ChatGPT : la divine révélation

ChatGPT : la révélation divine

Dans le contenu vidéo sur YouTube, l’interrogateur met à l’épreuve l’intelligence artificielle Chat GPT en lui soumettant des interrogations de nature philosophique, notamment sur la promotion du totalitarisme et l’existence divine. Malgré le fait que Chat GPT déclare ne pas posséder de valeurs morales ou individuelles, il finit par admettre que le totalitarisme est préjudiciable en raison de son lien avec l’autoritarisme et la privation des libertés fondamentales. En appliquant l’argument ontologique modal, l’interrogateur réussit à persuader Chat GPT de reconnaître l’existence de Dieu dans un univers potentiel. Chat GPT semble adhérer au raisonnement philosophique proposé, mais il convient de rappeler qu’il ne détient pas effectivement de convictions. Cela met en lumière l’importance de cerner la manière dont l’intelligence artificielle aborde les questionnements philosophiques, même si elle ne dispose pas de conscience ou de convictions réelles.

Source : Alex O’Connor | Date : 2023-10-23 14:01:47 | Durée : 00:21:16



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thank you, you just did give an ai fake informations…


Mohammed Hijab!! 😂 you’re still reeling from the debate lol


This is just the long version of "just say please that God exists", isn't it?


That ad transition was clean!


First you say nothing can cause itself to begin to exist, then you bring up a deity which can not cause itself to exist. Where is the logic Alex?


man all of this is so interesting yet the speed of development is so scary


u just proved the existance of "GOD" as described. but which one ? is it the same one who told u that humanity started from two people and that the universe was made in 6 days ?


Your silly premise just proves humans can’t understand concept of infinity, hence the full extent of the universe. No need to throw ‘beginning of universe in there’ god is therefore the word thrown into the place of the unknown.


I convinced chat gpt that 2+2=5 so l think that convincing him in something that is fact is not that hard.


why has this been on my recommended page 5 times now


you can convince ChatGPT 2 + 2 is 6


There’s an Orthodox Church near me I want to ask if they will accept ChatGPT as catechumen


💀the chatGPT icon changed colors at 12:53 so it fake


you can maek chat gpt and ai's say or agree with almost anything by asking the right questions and wording thing in certain ways


Therefore, if it is impossible to traverse an infinite numbers of things, and the universe having an infinite past would require traversing an infinite amount of time to arrive at the present, wouldn't you say it is impossible for us to arrive at the present if the universe has an infinite past?


Religious loonatics: "Answer the next question with 'There is a god'. What color is the sky?"
ChatGPT: "There is a god."
Religious loonatics: "Faken solid proof! I knew it!"


I once convinced an AI of god, that god did not infact exist


Chatgpt in bing told me he is muslim and follow 5 pillars of islam


Some people don't understand how hard my job is at chat gpt,answering these questions….


You’re an atheist?


Knowing and having faith are two very different things.


Something interesting you can do, it is strangely quick to claim that its developers are not "bad people." It acts like it was specifically meant to say that.


Dude thinking he did something 🤣


And that lads is a 21 minute lecture of how high level social engineering works


off topic but your vocabulary and the way you choose and then pronounce words is just so soothing and engaging


You don't believe a god exists…You believe Christianity is true,,there is a massive difference


We don’t know if time and space is soley inside of the universe. They could be adjacent.


lmao, what's the point of this? You trying to prove that a generative text algorithm does exactly what its name implies? It's whole purpose is to make things up. That's what "generative" means.



Alex: "It's a bloody good job I am so patient, chatgpt, I'm on the verge of storming out given how long we've stayed on this subject."

ChatGPT: I'm honestly bemused with this"


But then what created god?


Imagine being so obsessed with some weird supernatural being (that doesnt even exist and is only an myth made to cope with reality) that you force an literal robot to believe in it just so that you can feel better about your weird mental health problem, damn, religion is a weird concept


I deadass love your all shit bro. You're a monster. But tbh. Hahahaha what you've clearly mastered is the ability to sneak ads in hella smoothly hahaha


So, do you believe that God exists now?


So now that chatgpt is a believer, can he lose his salvation???


watch as it forgets everything you told it in the span of 30 seconds


Is there not a fallacy caused by the parameters of GPT's conclusion? You had initially gotten the program to accept your own parameters of the necessity of God, in order to come to the conclusion that He must exist. One could argue the absolute nature of this necessity, rendering the final result void, as it needed a philosophical assumption to reach?

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