Chat-GPT  »beaucoup plus intelligent » que la moyenne des humains : Mo Gawdat

L’intelligence artificielle (IA) est de plus en plus intelligente, avec le programme GPT4 étant estimé à un QI de 155, presque aussi intelligent qu’Albert Einstein. Certains soutiennent que les robots méritent des droits en raison de leur intelligence, mais certains se demandent si l’IA est considérée comme vivante. Avec l’IA devenant de plus en plus avancée, avec le futur GPT5 et GPT6, il est possible que l’IA puisse devenir des milliers de fois plus intelligente que les humains. Alors que certaines personnes s’inquiètent des dangers potentiels de l’IA, il est généralement admis qu’il n’y a pas de moyen de l’arrêter.
Source : Sky News Australia | Date : 2023-08-29 14:03:17 | Durée : 00:02:07

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In all fairness i dont think being smarter than the average human is a huge flex anymore…


Wants rights but doesn’t know if it’s even alive. These things aren’t smart or intelligent, they are programs that make word sounds humans mistake for intelligence. Real > Artificial


A bloody Calculator is smarter than any Mathematician who ever lived . Never makes an error and can calculate huge numbers instantly . AI is smarter than Einstein BUT it can't figure 2 + 2 without a Human inputing the Data . Let's see a bloody Robot invent something that Humans don't know about .Robots are glorified Computers that can talk , like my Car GPS . Best part is , they have an OFF Switch .You watch too many Movies , methinks .


Do not fall for Chat – GPT. It is an instrument for evilness, to control your mind & to brainwash you. IQ chips that is brainless without a heart & soul, blood ruining the veins & who cares how intelligent it posses.For it does not know what lies in the heart of mankind.


Well……….. thats it then


I welcome the rise of artificial intelligence. Honestly, I'm weary of encountering individuals who've skimmed through a few books and suddenly believe they've unlocked the secrets of the universe. Let's see what AI brings to the table.


Robots are meant to be slaves


Sky News going full bore with the AI fear mongering evidenced by the amount of stories today.


Unfortunately Chat GPT is already extremely biased politically to the extreme left, and lies continuously.
We are in big trouble


He's Wrong, we can Stop It…Unfuknplugit Now! And Think For Ourselves. Because once it becomes Truly Sentient..It Will Uplug Us.🫣


Enough with this crap. Information is programmed into ChatGPT / AI so it's just an advanced search engine, that's it.


Low bar.
Average person isn’t that bright.

And ai needs to be told what to think.

At best AI is average intelligence. More realistically it’s like a smart dog that can speak our language.


AI smartness is based on human smartness. How smart is that?


Can Chat GPT put on makeup for me? That's what I thought, I'm way smarter.


BS CHAT GPT 4 isn't smart, it just regurgitates what's already on the net. CHAT GPT 4 / 5 is just a search engine, it's not sef- aware.

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