Apprenez n’importe quelle langue facilement avec ces suggestions de ChatGPT

Depuis qu’il est jeune, l’orateur a toujours rêvé d’apprendre une deuxième langue, mais il a eu du mal à trouver la motivation pour persévérer dans son apprentissage. Cependant, grâce à un outil d’apprentissage des langues secret appelé chat GPT, il a été en mesure de profiter du processus d’apprentissage de l’espagnol beaucoup plus et a appris beaucoup plus rapidement que dans ses tentatives précédentes. Dans cette vidéo, il partage ses astuces pour utiliser cet outil pour apprendre une nouvelle langue. Il commence par demander à Chat GPT de créer un plan structuré d’apprentissage, en utilisant le principe de Pareto pour se concentrer sur les mots et les phrases les plus courants. Ensuite, il utilise l’outil pour recommander des ressources de langue et pour générer les 1000 mots les plus courants dans la langue qu’il souhaite apprendre, qu’il mémorise ensuite dans une application de cartes mémoire. Il utilise également Chat GPT pour pratiquer des conversations en espagnol et pour apprendre la grammaire, en créant un plan de leçon et en fournissant des exercices pour pratiquer. Il conclut en soulignant que bien que l’outil soit utile, l’apprentissage d’une langue nécessite de la patience et des efforts constants, et il ne devrait être qu’un outil complémentaire à l’apprentissage linguistique.
Source : Bri Does AI | Date : 2023-06-14 19:31:29 | Durée : 00:09:54

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Your English is so crystal clear to me and I am not an English speaker. I understood almost everything without subtitles. Thank you for sharing it.


but, can it teach you pronunciation?


Would you recommend a book a on ChatGPT?


This video gave me just what I wanted. I wanted to learn Korean and many other Asian languages and this video just gave me enough in how I can master my Korean. Thank You so much!!


Why do you use such a tiny font, showing us what you write on screen?


Thank you ❤

And I am looking for a language exchange, i would to like take my English level from intermediate to the advanced, if any one is interested please reply to this. Thank you


Hello 👋 i am from India 🇮🇳❤️


Do you know the joke about chat GPT in French? " Chat, J'ai petee ! [ cat, I farted! ]


I have been learning swedish on my own for about 1 year. I have actually bought ebooks (literature) to read and write down the unknown words. I also use YouTube for grammar analysis and YouTubers (in swedish) that I find interesting 😊 I also use music a lot and seeing the lyrics actually helps a lot memorize words and learn new ones… BUT I have been asking chatgpt to write me stories and fairytales every night the past few months. I can say it actually helped me expand my vocabulary 😊 so I guess it works, even if I didn't really start by asking it to make a plan for me etc… 😊


Whenever I have a question now, I'm just gonna jump on chatgpt. This is all brilliant! Speaking of brilliant, I also like the sponsor's service too.


Such a useful and to-the-point video, much appreciated


Is bad idea listen Shakira as beginner, i'm Spanish and sometimes i don't understand her


Didn't work for me. Just praying one day AI would understand more African languges.


For Anki, do you add images for the vocabulary and audio files (from forvo or another website) for pronunciation so you see and hear each word?
I've been meaning to set this up…


I appreciate the effort you've put into creating content that caters to everyone. #NurserytoVarsity


holy shit, future is now, old man


Ask chatGPT to prepare new words in a format:

This way You can import it in seconds and You don't have to copy and paste them one by one 🙂


This is really great information. Thank you for posting.


As a tip: You can use Memorion instead of Anki and copy paste the table into excel and import it into Memorion. Memorion has the ability to import Excel documents and it can also read Anki flashcards, so just as an additional tip for people that are interested.
Another idea is to instead of using the 1000 most used words, use expressions because it actually is easier to remember short "chunks" then single words. I started with learning the most common words too but I feel like either learning them in a short expression/sentence or learning the most common sentences or expressions might be a good idea too


Wow this is so helpful. I've started to learn new languages, French and Arabic, at the age of 43.


afaik, chatgpt cannot google things for you, his knowledge is limited to information it was fed with up to 2021, so not very fresh


Amazing video this has helped me so much thank you bri!


love this, i've been doing the same… except i'm lazy and only use CHATGPT to chit chat. The best way to learn is talking with a native, so i ask it to only speak to me in italian ( the language i'm learning) about topics i'm interested, to ask me questions, to grade my answers and show my mistakes ( or which words would be better in xyz situaion). Ofc i still use other methods, but i've learned in weeks more than i did in months


2:54 Could you please'? If you wanna save time, I would just type: 'recommend me resources such as… '


This is brilliant. Thank you so much!


Why she keeps saying chat bt?


Great tips, congratsss…👋👋👋👋👋


thanks, i'll definitely try some of these

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