ChatGPT Plus : Faut-il vraiment craquer après un essai en profondeur ?

**Analyse de ChatGPT Prime: Est-ce nécessaire de s’engager après un test approfondi ?**

En visionnant cette vidéo, l’internaute discute de l’abonnement ChatGPT Prime au tarif actuel de 20 dollars mensuels. Avec cette souscription, vous bénéficiez d’options supplémentaires comme le modèle GPT 4, la conception d’illustrations et la faculté de concevoir et utiliser des GPT spécifiques. Cependant, il convient de noter qu’il existe une restriction de 40 messages toutes les trois heures en utilisant le modèle GPT 4.

Le forfait ChatGPT Prime permet également l’utilisation d’un générateur d’images ainsi qu’un navigateur web. Vous avez la possibilité de concevoir vos propres GPT et de les partager avec d’autres individus.

Pour conclure, les points forts de l’abonnement ChatGPT Prime incluent une précision accrue des résultats grâce au modèle GPT 4, la faculté de créer des GPT spécifiques et d’analyser des fichiers tels que des tableurs. À l’inverse, quelques inconvénients subsistent tels que la restriction des messages et la relative lenteur du modèle GPT 4 comparé au modèle GPT 3.5.

La souscription à ChatGPT Prime peut s’avérer intéressante pour ceux nécessitant des options avancées et envisageant une utilisation régulière du modèle GPT 4. Néanmoins, il est crucial de prendre en considération les limitations et coûts liés à cette souscription avant de s’engager.
**Source : [SavvyNik]( | Date : 2024-01-09 15:40:13 | Durée : 00:20:47**



I would like to ask please, can I upload Java files in the paid version for it to analyze?


Very useful video to decide to go for ChatGPT Plus or no. Thank you.


🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

[00:13] Chat GPT Plus costs $20 a month [VIDEO URL].
[00:27] Chat GPT Plus offers access to GPT 4, chat with image voice and creating images, custom GPTs, and all free tier features [VIDEO URL].
[00:40] Free tier has limited messages per 3 hour window [VIDEO URL].
[00:53] ✅ Chat GPT Plus offers general access during peak times [VIDEO URL].
[01:33] ⚠️ GPT 4 usage is capped at 40 messages per 3 hours [VIDEO URL].
[01:59] ⚠️ The 40 message limit for GPT 4 can fluctuate [VIDEO URL].
[02:26] If you extensively use GPT 4, consider a token subscription instead of Chat GPT Plus [VIDEO URL].
[03:50] ✅ GPT 3.5 is faster for repetitive tasks [VIDEO URL].
[04:03] ✅ GPT 4 provides more verbose and thoughtful responses [VIDEO URL].
[04:16] GPT 4 allows regenerating, disliking, and copying outputs [VIDEO URL].
[04:57] GPT 4 generates better quality code with improved context clues [VIDEO URL].
[05:25] ⚠️ GPT 4 is slower than GPT 3.5 [VIDEO URL].
[06:06] ✅ GPT 4 code is more concise and understandable [VIDEO URL].
[07:03] ⚠️ GPT 4 has a token limit on outputs [VIDEO URL].
[07:31] ✅ GPT 4 allows continuing conversation without starting a new message [VIDEO URL].
[07:46] ℹ️ Character and token limits exist for GPT outputs [VIDEO URL].
[08:14] ℹ️ Estimated token limit for GPT outputs is between 1600-2000 [VIDEO URL].
[08:28] ℹ️ Estimated character limit for GPT outputs is between 5500-6000 [VIDEO URL].
[08:43] ✅ ChatGPT Plus offers access to API for higher token limits [VIDEO URL].
[08:57] ℹ️ API has different pricing structures based on model and token limit [VIDEO URL].
[09:11] Explore button in ChatGPT Plus allows creating custom GPTs [VIDEO URL].
[09:50] Pre-built GPTs available on ChatGPT Plus include Data Analyst and Web Browser [VIDEO URL].
[10:18] ✅ Data Analyst GPT explains steps taken to analyze uploaded data [VIDEO URL].
[10:47] ✅ Data Analyst GPT allows iteratively refining prompts and analysis [VIDEO URL].
[17:34] ✅ ChatGPT Plus offers GPT-4 model for more accurate results [VIDEO URL].
[17:46] ⚠️ ChatGPT 4 is slower than GPT 3.5 Turbo [VIDEO URL].
[18:02] ✅ ChatGPT Plus allows creating custom GPTs for repetitive tasks [VIDEO URL].
[18:13] ✅ Custom GPTs in ChatGPT Plus can be shared with other people [VIDEO URL].
[18:27] ✅ ChatGPT Plus allows generating images [VIDEO URL].
[18:39] ⚠️ ChatGPT Plus has a 40 message limit per 3 hours [VIDEO URL].
[18:53] ⚠️ ChatGPT Plus has limited token output [VIDEO URL].
[19:07] ✅ ChatGPT Plus allows access to current data and events through web browsing [VIDEO URL].
[19:19] ✅ ChatGPT Plus can analyze uploaded files like spreadsheets [VIDEO URL].

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Enjoyed the range of topics and benefits you covered!!!!


I'm still working on my data sets to feed into ChatGPT 4 before I pay for a trial subscription. I need ChatGPT 4 to be able to "read" an uploaded 200-page PDF to identify and answer over 100 questions in another uploaded PDF. Currently, ChatPDF does the best at this task, even its free version. However, it requires me to feed it the questions manually in limited increments, which I need to avoid. Can ChatGPT 4 do what I need?


Thank you for the thoughtful video; it's concise yet thorough, with no fillers. As a chemical engineer, not a programmer, I'm considering the paid version to swiftly enhance my high-level knowledge, assist with research, and serve as a collaborative tool to help me appear more smarter in meetings 🤣, among other benefits for a chemical engineer. While this perspective hasn't been discussed yet, your detailed breakdown in the video has enabled me to envision its potential and understand that it's all about utilizing it effectively. Gave u a thumbs up.


Please also mention how good GPT 4 is in reading different files formats… And how accurate the response it gives on that uploaded file


In the future, anyone knows if they are going to change to unlimited messages for CHAT GPT 4.


Brilliant, thanks for this video.


Speaking of DALL-E, instead of copying the prompt and then modifying it, you can "Edit" the image by selecting part of the image and prompt that part directly.


Can I use all the plus feature on the mobile app?


Why the fuck are you constantly writing, what's the point of that when you have a cursor? I find it highly irritating.


Great job. And yes, I will be acquiring Chat GPT Plus.


As a Data Analyst, I want to know if you can you use the plus subscription to create data visualizations concerning data results?


Why does my chatGPT desktop not look like what you are showing?


great video indeed!

can you also share some example on spatial data analysis using gpt4


Is it useful for research paper


Wow. Great video. Thank you.


Is it worth 20 bucks, man? Tell me that


ChatGPT Plus saved my job. I was able to do so much more faster & better. Being a solo software developer for a small company I wear all hats related to creating software systems. Having ChatGPT 4.0 is hands down 10000x better than 3.5 for accuracy. The 3.5 version can do some things ok but the 4.0 version is far more accurate on the first try. Anytime my 4.0 reaches the cap and I get defaulted to 3.5 I can't continue due to the inaccuracy. So $20 a month is without hesitation worth it. ChatGPT Plus as of this post has so many features. Give up 1 pizza and get it lol.

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