Avant d’utiliser ChatGPT, regarde cette vidéo !

Before using ChatGPT, watch this video!

A simplified journalistic summary for beginners in artificial intelligence:

The new artificial intelligence ChatGPT allows everyone to ask questions and receive answers. However, to optimize its use, it is advisable to personalize the guidelines so that ChatGPT understands who you are and how you want it to react. For instance, by specifying your profession or region, you will obtain more relevant answers. It is also feasible to ask ChatGPT to self-criticize to enhance the quality of its responses. Furthermore, by providing examples for it to learn how to write in your style, you will receive more personalized answers. Finally, by specifying the length and format of the responses you desire, you can avoid overly long or general responses. By following these recommendations, you can maximize ChatGPT’s effectiveness and make the most of this technology.
Source: Leila Gharani | Date: 2023-09-21 11:00:43 | Duration: 00:13:40

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Hi and a good morning coffee to you Leila! 👍 I tried this prompt as example; You act like the (writer role) / you have the newest post about „3 New Unexpected Ways Facebook is good for your Business“ and the business results you get with it.
Write a 800 word blog post to small business readers, give more deeper insight and add a business results section.
Cut out all fluff, bulletpoint, quotes and numbers.
At the end add a conclusion.
Write it in clear, concise English language and friendly tone. Ensure the response is AI proof to 95%
Then I checked it in quillbot and scribbr- whamm! 100% AI. What's wrong here ? What I'm doing wrong? And how to avoid ai detection when doing copy&paste?


This video, though great as all your videos are, is not relevant anymore. You are not allowed to store any personal data


Great info Leila! 👍👍 Can I set these instructions in the free plan or in the chatgpt update plan? What's making me confusing a little bit is a search operator like this; regenerate response- chatgpt health with this google lists all chatgpt generatet health content. Can I avoid these response so the ai content is not dedectable? Do you have a tip here?


🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 🚀 Introduction to optimizing ChatGPT use
– Highlighting the importance of asking the right questions to avoid poor quality answers and save time.
– The necessity of crafting effective prompts for better outcomes.
00:28 🛠️ Custom instructions to personalize ChatGPT responses
– Utilizing custom instructions to inform ChatGPT about user preferences without repetition.
– Examples of custom instructions include specifying the user's profession, desired response tone, and the requirement for concise answers.
02:19 🧑‍💻 Using ChatGPT for specific requests like Excel formulas
– Demonstrating how specifying preferences, like avoiding lengthy explanations, can streamline ChatGPT's assistance.
– Testing the custom setting's effectiveness with an Excel formula example.
03:39 📈 Enhancing factual response quality with confidence levels and sources
– The benefit of requesting confidence levels and sources for factual responses to ensure reliability.
– Testing the updated preferences with a query about FIFA World Cup winners, showcasing improved response accuracy.
04:35 ✍️ Personalizing ChatGPT's writing style
– Teaching ChatGPT to emulate a user's writing style for content creation, using examples.
– The process of adapting ChatGPT to generate articles in a specific style, enhancing personalization.
06:21 🔍 Utilizing self-critique for improved text analysis
– Asking ChatGPT to critique its own responses to refine content quality and relevance.
– Demonstrating how self-critique can lead to more precise and effective communication.
07:41 💌 Optimizing prompts through self-prompting for targeted emails
– The strategy of using ChatGPT to generate optimal promptsfor specific tasks, such as writing emails.
– Showcasing how refined prompts result in more tailored and engaging email content.
10:02 📏 Managing response length for clarity and brevity
– Directing ChatGPT to adhere to word count limits for concise information delivery.
– Techniques for reducing text length to meet specific requirements, enhancing readability.
11:24 📊 Adapting output formats for diverse applications
– Exploring different output formats like tables, CSV, and HTML to suit various needs.
– The adaptability of ChatGPT in presenting information in user-preferred formats.
13:16 📝 Conclusion: Maximizing effectiveness with precise inputs
– Emphasizing the principle of "garbage in, garbage out" to highlight the importance of precise and thoughtful prompts.
– Encouraging viewers to apply these tips for better utilization of ChatGPT and similar AI tools.

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South Africa thank you many of my questions have been answered and I have learned much. So happy I have come accross this video❤❤❤


You are using hooks wrong. You should be less condescending. I may have listened to you.


Love your content. We have built a platform that allows ANYONE to build an AI business. 🙂




ChatGpt is GARBAGE, it's useless and filtered by equally useless Liberals.
The only AI or Chat bot worth anything is one without programmers Bios, bigotry and blatant racism


Your editing is awesome 👍


Thanks great stuff 👍🏽


This channel is great and you are amazing


Self-critique and Self-prompting! What an idea! Thanx a lot!🎉


Great, very useful principles for using ChatGPT or any LLM effectively. Setting personal preferences was something new for me. Thanks!

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