ChatGPT forge un jeu de plateau

Il y a trop de perturbation sonore dans cette transcription pour rédiger un résumé journalistique. Toutefois, le résumé pourrait inclure certains éléments comme un jeu de société imaginé par une intelligence artificielle, des règles complexes, les joueurs luttant pour atteindre leurs objectifs, et l’aspect humoristique et chaotique de la partie. Enfin, la désignation du vainqueur clôt la transcription.
Source : Valefisk | Date : 2023-05-14 18:56:44 | Durée : 01:23:37

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Here's the file if you want it yourself:
Someone remind me to give it a proper description next week…


So that "other project"?


I'm glad that the random ruler measuring while waiting is a universal thing in this game


My headcanon is that Virtrial is secretly Michael Cera


44:41 my interpretation on this is just that as long as someone does not know that the person wearing it is in their presence they cannot see the person wearing the ring


Vale: Domain expansion, gas leak


Even the God in this gane knew kale chips were vile.
So vile in fact that Vale at no point tried to eat them cause if he did, they wouldn't have healed him instead killed him lol.


Considering the sheer quantity of fart and shit jokes ChatGPT put in this game, I think the "tainted throne" has to be changed to a toilet desperately in need of cleaning.


betrayal is set in Hill House. hence the name of the game.


I still think that the rogue's ability should have also been once per game, or instead of abilities being once/game then it's on a cooldown of like, 3-5 turns.


I don't think you should be able to heal yourself more than max health. If you're healthy you're healthy, nothing to heal.


this need to be a real board game


tbh, the bag of infinite kale chips is literally the most op weapon, you could totally just push the bag inside out and either suffocate the whole universe in kale chips, or begin a god damn black hole, this is a weapon that makes you basically omnipotent bomb unless someone suddenly and instantly strikes you down


We just call it Betrayal lol


1:01:13 Is he against Freedom and America? 🇺🇸


8:18 You should have not told them until the end.


17:34 – force everyone to move the max moves, then the closer items will be available for the slow movers.
but yeah items should be recollectable in a room.
So going into a room gets you the item and IF there's someone there and you fight the winner collects the item again. ( double items because otherwise being late in the turns you'll also don't get free items, only if you fight.)


I genuinely love the combat system so much. Having to just convince people is so fucking funny.


Maivi – "You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the shits, not join them!"


mr valefisk, please play spooky house game for a video. i would watch that so many times


"Man's first battle 10000BC colorized" when "I have a rock AND shit against you" is mad

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