BLINDSIDE : La prise de contrôle de OpenAI & ChatGPT

Le géant de la technologie Microsoft aurait acquis une participation majoritaire dans OpenAI, une organisation à but non lucratif spécialisée dans l’intelligence artificielle. En 2019 et 2021, Microsoft a investi un total de 10 milliards de dollars dans OpenAI, obtenant ainsi un contrôle de facto sur cette entreprise. Cependant, des rumeurs circulent selon lesquelles OpenAI aurait découvert une forme d’intelligence artificielle générale, ce qui pousserait Microsoft à vouloir renforcer son contrôle. Par ailleurs, des changements majeurs au sein de la direction d’OpenAI suscitent des interrogations quant à l’avenir de cette organisation et à son influence sur le secteur de l’intelligence artificielle. Ces développements pourraient potentiellement influencer le paysage technologique mondial et renforcer la position de Microsoft sur le marché.
Source : Meet Kevin | Date : 2023-11-20 10:32:04 | Durée : 00:10:30

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Everytime. XD "Just close the F'n door!"


I DARE SOME OF YOU TO THINK DIFFERENT… I don't know if you realize, but AGI has pretty much been here, pretty damn close anyway. Think beyond the headlines: Departures from OpenAI, like Sam Altman and Microsoft, not being associated with Open AI looks more like the disassociation from an inevitable outcome… a necessary outcome perhaps.

This all might be strategic moves to protect the brand and safeguard Sam Altman's name. Ilya's prior warnings about AGI being a threat were not made in vain. I also know the hospitals around here have all been breached in Canada, leading to the hospitals using pen and paper again. Why? We have to ask ourselves. When a world is transitioning, what’s at stake, where is it going in this change, and what is needed for that change to occur?

A pandemic, AI, a global economic shift all in the same decade?

I think we all agree the future of the world is AGI, digital transactions, secure digital identities, tokenization, participation, and consensus mechanisms that have governed heat checks by humans that decide how AGI progresses in a vast amount of fields and industries. None of us thought that blockchain was just some dumb useless tech sitting on the sidelines, I hope. Was this future not always inevitable?

The very idea that OpenAI was a nonprofit company is what likely had the majority of people feeling charitable and comfortable with accessing it and using it, probably one of the more clever ways to pool data at a level of curiosity and willingness like never seen before, if you ask me.

Anyhow, the only way a new tech that gets your biometrics and authentication of your humanity, the only way that tech gets ushered in, in a world like this is a necessary 'catastrophe'. A catastrophe is the only thing that can drive the shift towards the only tech that can authenticate your humanity and allow for a governed security-style protocol, one needed to keep AGI regulated and allow for a world of connection and automation. One again that needs your biometrics, people won't willingly give it up. You’ll give it up if you lose everything. You’ll give it up if you turn your phone on and have access to nothing. You’ll give it up to operate in this new world. This is inevitable.

Perhaps this is why Sam Altman and Microsoft not being associated with it is necessary, and the only person that can afford the association with it is the person that warned you of it, Ilya.

So in other words, I'm saying, just consider alternative approaches to this topic and be prepared because when the Europeans decided to raid the Americas, a technology that changed the world like guns happened overnight. What's about to happen is going to happen overnight.

Sorry for sounding so conspiracy-like, but the truth is the world is much stranger than fiction, and these kinds of events that are media appropriated are usually done with purpose


If you have the pleasure of working with Microsoft's B2B stuff you'll know it's frustrating that they charge you for literally anything and EVERYTHING. In a lot of cases their services can be buggy as hell as well. But on the flipside, it's great because I have stock in MSFT


A side note to the point of sentient AI. If you spend enough time learning how AI processes images and delve into the inner workings of the system, you will quickly realize how stupid it is. Even stupid might be high praise for it's level of intelligence. It's base level glorified coding.


AGI yea right… show me the money as it is said. He can make powerpoint of a text, but now they claim its artificial intelligence. Even children have creative thinking. How will you put that in a software that can respond only on information fed to them


I’m the captain now. lol. 😅 lol 🔥


I love seeing people who have no idea what they’re talking about giving out opinions and speculations


I’m deleting it off my phone I don’t trust ANYTHING Microsoft is doing


Almost all your 'facts' in this video are incorrect.
The biggest being that the twitch guy is only going to be interim ceo.
Delete your video and start over.


You keep sayingit like Microsoft put a gun to open AIs head obviously there was ppl A Ok with that otherwise they wouldn't of took Microsofts money …perhaps you should spend less time on Twitter or online in general before your brain turn completely into mush


board never intended to hire Altman back, it was just a stunt to downplay the initial bad news.
There is no AGI for at least 100+ years. An AGI would need to train itself and reconfigure itself in near real time and we are very far from that because of computing limitations.


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AI is a conspiracy theorists biggest wet dream. So many baseless unknowns to be scared of and make dystopian doomsday predictions about!!!


tesla is a massive sinking ship. nasdaq up .6% tesla down .14%. sinking ship sinking capital. selling soon


Kevin, as a course member for nearly 5 years, & a subscriber here for longer than that, I have to tell you, it’s easiest for me to subscribe to just one channel & get all of your vids. Also, geeze I wish you’d just leave all of your vids here & not keep them private. Last, if anyone wants to see only certain vids, they have a choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆Don’t worry abt the haters. The better you’ve done, the more you’ve had. Let that go.


Dangerous does not neccecarily mean sentient. A totally un-sentient system can still be catastrophically dangerous by being too good at achieving goals and working at a totally different time scale to us (we appear as super super slow motion to it). On command we did not think through (how could we, we are not as capable as it is to forsee all the consequences) or 1 bad actor using it (the power struggles around it will filter out any people hindered by "ethics" in charge) is enough.


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Kevin follow and report on david grusch and the ufo disclosure


LLM or NLP are nowhere near sentience. Based on the way they function, they will never be anywhere near sentience. That doesn't mean some other methods haven't been discovered that may push us closer to such, of course.


The clip of Powell… laughed my a@@ off!!


The problem with this theory is the main man, Ilya is still at OpenAI.


Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, both of whom have been kicked out of companies they founded, wouldn’t join any company, because careers like that usually don’t end well. Think about politicians that switch camps in the middle of an election…


Microsoft is known for their benign treatment of customers…


SIR. I don't envy you. You impress the shit out of me, but the amount of haters you have to deal with is just silly. You're pretty transparent most of the time, at least I think so. Bring back the old videos. and if I could suggest one thing please: BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. It has gotten you this far. Signed, Dr. Dre.


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Its not intelligence, it is an advanced file & statistic's recall system that can only display known information that has been published on the internet. It has no practical understanding of the real world and has no conceptual ability to understand the "why" of a situation. My real world experience of this comes from using AI to generate content for a website, I had to sell the idea of hiring bikes from my business to tour around a lake and wanted the AI to generate a paragraph about the sight seeing possibilities. It suggested the customers ride around the lake and then through the art gallery, it has no understanding of why you cant ride an e-bike through an art gallery. This is not an intelligence, it is an artificial memory.


The tweet he liked was 100% correct and the primary reason behind all of this. There'd be no OpenAI without Ilya. He's the actual brains (ie PhD researcher) behind their success. Sam was taking the company in a different direction away from their initial mission. Ilya probably felt this was the only way to get things back on track.


I think OpenAI has developed an AGI and that's what it's all about. OpenAI's board wants it to benefit all of humanity. The others (Sam Altman, Microsoft etc.) have a "problem" with that. But they cooperate while having conflicting interests in a battle for AI supremacy. Who will win that battle: Those who have an AGI or the others? I think it's the ones with an AGI.

Quote from OpenAI's website: “We designed OpenAI's structure—a partnership between our original nonprofit organization and a new limited-profit arm—as a chassis for OpenAI's mission: to build artificial general intelligence (AGI) that is safe and benefits all of humanity. The board decides when we have achieved AGI. Again, by AGI we mean a highly autonomous system that outcompetes humans for the most economically valuable work. Such a system is excluded from the IP licenses and other commercial terms of Microsoft, which apply only to pre-AGI technology."


AI doesn’t need sentience to be considered an AGI


This is going to destroy ChatGPT, considering Twitch is a very censorship-prone platform where streamers get instant-banned for swear words.
Expect a GPT that denies every single request from now on. This is terrible.


Large language model! Not language learning model. If you going to pretend like you know wtf you’re talking about at least get the acronym right.

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