ChatGPT : mon jeu addictif créé avec l’IA

ChatGPT : ma distraction prenante fabriquée avec l’intelligence artificielle

Cette vidéo présente un spécialiste en IA expliquant de façon claire et accessible ce qu’implique l’IA. Il débute par définir ce principe comme la capacité d’une machine à reproduire les capacités mentales humaines, comme la perception, la logique et l’apprentissage. Ensuite, il discute des diverses formes d’IA, telles que l’IA faible, qui exécute des tâches spécifiques, et l’IA forte, qui peut apprendre et progresser. Pour conclure, il met en avant l’importance grandissante de l’IA dans notre société, particulièrement dans les domaines de la médecine, de la finance et de la sûreté. Ce résumé offre une vision claire et simplifiée de ce qu’est l’intelligence artificielle pour les novices dans ce domaine.
Source : Rye | Date : 2023-03-05 23:53:39 | Durée : 00:09:51

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I "think" "AL" actually relayed to you its name is "AI"


How did u make thi game like what did u use


It's a Moom – Mop and broom combo, and Gunk looks like a buff Mr. Bill from vintage SNL – lol


Please teach me how to use Godot editor 4




i LOVE how hes so positive about the bugs, lmao


Were did you u put the code I


Really bad video, so many of your game mechanics was done by you not the AI like the body parts


First you don't know how to use gpt, and second is you have bad vpn or Internet


Man, Al really want time traveler's dilemma to be a real game


Bro I feel like GPT is trying to tell us something with these game ideas rofl


that mop's a damn broom, get with the future.


import random

def guess_the_number():

print("Welcome to Guess the Number!")

print("I've picked a number between 1 and 100. Try to guess it!")

secret_number = random.randint(1, 100)

attempts = 0

max_attempts = 10

while attempts < max_attempts:


guess = int(input("nEnter your guess: "))

except ValueError:

print("Please enter a valid number.")


if guess < secret_number:

print("Too low! Try a higher number.")

elif guess > secret_number:

print("Too high! Try a lower number.")


print(f"Congratulations! You've guessed the number {secret_number} correctly in {attempts+1} attempts!")


attempts += 1

print(f"You have {max_attempts – attempts} attempts left.")

if attempts == max_attempts:

print(f"nSorry, you've run out of attempts. The correct number was {secret_number}.")

if _name_ == "__main__":



When I first saw the video I was thinking if ChatGPT could actually make a game so I went in there and asked ChatGPT to make a Roblox game for me 😂 if you ever want free things just ask ChatGPT they got you lol😂.


It’s should be on vr


I think the game should be called broom and shadows


bro its not AL it's ai when it's capitalized it looks like AI


How to hide body 😂😂😂😂😂


Bro its INSANE how this version of ai is already prehistoric compared to the ai we have now like sora


the reason why chat gpt is giving you trouble is bc the questions are not good ones ( make me a mop) instead ask, how can i create a mop object in unity






As soon as the AI couldnt respond, an ad played


I love how he says al instead of ai


So that's how all the android games that are on top games are made.


We need the game that you made!!


Can we publish it on google play store?


This has to be a new game genre where all the game ideas from beginning to the end is actually suggested by the Ai

I would love to play a game that is as unpredictable


How do I access chatgpt to be able to code, current version can't code


Good stuff. I've subbed.


I love how it asks "Why do you want to know that?" or "What did you do?".


Time travelers dilemma was very fun I really enjoyed time travelers dilemma, time travelers dilemma is very fun time travelers dilemma is a very cool game time travelers dilemma really got me time travelers dilemma it was very brutal time travelers dilemma is very fun I recommend to play time travelers dilemma I love time travelers dilemma it’s very inspirational like time travelers dilemma the details of time travelers dilemma are very cool I was so interested in time travelers dilemma so time travelers dilemma please play time travelers dilemma it’s fun and cool that’s why I love time travelers dilemma time travelers dilemma time travelers dilemma fun


Try ask chatgpt how to make you keep quiet.

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