” 😬

LearnEng Simplified

How did you remove the colour that comes along while copying the text from chat gpt


Hi Michelle,
It's amazing what has become available out there for teachers or even non teachers versus the past, am I right or am I "yeah right".
Here's to the future and you !,
– Dwight

Julie D'Angelo

This is amazing! Thank you!!

Melissa King

This was super helpful! I'm still a new teacher (started last Nov) so finding quick and easy ways to get things done is super helpful!

Donna Shelley

The irony and hypocrisy that a teacher would use chat GPT but when a student does then the student is cheating.😢

Teresa Harris

OMG, I didn't know this existed. Super helpful. Thanks.


Usually for checking my grammar. I have a hard time with articles. I couldn't master them. So, I just put my sentence into ChtGPT and let them to place articles where needed.

Ric Seeds

I love the use of Haitian Creole as an example of ChatGPT translating a letter.

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