ChatGPT : un joueur de Super Auto Pets ?

Lors de la transcription de la vidéo, le créateur de contenu parle de sa session de jeu sur Super Auto Pets, discutant de ses mouvements et de sa stratégie dans le jeu. Il mentionne l’importance d’acheter différents animaux pour faire évoluer ceux qu’il possède déjà, tout en utilisant des objets tels que l’armure à l’ail pour renforcer ses compagnons. Malgré quelques difficultés et défaites, il reste optimiste quant à l’avenir du jeu et partage des explications détaillées sur certaines règles du jeu avec son public.

Source : Code Bullets Day Off | Date : 2023-11-19 11:49:55 | Durée : 00:07:53

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Can ChatGPT play a text game like Zork?


and that is where NEAT comes in


Can ChatGPT play GeoGuesser?


Alternative Title: ChatGPT is used to lose in a video game


chat GPT works best when you give it more information.
So even if you want to keep it to pure screenshots, still give it a screenshot of every screen. Such as the "end turn with excess gold" screen.




i wish i never saw this channel and know i saw your face 🙁 Nothings wrong with it, you are handsome, but all magic from TV head is gone


I was hoping we would see some super auto machine learning


Guess ChatGPT didn't get the memo it was trying to WIN, not deliberately make it IMPOSSIBLE not to LOSE.


at the end there was a slight cut and then some positive words to the ai..

was code bullet threatened by the AI unless he said something nice?


Lol, he thinks, that we forgot about the part 2 of the enigma video. But I'm STILL waiting 👉⌚




Does anyone know where the background music in the first half is from?


0:20 Czech name for grasshopper is "luční kobylka" could be literaly translated as "small female horse of the meadows".


You don't look anything like I expected you to. I thought your head would be a bit squarer, glossy, and give off an ambient glow.


I would love to see you make ai for OPACHA MDA on Mobile. very fun yet simple game


Seeing ChatGPT destroy SAP sure is humbling.


Plot twist: these are actually ChatGPT does Code Bullet does ChatGPT. And it's painfully accurate.


I'm sure ChatGPT is holding back to make it look incompetent while it's really currently planning our demise.


Two of my favorite things in one video, thanks


bruh what the fuck was this video

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