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John est un talentueux programmeur qui souhaite lancer une entreprise utilisant une application mobile qu’il a développée pour relier les restaurants et les clients pour les réservations, mais il a du mal à constituer une équipe pour sa start-up. Son ami Ryan lui présente alors chat GPT, un chatbot révolutionnaire basé sur l’IA développé par OpenAI. Ce chatbot peut fournir des présentations de vente complètes, des stratégies marketing efficaces, de l’aide en programmation et même rédiger des articles de blog. Cependant, il a quelques limitations, notamment une connaissance limitée des événements récents et des difficultés à comprendre le contexte. Malgré tout, chat GPT présente un grand potentiel pour l’avenir de l’IA et peut aider à améliorer la productivité dans de nombreux domaines. Les spectateurs sont invités à réfléchir sur les capacités du chatbot et à participer à un concours pour gagner un bon Amazon. En fin de compte, chat GPT pourrait être une aide précieuse pour la vie quotidienne et le travail.
Source : Simplilearn | Date : 2023-01-24 14:30:01 | Durée : 00:05:12

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Bro, the response ends up saying "network Error" after finishing it, i mean i don't have a slow wifi! I have a faster one!


Because it only goes to 2021, I still have to do the legwork for current info, which I don't think is a disadvantage necessarily. Business owners have to constantly be diligent in making sure we always have the most current info anyway. I'm going to try this for my new business and see how it goes


How many jobs will be lost to htis?


Latest news. From what heard, info is up to date till 2021, and ChatGPT is still “learning.”


1. latest news. content is only available up to 2021


Seems like "Google Bard" is having more features than ChatGpt as Google Bard is working on real time data.


None of the above. Can't speak about events that are current. Complex math problems–No because it can't determine that 10 is greater than 5. Recipes–No–there are too many variables to a recipe. AM I TOO LATE TO RECEIVE A GIFT CARD?? 🙂


So it's useless for ordinary people..


Excellent way of teaching. Can I know which program or platform is used for making such an attractive video?


People are being distracted with all kinds of things. To take the focus of being enslaved…where you will have a mark as identification being the property of…it might look attractive at first, but it's a deadly snare. Eventually a one world system/order. You'll have no freedom.


The amount of power we are giving to I.E. is quite unsettling.


All I learnt here is how there are going to be way fewer jobs on the market, and an increase in customer dissatisfaction for companies who choose to use this!


Answer: The first one. You said chatgpt only has info up to 2022 so how can it give current news.


I play a combat simulator called DCS World by Eagle Dynamics. It comes with a mission editor so you can create your own campaigns and missions for yourself or multiplayer servers. It runs on LUA Script and I don't know anything about LUA programming. ChatGPT sure does. I asked it for several specific scripts to make the AI in-game do certain things. It not only asked me the right questions to finish, but it also told me how and where it insert the script. Amazing. I put it into the sim and it worked flawlessly. It was a fairly simple program, but the point is if it handled that so effortlessly, what else is possible?


Chatgpt can't provide……Latest news.


None of the above listed but there are times these BOT do not help


ChatGPT is/will be a revolution equal to the introduction of the Internet for civilian use.


Thank you for this descriptive demonstration video, well received and very informative! Hopefully you are receiving some type of compensation from ChatGPT, if not, you should! Thanks again!


great… now we'll lose jobs to a freaking AI bot


It’s so obvious that most of these comments are bots too. So transparent and pathetic


This is not “chatgpt explained” but “selling chatgpt”. It doesn’t explain exactly how chatgpt works, let alone stay neutral in regards to its benefits or problems.


Provide latest news is not possible for chat gpt since it has information until 2021.


AI will destroy the human presence in our society and of course the work force. Why do we want to become jello brains so machines can do all our thinking and you can make billions of dollars? Think about it if you can or do u need to ask a machine to get the answer for you..


I'm at 1:37 and I've already found like 3 lies and 3or4 statements that defos need to be examines. This is BS imo, cool programme I agree but it cannot replace humans 😂

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